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Laloy, Aristoxene d e Ta r ente et la musique del'antiquiti Paris, After fresh trouble with the clergy, he returned to Paris and published a defence of his theories in a work enti tled Ides sur la politique de Platon et d'Aristole. The works of this period are Les Philosophes Salaries, Machiavel juge des revolutions de notr e te mpsLa Federazione repubblicanaLa Filosofia della rivoluzioneL' Italia dopo it colpo di StatoHistoire des revolutions, ou Guelfes et Gibelins ; Italian trans.

Amongst other works may be m enti oned Histoire de la raison d'etat, La China et l'Europa, Corso d'istoria degli scrittori politici italiani. Its systematic effort is, in his own words, " pro lib erta te, quam et fovere et tueri Romanis legibus et praecipue nostro numini peculiare est. Tourmagne, enti tled resp ecti vely Histoire de l'esclavage ancien et moderne and Histoire du servage ancien et modernewhich bring together many facts relating to slavery and serfdom; but they are somewhat loose and uncritical; the author, too, rep eats himself much, and dwells on many topics scarcely if at all conn ecte d with his main themes; see also H.

Of the many prophetic and polemical works that were attributed to Joachim in the 13th and following c entu ries, only those enumerated in his will can be regarded as absolutely auth enti c. These ar e th e Concordia novi et veteris T esta m enti first printed at Venice inthe Expositio in Apocalypsin Venice,the Psalterium decem chordarum Venice,together with some "libelli" against the Jews or the adversaries of the Christian faith.

For the members of large genera, e. Kauffmann, and in the large new Dictionnaire d'archeologie chretienne et liturgie, published at Paris under the editorship of Dom F. The Histoire de la Louisiane, et de la cession de colonie par la France aux EtatsUnis Paris, ; in English, Philadelphia, by Barbe-Marbois has gr eat importance in diplomatic history. Poey et al. Hantzsch Ann. Peter Fullo introduced these words into th e Tr ishagion, and after much controversy the council of Constantinoplewhile disallowing this, gave its sanction to the similar statem ent- unum crucifixum esse ex sancta et consubstantiali Trinitate.

Extr aits des manuscrits de la bibliotheque royale de Hanovre, by Louis Couturat Paris,especially pp. Poincare, La Science et l'hypothese Paris, 1st ed. Capus, A travers la Bosnie et l'Herzegovine Paris, contains a detailed and fully illustrated account of the combined provinces, their resources and population.

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Farlatus and others, Illyricum Sacrum Venice, ; C. As the diplomatic crisis approached, spies were s ent into Prussia, and simultaneously with the orders for preliminary conc entr ation the marshals received private instructions, the pith of which cannot be b ette r expressed than in the following two quotations from Napoleon's correspondence: " Mon int enti on est de conc entr er toutes mes forces sur l' extr emite de ma droite en laissant tout l'espace entr e le Rhin et Bamberg enti erem ent degarni, de maniere a avoir pres dehommes reunis sur un meme champ de bataille; mes premieres marches menac ent le coeur de la monarchie prussienne " No.

All the operations conn ecte d with the successive invasion schemes are recorded, with exhaustive quotations of docum enta ry evidence, in Projets et t enta tives de debarquem ent aux Iles Britanniques, by Captain Desbriere Paris, The national cast of his genius and temper was shown by his deviating from his Greek originals, and producing at least two specimens of the fabula praet exta national drama one founded on the childhood of Romulus and Remus Lupus or Alimonium Romuli et Remithe other called Clastidium, which celebrated the victory of M.

He was not depressed by this misfortune, especially as he was at th e ti me closely engaged in the preparation of the Historical and Critical Dictionary Dictionnaire historique et critique. Aulard, Recueil des actes du comite de Salut Public avec la correspondance olicielle des repres enta nts en mission, et le registre du conseil executif provisoire Paris, et seq.

His attitude about this tim e to life and experience is refl ecte d in Pulvis et umbra, one of the nobl est of all his essays.

On th e Ta bula P euti ngeriana appear the "Chamavi qui et Pranci," which should doubtless read " qui et Franci "; these Chamavi appar entl y dw elt between the Yssel and the Ems.

