Botox injection into submandibular gland

There are several ways to treat drooling, ranging from medication to surgical intervention. Although this method is effective, it improves symptoms temporarily and its long term efficacy and safety are unknown. There are currently no radiologic studies examining the effect of repeated injections in human salivary glands nor studies demonstrating a safe, therapeutical treatment for drooling control in Familial Dysautonomia FD.

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FD is a genetic disease affecting mainly the autonomic nervous system. Drooling control is difficult in this population as other management options are contraindicated due to their potential side effects. Objective: The overall objective of this thesis was 1 to assess the efficacy of repetitive use of OBTXA in salivary glands of children for the treatment of hypersalivation, and 2 to determine whether Botox is a good long term solution for drooling control.

The thesis aimed to determine Whether sialorrhea is associated with changes in either parotid or submandibular glands. Parotid and submandibular gland surface area, ML and AP dimensions were measured by ultrasound guidance in one session. Second, a prospective study compared the size of the salivary glands between drooling patients treated with repetitive OBTXA injections and a control group.

Results: The parotid and submandibular salivary glands in the paediatric population do not differ in size in drooling and non-drooling children. Conclusions: There is no difference in the size of the salivary glands in drooling and non-drooling children. Measuring the glands at baseline and after Onabotulinum toxin A OBTXA injections allows evaluation of treatment-related size changes in the gland.

Contexte: La sialorrhée entraîne de nombreuses complications cliniques et fonctionnelles telles que l'étouffement, l'aspiration et des problèmes de peau dans une population où la majorité des patients sont des handicapés neurologiques.

Les causes du handicap neurologique provocant de la sialorrhée sont principalement la paralysie cérébrale et le retard moteur. Ces enfants sont également plus susceptibles aux problèmes psychosociaux, particulièrement l'isolement.

Il y a plusieurs façons de traiter la sialorrhée comme par exemple des médicaments ou même des interventions chirurgicales.

Botox injections into salivary glands: Caring for your child at home after the procedure

Par contre, son efficacité à long terme et les mesures sécuritaires liées à ce produit ne sont pas connus. Il n'y a pas d'études radiologiques examinant l'effet des injections répétées dans les glandes salivaires humaines, ni des études démontrant un traitement efficace dans un syndrome rare appelé la Dysautonomie Familiale FD.

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