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Also enjoy some of the behind the scenes photos along with selected images he wanted to share with you! This was not without intent, but rather as an opportunity for the Veterans and their respective Southern states to show support for the War effort.

The images here show how some of these old Vets really took that purpose to heart. Their pro-War banner caught national attention at the time, including that of President Wilson who was observing the parade. Based on research, it is believed the veterans carrying the banner are from Chatham County. Photograph taken by the Clinedinst Studio, Washington, D. Image courtesy of the Fred D. Taylor Collection. Troops 12th Regiment N.

At some time Barlow or a family member had a jeweler cut out the center of the image and mount it in a locket, which is the form in whi … ch it survives today.

Ordre de bataille confédéré de Bentonville

Barlow farmed with his parents and six younger siblings in the Kings Creek District of Caldwell County.

No muster rolls for Company A are extant for the period September June He was wounded in three of them. The first was at Seven Pines, May 31,where the 22nd North Carolina, in its first battle, suffered nearly casualties, including forty-seven men killed or mortally wounded in action.

At Fredericksburg, December 13,Barlow suffered a gunshot wound to cycliste minceur lytess neck severe enough for him to be hospitalized for two weeks and then granted a forty-day furlough.

Barlow returned to duty in time to participate in the invasion of Pennsylvania, and was wounded and captured at Gettysburg. He was exchanged just ten weeks later, on September 13, possibly because Federal surgeons judged his Gettysburg wound severe enough to render him unfit for further duty.

That proved not to be the case however, and Barlow returned to duty no later than April 30, Company A muster rolls for July-October report him as present, and his name appears on a clothing receipt roll dated December 5, Very cool detail of an 60th NC reunion showing among others men who survived Stones River, Chickamauga, the Atlanta Campaign, Bentonville and many others!

Perhaps in a few more decades I'll gravitate toward the 20th century reunion photos! Troops 8th Regiment N. When the 18th North Carol….

Kerr mustered in as a sergeant and was promoted to third lieutenant on December 19,filling a vacancy created by the death of the previous third lieutenant at the Battle of Fredericksburg on December Post-war records indic … ate that Kerr himself may have been wounded in Fredericksburg.

Kerr endured a lengthy hospitalization for bronchitis in January-February and was promoted to second lieutenant on April 24, He was reported in command of Company H on several occasions during and early He received a thirty-day furlough on March 25, after which date there are no military records for him. He was the father of John H. Kerr, who served in the U. House of Representatives from to Source Note: Manarin et. Kerr, 57th Regiment N. Famed Confederate Captain Michael P.

Carte de visite, taken in in Bermuda by S. Gault, courtesy of Fred Taylor Collection. On July 2, the 26th North Carolina Regimental Band was at Gettysburg performing their secondary duty as surgeons assistan … ts.

During the battle on July 1, the regiment suffered heavy casualties fighting against the "Iron Brigade"'s 24th Michigan losing their commander Lieutenant Colonel Henry Burgwyn, The Boy Colonel and men out of a strength of We worked until 11 o'clock that night, when I was so thoroughly worn out that I could do no more and lay down for some rest. While thus engaged, in the afternoon, we were sent for…play for men, and thus, perhaps, cheer them somewhat.

Warren sent band leader Sam Mickey with a note to the commanding officer of the brigade, that we could not be spared from attending to the wounded men. Some time later another order came for us, and this was peremptory. We accordingly went to the regiment and found the men much more cheerful than we were ourselves. We played for some time, the 11th N. Band playing with us, and the men cheered us lustily.

Heavy cannonading was going on at the time, though not in our immediate front. We learned afterwards, from Northern papers, that our playing had been heard across the lines and caused wonder that we should play while fighting was going on around us. Some little while after we left, a bomb struck and exploded very close to the place where we had been standing, no doubt having been intended for us. The music he heard was of the combined bands of the 11th and 26th NC playing for the troops, perhaps one of the few times a military band performed under fire.

Some of those whom we had tried to care for during the day had died during our absence. We had brought all the cooked food we could get from the wagons, and from a spring close by we could get plenty of cool water, which the poor wounded men wanted constantly. We continued our administrations until late at night and early next morning. Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Aide accessibilité. Adresse e-mail ou mobile Mot de passe Informations de compte oubliées?

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À propos. Voir plus de contenu de State Troops and Volunteers sur Facebook. Informations de compte oubliées? Plus tard. Publications des visiteurs. Great FB Site. Later called the Red Infantry. Found lost of info on him except if he surrender with Gen Johnston or just got tired of fighting and went home. No picture of him that I know of, just painting in uniform of Cpt later in life, somebody thought a PVT was too good for him is way the family story goes.

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Thomas 43rd Georgia 52nd Georgia. Brigade de Deas Col Harry T. Galloway 4th Arkansas: Col Henry C. Bunn 9th Arkansas 25th Arkansas. Division de Bate Col D. Brigade de Tyler Maj W. Brigade de Clingman Col William S. James H. John D. William A. Holland: 40th North Carolina.

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