H turner booked rides

I like to listen to audio books while I work, and these types of books make the day speed by. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for historical fiction set in ancient Rome or Greece. Thank you so much! I know very little about this genre and its classification or how to find something I would like. Is that a thing? Also, are there romance setups among happily married people? Maybe what I am looking for is not called a romance novel?

Can you recommend a book or even link to help? My searches are not getting me where I want to be. Please recommend a novel. Please help me find another Halloween book. But the lists are fairly limited. Can you recommend any more books that feature characters I might see myself in? Apologies in advance for the difficult question. Love the podcast! I am writing for steampunk book recommendations. I am open to most anything however shy away from gruesome violent storylines.

I am looking for a book that gives me the same feeling as The Black Tapes Podcast. Basically, a journalist gets pulled into a dark story dealing with demons that may have turned their attention to her. As the fall approaches I find myself wanting to wrap up in a blanket and read something spooky.

I know Lani Taylor has a trilogy set there so I would love to hear any other suggestions. Preferably adult but if the YA is great with no romance as a main plot, that would be good too.

Think Rebecca or In a Lonely Place. I love dark midcentury writing and also grim gothic atmospheres. Bonus points if the novel is set on dark windy coastal shores. I have been listening to the show since when I was off-work due to a work-related injury, and I listened to the entire backlist in a few months.

My TBR thanks you both as well your colleagues! Anything you could suggest would be very much appreciated! Any favourites you might have for some October reading would be great, as my October reading may or may not trail into November!

I wanted to share my Goodreads, but alas, it is not up-to-date. I know my question was really specific, but just for clarity, I read across all genres, but I do not particularly love historical fiction.

Thank-you so much for the work you do, and taking my TBR and love of reading to the next level! I recently started listening and stumbled upon your episode about Fifth Element-ish sci-fi. I took your book rec for The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet and absolutely loved it bought the second and third books already. Rohmer and Glynne Walley.

His Hideous Heartedited by Dahlia Adler. In this special bonus episode, Amanda and Jenn recommend some of their favorite books that are otherwise impossible to recommend. Jen Gunter. Greetings, and thanks in advance for expanding my already out of control TBR list! I already have Wicked Fox and Pachinko on my list.

What else can you recommend that will help me learn as much as I can? Every year for Hanukkah, I send my friend 8 e-books from Thanksgiving until the last day of the holiday. When Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins came out, we both absolutely loved it and read the rest of the books in the series.

At the time, we also liked some of the books by Rainbow Rowell. Any suggestions? I am looking for a book for my mom. She really likes fiction about all kinds of sports in which characters overcome hardships and stereotypes. Can you think of anything along these lines? I read and write! Thank you SO much for making my TBR list super-long, and introducing me to so many books I might never have thought to pick up.

I had high hopes for this book as a 37 year old veterinarian who has made this decision myself, which tends not to be a popular one with family or peer-group.

I was hoping to find my brethren in these essays, but sadly only felt some mild kindred spirits calling from two or three essays. I was wondering if you might be able to help me find a character who speaks to me through a novel?

Also, I do love kids and truly enjoy my time with my nephews and god-daughterso kid-haters are also a strong no.

I always wondered why I felt no connection to action heroines. Then I read Sabriel and realized that I prefer down-to-earth, sensible protagonists who have a strong sense of duty. Tiffany Aching is the platonic ideal of this.

I also recently loved The Bear and the Nightingale. My preferred genres are science fiction and fantasy. Check, Please! Time Sensitive: My son is turning 15 next week and I always get him a book or five for his birthday.

Hello Get Booked friends! With my re-entry into the world of bibliophiles, my best friend and I created a long-distance book club Hawaii to Boston! There are no restrictions on genre, author, etc. Any suggestions for books that will drive thought-provoking discussion would be greatly appreciated! I have a wonderful colleague who is preparing to adopt a child from Colombia.

