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Résumé Early detection of the most prevalent oral disease worldwide, i. Current dental standard of care relies on caries detection methods which lack the sufficient specificity and sensitivity to detect caries at early stages of formation when they can be healed. In this thesis, a clinically and commercially viable thermophotonic imaging TPI technology capable of detecting early enamel caries using an inexpensive long-wavelength infrared LWIR, m camera is presented.

Through theoretical modelling and experiments on standard samples, the enhanced diagnostic contrast in LWIR detection compared to existing MWIR detection technologies is verified.

Résultats Topographie dentaire. Comparaison entre hommes et femmes en fonction du pourcentage de caries. Discussion Prévalence carieuse. Tous droits réservés.

Radiographic Assessment of Proximal Caries

Article précédent Perception de la chirurgie maxillofaciale et de la stomatologie en France C. Herlin, C. Delaval, P. Jammet, P. Goudot, J. Yachouh, M. Richter, J. Rakotoarimanana, P. Déjà abonné à cette revue? Mon compte Créer un compte. Plateformes Elsevier Masson Site e-commerce : www.

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