Another one rides the bus backwards

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Promet Makarska d. Arriva - Autotrans. Vous pouvez payer vos billets avec ces cartes de crédit. Valeur pour l'argent. Conduite confortable. It got us from A to B.

I had paid for me, my husband and my 8 year old son. The driver approached me in front of the whole bus and asked my 8 year old boy to give up his seat and sit on my lap!!! He is a child and needs a seat belt.

I couldn't believe I had been asked this after I had paid!! My son is almost as big as me!! I have never met such a despicable women and she should be sacked.

She was so rude to everyone. I was horrified! After so many bad reviews i expected a very bad service Staff was extremely friendly and always smiling. Buses riderz skateboard quite new and with good maintenance. We arrive just 30 min late In the system is written the trip is direct. We changed the bus two times, although the changes were good coordinated and very fast. Klima je dobro funkcionisala tako da je put bio prijatan.

Jedna pauza koja je bila samo 10 min. Nice views out the window. The bus was late leaving Kotor. There were huge delays at the border control and nothing was communicated about what was taking so long.

The driver was moody and unhelpful Toilets were locked. Wifi was on most places good, the space.

Traduction de "pointant vers l'arrière" en anglais

The delay of one hour, but they cant do anything about it. It was cheap. The bus was clean. There were no curtains or any kind of blinds in the bus. We were late for more than one hour! Baggage fee was 10 kunas while on the other ride with the same company it was 7 kunas.

Air conditioning was broken, windows did not open. Great views on the way. Good that we had one longer break 30 min. The bus ride took 2 hours longer than was on the schedule. Few people on the bus. The lady at the information desk was very rude and condescending. The bus driver was smoking while he was driving.

Bus was 45 minutes delay in Dubrovnik station, but it arrives on time in Mostar. Would be better just a little bit more clear. Good bus with Wifi. La figure 1 consiste en quatre flèches pointant vers l' extrémité de la page, de gauche à droite.

Figure 1 consists of four arrows pointing across the page from left to right. La société Valmont France autorise tout site Internet à établir un lien pointant vers l' adresse après une simple information préalable du webmestre.

Valmont France authorizes all other internet sites to establish a link towards the address after simple prior information to the webmaster. Enfin, bouclez la partie supérieure de vos cheveux en pointant vers l' extérieur du visage. Finally, curl the regime efficace 2013 xbox part of your hair away from your face.

À l'extrémité des rangs et le long des rangs extérieurs, couper l'alimentation des buses pointant vers l' extérieur. Turn off outward pointing nozzles at row ends and outer rows.

Couper l'alimentation des buses pointant vers l' extérieur lorsqu'on pulvérise à l'extrémité des rangs et le long des rangs extérieurs.

La coque polymère est un polymère comprenant des groupes fonctionnels pointant vers l' extérieur de la coque. The polymer shell is a polymer having functional groups pointing outwardly from the shell. Un élément magnétique codé sur la bride comporte un ou plusieurs aimants durs qui ont chacun une polarité nord ou une polarité sud pointant vers l' extérieur.

A keyed magnetic element on the clamp includes one or more hard magnets, where each hard magnet has either an outward-facing north or south polarity. Ne pas dormir ou vous asseoir avec la plante de vos pieds pointant vers l' autel de la famille dans la maison de quelqu'un.

Don't sleep or sit with the soles of your feet pointing towards the family altar in someone's house. La caméra pointant vers l' avant de la voiture lit les marquages des voies et détecte les objets.

The forward pointing camera on top of the car reads lane markings and detects other objects. L'aire de répartition de cette population est indiquée par une ligne pointant vers l' île de Terre-Neuve.

The range of this population is shown as a line pointing to the island of Newfoundland. Une flèche pointant vers l' extérieur indique des extrants, comme des matières dégrillées, des biosolides ou des effluents.