I would love to get her some books that they could read aloud together. My colleague and her family are all currently taking Spanish classes, and the child will be in the process of learning English. Any thoughts on a good read that might help to ease the adjustments that will be happening in some small way? Thanks so much, for this and for your great recs in general!

I like books with queer characters especially wlw and trans characters set in western cities LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland where the city plays a big part of the book.

Hope this helps, and thanks a lot! I am a teen in high school looking for something to read this summer break, and I thought this would be a great way to do it! I love books with demons as well. Lovecraft stories. I also love horror graphic novels. I just finished City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert and really enjoyed reading about a woman moving to New York City in her early twenties and sort of finding herself. I would really love to find another book with similar elements as City of Girls.

Bonus points if there is a romance subplot of some sort. Last semester my brother asked me for reading recommendations for his English high school class.

This semester he asked me for more recommendations, but I am stumped. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This is put my life in a tailspin to put it simply. Lost my job, lost my chance to move. I need something to get me through this waiting. Or alternatively, I have roughly 8 months to learn something new. Maybe a book in that vein? It will make me sad or mad. Not the goal. I have to start the project ASAP and need some help!

I would like female authors Even though I will also accept male authorsbooks that are around pages long, that would interest a fully bilingual teen audience. The project is basically to teach them how to choose a book I know, the irony… they would like to read from a list of appropriate titles that I will give them and to read it.

Hope you can help and thank you! By the way, listening to your podcast is becoming very expensive for me!!! Thank you for the great recommendations. Hexed Vol. I work at a local book store and one of our frequent customers, a year-old female college student, came in wanting a recommendation for a realistic fiction with incidental romance and a decently interesting plot.

She likes books from any time period as long as it feels authentic and realistic. Good luck! I am a huge fan of your podcast, and am seeking out a recommendation from reading experts like yourselves.

I have found myself in somewhat of a reading rut lately, and am having trouble finding the perfect book to keep me fascinated, for I am going on a long trip soon. Reading on planes has always been a struggle for me, because I never seem to get my hands on a book thrilling enough to keep me entertained on long haul flights.

I really enjoy books full of mystery, magic, fantasy, love, heartbreak, and characters you wish you could meet in real life. I am also looking for a book with depth and detail motorbike rides sydney keep my imagination flowing, like playing a movie in my head. I love books with magical illusions, dreams coming to life, or perhaps even a fire breathing dragon to keep things interesting.

A story with strong character development is also a must. I love complex and authentic characters who are sure to grab my attention. I hope you help me to find a thrilling, romantic, magical book to keep me entertained! Unfortunately, this is a weirdly difficult thing to find in adult literature! A lot of classic man vs nature, like Jon Krakauer and Jack London, can live in my zone but is not very diverse or progressive.

I would really like to read a book with action! I would strongly prefer no sexual violence at all Sorry Octavia Butler and truly minimal reliance on war, injustice, women in unfulfilling marriages, racism, genocide, or imperialism as plot drivers.

He is an engineer who loves fixing up cars, imagining epic adventures and completing a few of them! Thank you!! Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated! Im looking for other books to help guide my writing process. Thanks so much and I look forward to your suggestions! I have read Sarah Waters and some other lesbian romance set in Victorian or early 20th century, but really hoping for a regency romp in the vein of Tessa Dare or Sarah MacLean, or Courtney Milan.

I wanted to get into more books about true crime! My fiancé and I are taking a little bit of an unconventional honeymoon in October to Vancouver, Canada. I love pretty much every genre except horror and romance, and I particularly enjoy stories both fiction and nonfiction that emphasize culture and food. No one among my family or close friends has gone through divorce. Bonus points for LGBT characters.

Reading is a place I inevitably turn to, and I was hoping you two ladies could recommend me some fiction about Latinx characters. I read pretty much any genre, though my favorite is fantasy. Le Guin. Tiny Beautiful Things. Animal Vegetable Miracle. So many books use marriage as the plot twist, ie, murder, infidelity, etc.

I want to read about good marriages and what will bring positive feelings in my marriage, not the negative portrayal usually used. I like historical fiction, magical realism, Mary Roach type of non-fiction, fantasy, romance.

