Roller coaster ride poem

Don't close your heart because of your Eyes.

Roller coaster ride poem

Believe me, you won't even find love if you're just gonna rely on the ideal person you want. Beauty doesnt last forever. Stop being ignorant.

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Roller coaster ride poem

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Essel world rides roller coaster

Bahasa Indonesia. Writing is one of the most amazing expressions that an artist can commit to, and over time - like a musician - what you write changes and evolves, as does the writer in the process. I have changed, what I write about has changed - but what has never changed, and never will, is my passion for poetry. I was introduced to poetry by reading William Shakespeare's sonnets - and after I read them all I was inspired to try my hand at writing my own poetry, and the rest as they say is history!

My Poems and other Stuff ...on the road to recovery

I am a writer, and I will always be a poet I write almost every day, everywhere I can I love writing! I love being a writer! I love writing poetry! And for me every day is World Poetry Day! It is my great honour to announce that my poetry has evolved and has taken a step into a completely different medium. Lights above, lights below Once a year we all find ourselves here - here, at the end of one year … and at the beginning of another - where and when a transition occurs within the blink of an eye, as colorful explosions light up the sky all around the world, as people celebrate the start of a new time in their lives