Big rigs and ride to hell

Description du jeu. Poster un commentaire. Envoyer une notification. Fermer Ajouter à ma liste de souhait. Progression Pas encore commencé Commencé Terminé. Lieu d'achat. Fermer Ajouter à ma collection. It was to become his nearly-everyday starting time.

His first task was to clean out his father's office. And, clean-out he did, tossing everything but the furniture, inclusive of all of the family pictures. He was far more interested in his inheritance than his heritage. He was also much more interested in furthering his personal lifestyle. And, he was in the right place. He then fired nearly all of his dad's management team and replaced them with his own drinking, partying pals.

Immediately the downhill ride commenced.

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With Doug behind the wheel and his pals on board, corporate assets began to disappear. Audits later discovered they had been hauled to the personal accounts of this new CEO and his new-found "partners in crime".

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This is the story behind the news reports that focused on the multiple fraud and RICO filings against the inept management of Arrow Trucking. This is the inside story as it was related to the author by representatives of the more than 1, former employees of Arrow Trucking Company.

The storytellers are the same people who abruptly lost their jobs, their payroll, and expense checks, and were further left stranded on the highways of North America with fuel credit cards that were no longer any good. The only thing they were told - by in-cab message - was to "leave your trucks where they are and find your way home. Arrow Trucking is no longer in business.

This is a sad tale of a sociopath one-percent-er inherited status and how he rode the most successful flat bed trucking company in America into the ground. In the process, thousands of hard working employees were simply out of luck on their claims for back pay, payroll withholding, healthcare and retirement benefits. Oh yeah, and the US Government was out of millions in corporate income and social security taxes and, while the book doesn't state it, millions in retirement benefit guarantees.

The book is pretty superficial and it's read in an almost gleeful way that I can only think it is meant to be a how-to book for those who want to ruin their own inherited company. If you weren't in favor of limiting CEO benefits before, you will be after reading this. Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent?

Why or why not? It was a good story that really made you think. Very interesting. What was your reaction to the ending? No spoilers please! The ending sounded bitter and gossipy. Not bad, per say, and it was surprising what happened to the central character.

Would you listen to another book narrated by E. Yes, or at least another chapter after all the events are finally wrapped up. Can't believe how much money can make you disregard and not care about others.

It was told expertly and very to the point.

Cependant, aucun effort n'a été fait pour changer la physique du jeu, et d' autres plaintes communes ont pas été abordées. Rigs Big: Au cours de la course de route a été mis au point en Ukrainemais commandée par la Californie -Basé société Stellar Pierre. Au lieu de cela, GameMill Publishing a décidé de scinder le projet en deux parties, au début de la production.

Les deux jeux ont été libérés dans leur pré-alpha stade. La raison de la séparation ne sait pas, bien que Titov spécule qu'il était d'augmenter les ventes.

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En raison de son échec critique, Big Rigs est largement considéré comme l' un des pires jeux vidéo de tous les temps. Et plus bas, je veux dire qu'il ne peut pas aller plus bas. Pour les neuf prochaines années, Big Rigs est resté le seul jeu à avoir marqué un 1.

Navarro revisité plus tard le jeu enla réalisation d' une speedrun de celui - ci pour l'année Jeux Awesome rapide Terminé événement de charité. Source Authors Original. Pour d' autres utilisations, voir Big Rig homonymie.

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