I have been reading Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center, and realized that I need more stories in my life about women working in high testosterone settings. I work in a job that involves carpentry, electrical work, and a lot of physical labor. I love confounding expectations; I love the challenge of proving myself, but some days that challenge is more daunting than others. Could you point me in the direction of some other books that capture this?

Something unsettling and stress-inducing possibly with a magical or supernatural element to it. Please no short story collections or anything too experimental nothing has frustrated me more than trying to piece my way through House of Leaves. Please also no pregnancy horror, miscarriage, or child death.

The World is Your Oyster! She read it alone while home with a fever.

He only reads nonfiction titles. Some of his other interests include sports and standup comedy. Thanks so much, I appreciate your help! I hope you are able to help me out either on the podcast or by email. Amanda and Vanessa discuss Italian comics, paranormal smut, and more in this week's episode of Get Booked. Picture books, chapter books, and graphic novels are all welcome.

Books where kids can see themselves represented and that can cater to different English fluency levels would be amazing.

I love historical fiction, it is one of my favorite genres. However, I am running out of books in my tbr that are historical fiction. I tend to prefer stories surrounding larger-than-life figures or momentous events in history.

But really I am up for anything, so long as I get attached to the characters. I also like historical fantasy and other genre-benders, but I don't need any help finding more of THAT. I hope you two can help!

H turner booked rides

Any ideas for what else I can give him? And for the record, I am totally fine with him not reading, but he has asked and so, of course, I am glad to oblige him and provide him with reading material!

A friend recently invited me travel to Italy this Fall, but I'm not sure if it's in my budget -- Can you help me find a graphic novel set in Italy so I can travel there in my imagination? I've been in a serious reading slump and I just need something super fast paced to get me out of it. I really like YA fantasy and romances. Anything with a map is great. I just bought Courting Darkness but haven't started it yet I love Marissa Meyer and Richelle Mead.

Stalking Jack the Ripper The Dresden files I read all over the place so basically anything is fine from kid lit to Adult. Love Captain Underpants. Please help with audiobooks for a concussed reader! I am a voracious reader, and after concussing myself on a freezer 10 days ago, I haven't been allowed to read text.

I'm going into withdrawal! I am a very eclectic reader, but generally I am more drawn to plot than characters. Humor, particularly snark, is always a plus, as well as just beautiful writing. For beautiful writing, see China Mieville, though his books are way too complex for my poor brain to follow right now. Speaking of which, easy to follow is important right now! I'm having trouble with that. I am on break in August for midwinter chill hehah and am on the lookout for some fun reads.

I have just finished the psy-changeling series got to support my fellow kiwis! They are both smutty and fun while still having a good plot. Everlasting Nora by Marie Miranda Cruz. Juana and Lucas by Juana Medina. Leading Men by Christopher Castellani. Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee. Lexicon by Max Barry. Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann. Recursion by Blake Crouch. Catwoman: When in Rome by Jeph Loeb. The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi. Finder by Suzanne Palmer.

The Magicians by Lev Grossman. I love books that take a look inside a certain industry. Thanks in advance. It seems we keep finding books with material that is too young for them too dark and serious. I would just like to see more of myself represented in the things I read, and I knew you two would do a fantastic job! I would just say no religious books, please, and bonus points if the book is written by a queer or nonbinary author.

Side note — thank you for this beautiful podcast! I have found so many books because of it, and I just adore you two. First off, you folks are super awesome and I adore listening to your show.

Please, no tragic death of one of the twins. That would be way too much of a bummer. How about BOTH twins being bright lights in the world? I love your podcast! I am looking for a personal recommendation.

Every so often I come upon a book or movie that broadens my mind and my heart. These books and movies usually have unconventional characters who become unlikely heroes.

Strong character development, authenticity, and complexity are all fabulous, and magical realism is a bonus. I would love another one to devour and fall in love with. Hi Ladies, Thanks for always putting up a great show! As an avid reader, I want nothing more than to read a book with my non-reader husband. My dream may soon be realized because he just asked me for some recommendations on books about politics. He reads a bunch of articles every day about politics and sports online, but is now ready to graduate to books!