Later, we find them a little farther south, on the banks of the Rhine, in the district called Hamalant, and it is their customs which were brought together in the 9th c entu ry in the docum ent known as the Lex Francorum Chamavorum. The earli est m enti on in history of the name Franks is the entr y on th e Ta bula P euti ngeriana, at least if we assum e th at th e te rm " et Franci " is not a later emendation.

His publications include: Disquisitio mathematica in causam physicam figurae et magnitudinis terrae Milan, ; Saggio della morale filosofia Lugano, 1 ; Nova el ectr icitatis theoria Milan, 1 ; Diss erta tio de motu diurno terrae Pisa, ; Diss erta tiones variae 2 vols.

He was the author of De s eptu aginta interpretibusDe poematum Cantu et viribus rhythmiand Variarum observationum liber Blok, Geschiedenis der Nederlandsche Volk, vols. Reinach, T exte s d'auteurs grecs et romains relatifs au Judalsme Daux, Recherches sur l'origine et l'emplacem ent des emporia pheniciens dans le Zeugis et le Byzacium Paris, ; Ch. Patkanov, Essai d'une statistique et d'une geographie des peuples paleoasiatiques de la Siberie St Petersburg, ; M.

Articles on Omars life and works are found in Reinauds Geographie dAboulfeda, pref. The Opuscula et Carmina Latina were published separately in ; with a coll ecti on of his smaller pieces, Kleine Schriftenincluding a complete list of his works 56 pages. His publications included: Relation des epidemies de cholera qui ont regne a l'Heggiaz, d Suez, Egypte ; D e to p este observee en Egypte ; A perru general sur l'Egypte ; Coup d'ceil sur la p este et les volume cheveux smoky lake ; De l'ophthalmie Ravaisson's chief philosophical works are: "Les Fragm ents philosophiques de Hamilton" in the Revue des Deux Mondes, November, ; Rapport sur le stoicisme ; La Philosophie en France au dix-neuvieme siecle ; 3rd ed.

The first course was published in the Revue d'histoire et de litterature religieuses; and here also appeared instalm ents of his comm enta ry on St John's Gospel, his critically important Notes sur la Genese, and a Chronique biblique unmatched in its mastery of its numberless subj ects and its fearless yet delicate penetration. Autour consists of seven l ette rs, on the origin and aim of L'Evangile et l'Eglise; on the biblical qu esti on; the criticism of the Gospels; the Divinity of Christ; the Church's foundation and authority; the origin and authority of dogma, and on the institution of the sacram ents.

On the 23rd of December the pope ordered the publication of a decree of the Congregation of the Index, incorporating a decree of the Inquisition, condemning Loisy's Religion d'Israel, L'Evangile et l'Eglise,Etudes evangeliques, Autour d'un petit livre and Le Quatrieme Evangile.

Here he continued his laser visage oedeme reviews, notably in the Revue d'histoire et de litterature religieuses, and published Morceaux d'exegesesix further s ecti ons of his synoptic comm enta ry. Simples Reflexions sur le decret Lam enta bili et sur l'encyclique Pascendi, 12m0, pages, was published from Ceffonds a few days after the comm enta ry.

An early tract De ratiociniis tin ludo aleae, printed in 16J7 with Schooten's Exercitationes mathematicae, is notable as one of the first formal tr eati ses on th e th eory of probabilities; nor should his inv esti gations of the prop erti es of the cissoid, logarithmic and catenary curves be l eft unnoticed.

Among the principal of these are: - Memoires de la Societe archeologique de Constantine, Bulletin de la Societe geographique et archeologique d'Oran, Revue africaine of Algiers, to which we should add the Revue archeologique of Paris, the Archives des missions sci enti fiques and the Bulletin archeologique du Comite des travaux historiques and the Melanges of the French School at Rome. Under th e ti tle of Musees et coll ecti ons archeologiques de l'Algerie et de la Tunisie, the Ministry of Public Instruction publishes from tim e to time illustrated descriptions of all these archaeological treasures.

Drapeyron, Essai sur l'origine, le diveloppem ent et les resultats de la lutte entr e la Neustrie et lAustrasie Paris, ; Auguste Longnon, Atlas historique, 1st and 2nd parts.

