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Michael - February 24th, at pm. Taty Evolution - April 19th, at am. Does anyone remember this when it was at Darling Harbour in Sydney around ? Christy - October 21st, at am. Angel - December 21st, at am. Ted Russell - July 13th, at am. The Flaming Pencil - September 15th, at am. Does anyone know of the u. Hard work in the sun. Will build strong connections with team members, roles are divided up fairly.

Overall, I was mostly happy with my job at Wonderland. Something I didn't like was the way scheduling worked, some days would be 10 hour shifts and some would only be five which was inconvenient. Great Work Environment.

Wonderland is a grat place to work, the work environment is friendly and the work itself is not very stressful. Ride operator is a fun and exciting job. The salary is low but if you get enough overtime than it makes up for the low salary.

Overall and awesome workplace. Very fun place to work. I enjoyed working at Canada's Wonderland. I was a ride operator so some of my hours during my shifts I would be sitting in a booth and the rest of the time I would be in the sun working.

It was a great balance between the two. Canada's Wonderland taught me how to treat customers, the satisfaction of customer.

Tomb Rader the ride!! - Photo de Canada’s Wonderland, Vaughan

Customers paid a lot of money to have a great time at the amusement park. Sometimes we were expected to handle individuals who were disabled. In those situations I learned how to treat those cases. Sometimes those individuals would not be able to ride the rollercoaster, this is where I would do my best and tell them the rides they could possibly go on.

This was done to provide safety but also leave them with satisfaction. Its a great place with some downfalls. I loved working at Wonderland. The atmosphere was great and the people you work with around the park are great to know.

Avis des employés pour Ride Operator chez Canada's Wonderland

You will build life long friendships while working there. The downfall is that you will enjoy your place of work as long as you get a good team head.

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If you have someone who just loves to have control and power you are gonna be able to tell because then your team is not going to be as fun due to the fact that you probably make fun of your team leads.

Canada's Wonderland Job Review. By that I mean that every day is something new and you are always dealt a set of new challenges that you have to overcome each day. The supervisors always treated me well as they are young and full of encouragement and help people out when needed. Canada's Wonderland has a very good system when dealing with situations, which is very well because they are always dealing with a fresh set of employees. They have no skills in anything operations or management -related and should be fired asap.

They are also RUDE to staff and will treat you badly. On top of that, there is a work til you drop environment where there is no concern for employee health or safety. If customers are rude and yell at you including taking pictures of you which is not allowed, supervisors will blame YOU and remind YOU to be nicer.

A friend of mine had a video taken of her by a rude customer which was an invasion of privacy and managers did not do anything. Such a mess. Supervisors will treat like you are five years old and "scold" you over nothing when they are literally the same age and sometimes even younger. Nous espérons néanmoins que cela vous aidera dans vos recherches. Comment avez-vous trouvé cette traduction?

This is where we were stuck. - Photo de Canada’s Wonderland, Vaughan

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