Do you have any book recommendations about U. It can be about the current political climate or anything in the past as well. The Bugs of Literature: A Flowchart. The Mermaid and Mrs. I tend to buy most of my books at library book sales, used bookstores, etc, where there are a lot of random books in a big mish-mash. It makes me sad when I see a favorite but lesser-known book in a pile, being passed over again and again for new hyped up releases. Please take this one home! I am thinking about moving to Manchester, England to start a graduate program in September, so I am looking for contemporary fiction or nonfiction books set in Manchester that would give me insight into the city and introduce me to writers from the region.

Since I cannot visit the city before starting the program I think reading could help calm my nerves a bit as it tends to do.

I have read novels set in other European cities but would really appreciate recommendations specific to Manchester. It would be a nice addition if one of the recommendations had a non-white, non-male protagonist and author. I really enjoy listening to the podcast and expanding my TBR pile. Hi Amanda and Jenn. Hoping you can smash another recommendation for me.

She even posted me her own little thank you note, it was the cutest. She comes from an extended family where she is surrounded by young mums and examples of motherhood and homemaking, and while this is lovely, I know her mum is keen to make sure she knows that having children is not the only path available to her.

Could you recommend some books to keep her inspired, whatever her path may be. Nothing too scary please. Availability in the UK a must.

We tend to gravitate towards mysteries and thrillers, the darker the better. My group really really enjoyed Confessions by Kanae Minato. We like lots of twists and the switching perspectives. Thank you for your help! Chakraborty and am having trouble moving on! Nothing I pick up is holding my interest, and I find myself dreaming of a big book set in a foreign land, with magic and friendship and intrigue. Can you recommend something that will help fill the hole in my reading heart until the third book comes out in ?

I am game for almost anything except horror I am a wimp! I have been listening since the beginning, and my TBR is forever growing. So here is my first recommendation request after all this time: Recently I have become fascinated with underwater exploration and all things under the sea.

It is a whole different world, and is equal parts exciting and terrifying to me. I have not read many books dealing with underwater adventure, but would love more options to pick up. Exploring open water is something I would never do in real life, so I need to read about it! The first will be suitable for our crèche riders, a route on the Nutbrook trail, is all off road, and approx 4.

The second ride will be approx 11 miles total. This will follow the Nutbrook trail, but take in a short section of road along High Lane the back up into Mapperley, picking up the Nutbrook trail again. Both rides will start and finish at the Rutland car park, and we aim to stop at Nutbrook Cafe, for a Christmas refuel!! Please find attached routes FYI So look forward to seeing you all dressed up in your Christmas outfits, ready to roll out from the Rutland car park at Thank you x.

The fun will start at Please come and join us We can even loan you a bike!! The emphasis was getting them to understand and think about gear selection to maintain a good cadence, at different speeds. Conditions tonight were Baltic, to say the least, but as usual they all got stuck in and just got on with it, showing us all some some fine bike skills. So see you all then. Fair to say it was a tad chilly this morning and there was a bit of ice around so turned out to be a good call to cancel the road rides.

Great to see a big turnout for our inaugural Sunday off-road ride though. A proper spread of the clubs demographic enjoying some mud around the local trails. If you missed today's ride or fancy giving off-road in the dark a try we've got not one, not two but three awesome rides rolling out from Straw's Bridge, Monday, at 6.

Whether you Easy terrain, easy pace and far too easy to enjoy yourself! Our Easy ride will push you a little harder with some muddier sectors and a slightly quicker pace. Always social though and nobody gets dropped!! Our long ride looks after the more experienced gravel riders and mtb mudpluggers.

Faster still and a little further but as with all the other rides no fear of being left behind. So, both the crèche and main sessions, had a slightly less technical course set, enough to still keep em thinking, but allowing them to keep the pedals turning. So see you all on Monday.

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