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Present day photo thanks to Ewan Beddoe. Looking through some dusty photos from Blackpool Pleasure Beach and found these misc extras, I think they were taken in the early 80s? Some more hands holding very interesting things from various recent visits. I think that will be our research travels done until next year—on to filming new bitz on location now! It's gonna be cold! Yesterday we interviewed Tony Greenwood, former Tussauds head of animatronic engineering, for a video feature on animatronics planned for the start of the new year!

It's no exaggeration to say that Tony's animatronics were some of the best in the world at the time. The video will cover a lot of familiar and lesser known attractions.

Blackpool folks, can anyone confirm when the Sea Life opened says the internet? This picture on the Golden Mile shows Sparks installing the original? This was a short-lived haunter by Sparks opened inbut no trace of it beyond a couple plans.

Thorpe park early ride

It's thought it opened as a placeholder before something else occupied the space. Just spotted the sign "Dread! Coming here soon! Sparks had a whole lot of history with Blackpool—this is just the very last few pieces of the puzzle I'm clearing up now! Was just editing some bits and found this clip with technical designer Dan Longley at Chessington in summerthe first thing ever filmed for BTPA.

Reminded me it's now been going 5 years! Ask anything you want at all! When I made the first videos I was borrowing all my video equipment probably massive annoyance to my friend who it belonged to!

That's the fundraiser over! Thanks to the 79 that donated we can go ahead with the recreation project. This wouldnt be possible without your enthusiasm. I'm really impressed—and these are just background items! The funds will go towards modelling the most complex parts, the environments and getting everything done in time. As we just hit the minimum target, this means The results will also be on our new website for everyone to see.

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For those who got the rewards, you'll be updated via Kickstarter as and when, so keep an eye out! The estimated book release is Summer next year. Thanks to your support Sparks' work can be fully featured.

No attraction is complete without a good smell! I noticed a fad popped up recently with fans talking about themed smells like it's a brand new thing also a BBC video this morning. It's fantastic more people are realising what you can do with themed aroma but they've been around for decades in this country.

Some of the most memorable were the old Prof Burp's Bubble Works fruity smell, the weird musky stink in Terror Tomb, the Haunted House preshow rooms, cooking chicken in the Dragon at Legoland Windsor, ooh there's loads!

What's your favourite smell?

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Once I spilt Musk on my hands and smelt of it for days, someone else spilt Fart on themselves though so could be worse. Fun and Great. Fit in easily everyone is welcoming and generally a great place to work at not only that a nice friendly environment. A typical day at work is just great fun. Points positifs. Learnt how to upsale and how to make customers go home happy, as it became easy to understand what people would like and how to get into a customers mind if you wanted them to purchase something.

Also, working in a fun environment your always positive and happy to work. Amazing place if it's what you want to do Ride Host.

Typical day includes cleaning the queue lines before and after hours, having to check restraints, cleaning up sick, dealing with ride closures, having to give directions around park, giving excellent customer service at all times. Since having this job I've realised how unrecognised ride staff are at theme parks and the amount of things you have to deal with on a daily basis that go unnoticed by guests or abused is really sad.

You have to be prepared to get a lot of abuse from angry guests about numerous of things but never take it personally because they'll have a go at the first person they see, its nothing to do with you! My management are really lovely and took care of any issues whether they were ride based or staff based very well considering, the only downside to management is the constant asking for staff to do extra hours however this is isn't their fault as when you are understaffed, any extra help is really appreciated especially when you have to get all breaks done and only have one break cover.

The co-workers in my area are some of the best people ever and I've made some fantastic friends from working here!! Everyone around the park seems to get along including different departments mainly because you all bond over the job and everyone understands exactly what you go through day to day.

Hardest part of the job would be dealing with guests, most guests can be nice however it only takes one boisson pour maigrir mp3 500 ruin your day and put you in a bad mood. Bag rooms can also be a bad part of the job however if you're in there with a good person time flies and it makes it a lot nicer.

Cleaning up sick isn't as bad as it sounds as you get the special equipment so don't worry about that too much! Other than that, its a great job and I love it more than anything, definitely will be returning for another season, the benefits of it are great and bringing joy to people does make you feel good about yourself and what you're doing. It also really helps with confidence so if that is something you struggle with I definitely recommend a job like this.

Productive and a fun working enviroment. It was a productive and a fun working environment to work in, everyone was really friendly to work with and the jobs were never boring. This place is great to work if you are student. The pay is minimum wage, however you get a lot of benefits like free tickets to all Merlin attractions in the UK. Fun place to work, but very long hours during the busiest period. Very fun place to work.

The management there really look after all their staff and always appreciate the good work the staff do. Really recommend this work here, you have a new experience every day. Challenging and exciting enviornment. A typical day at work began with an early morning briefing with the team and our leaders.

This is where all information needed for the day was given, such as our allocations. Morning briefings as well as evening briefings were great in boosting morale among co workers and striving to work towards the common goal of the team. I would say that was certainly a highlight, Although, the most enjoyable part of the job was interacting with new visitors everyday but with that being said at times it was dealing with visitors that was also the most difficult part of the job.

Thorpe Park. Conseils Photos Thorpe Park. Connecte-toi pour ajouter un conseil. Found behind Stealthjust to the left of the entrance of the queueline. Lulu Aljammaz Mai 7, Kevin Dulin Mai 7, Bring lots of water. Ellie Johns Avril 10, I did thoroughly enjoy my two days at Thorpe park the staff are so incredible friendlythe prices are quite good as well.

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The only downfall is the wait for the rides, far too long. I'd definitely recommend it. Honestly i have to say that if you're really looking for enjoyment then fast-track tickets are important!! Great experience! Nora Talks Octobre 4, Check the weather before going as rain WILL ruin your day. Not many signs inside the resortso expect go get lost. Calculate your trip carefully as the restaurants get packed up quickly.

Andrey Sychev Octobre 26, I can't say that I enjoyed this placed. They have a nice rides that is cool but you have to wait the queue for each one or to spend more for fast track and anyway waste some time in other queues. Olivia Septembre 20, Thursdays and Tuesdays are the best days to come. Less people. Come early and queue for the big rides before the queues build up. Sarah Page Octobre 3, Amazing day out don't go in any half terms of school hoildays go when park opens in the season and after summer hoildays there are no queues.

Awesome way 2 celebrate bday! Don't party the day b4 though!

Avis des employés pour THORPE PARK Resort - Royaume-Uni

Oh, and there's a good chance 2 get soaking wet. Asraf Hanafi Spears Octobre 26, If you never been on a roller coastergo for flying fish not too extreme then you can go for the rest. I've never been on a coaster and I passed out on the Swarm.

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Shirley Cooney Juillet 8, Get there early and go on saw first as it's far from the entrance and there's no queue at that time. Colossus is next door so you'll get two rides done quickly!

Caro Osorio Août 12, Leave The Swarm to last as its new and u will find yourself queueing for more than 2 hrs so definitely do Stealth and Saw first as they are 3x times better!!!

Unless u get fast track! Michael Fitzgerald Février 11, Had an amazing time! Thankfully no rides were broken and got on all the main ones! Also you should try out the frozen coke machine! If you can, stay in the Thorpe Shark hotel! You get an hour of fast track passes included so you can skip all the queues! Orgest Miller Août 13, There's everywhere WiFia lot of really fun attractions.