"faire un régime" in English

Rec ent scholarship, however, ass erts that More was no writer, and that the Vita et mors is an extr act from Geoffrey's Chronicon, and was attributed to More, who was the author's patron.

In the main this conclusion substantiates the verdict of Stubbs, who has published the Vita et mors in his Chronicles of the reigns of Edward I. The story of the famous kiss b esto wed by Margaret of Scotland on la precieuse bouche de laquelle sont issus et sortis taut de bons mots et v ertu euses paroles is mythical, for Margaret did not com e to Franc e ti llafter the poet's d eath ; but the story, first told by Guillaume Bouchet in his Annales d'Aquitaineis inter esti ng, if only as a proof of the high degree of esti mation in which the ugli est man of his day was held.

St Petersburg, His De magnete magneticisque corporibus et de magno magnet e te llure physiologia novacontains many references to the expositions of earlier writers from Plato down to those of the author's own age.

Joub ert, Lecons sur l'el ectr icite et le magnetisme 2nd ed. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Home Sentences e. Sentence Examples. There is much new material in George Sand et sa fille, by S. Cheruel, Saint-Simon et l'abbe Dubois; L. Levasseur, La France et ses colonies i Vols. Bouguer, Camus, Cassini et Pingre Bouquet's Recueil de historiens des Gaules et de la France, 17, See P.

Gonot, Catalogue des ouvrages imprimes et manuscrits concernant l'Auvergne Veturius Rufio avispex exti specus, sacerdos publicus et privatus. Law, pp. Thomassin, Vetus et nova discipline ecc. The chief aims of the author are conciseness and clearness breviter et dilucide scribere. Reinach, " La mort d'Orphee " in Cultes, mythes, et religions, ii. Warming, et seq. Muller, Livi Andronici et Cn. Guiraud in the Bibliotheque des ecoles francaises d'Athenes et de Rome Paris, Pierling, Russie et le Saint-Siege, 4 vols.

Weich ert, Poetarum latinorum vitae et reliquiae ; R. St Francois de Xavier, sa vie et ses l ettr es, by J.

I, 38 et seq. Muller, De Antisthenis cynici vita et scriptis Dresden, ; T. Bouquet, Receuil des historiens des Gaules et de la France, tome 19 Paris, ff. Fecamp, Le Poeme de Gudrun, ses origines, sa formation et son histoire ; F. Vernes, Nouvelle hypothese sur la comp. See Du Cange, Glossariurn mediae et infimae latinitatis new ed.

Thouvenel, le duc de Gramont, et le general comte de Flahaut 2nd ed. Denifle et Em. Graf, Essai sur la vie et les ecrits ; G. Herb ert et al. A Dutch version of a short episodic poem, Lancelot et le cerf au pied blanc will be found in M. Reynald, Mirabeau et la constituante There is a monograph, Thomas Corneille, sa vie et ses ouvragesby G. Zimmermann, De Proserpinae raptu et reditu ; J.

Pelseneer, " Protobranches aeriens et Pulmones branchiferes," Arch. Sorel, L'Europe et la Revolution francaise parts v. Masson, Napoleon et sa famille 4 vols. Nasica, Memoires sur l'enfance et la jeunesse de Napoleon I. Jung, Bonaparte et son temps, 3 vols. Sorel, Bonaparte et Hoche en ; L.

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Aucoc, Le Conseil d'etat avant et depuis Paris, ; E. EdmondBlanc, Napoleon I. Vandal, Napoleon et Alexandre Ier 3 vols. Apostolum et Mosen adeoque Deum ipsum audes corrigere. No name given, but said to include " les ibis et les spatules. Parrot, Roger Bacon et ses contemporains ; E.

Cuinet, Syrie, Liban et Pal esti ne ; D. Jacottet," Moeuro, coutumes et superstitions des Ba-Souts,"in Bull. See "Horace et Mecene" by J. French Ce même argument s'est trouvé également au centre de la création de l'AIEA et a permis par la suite d'élaborer le TNP et d'en faire un régime permanent et quasi universel. More by bab. French faire un raid en traîneau à chien faire un rappel faire un rapport faire un rapport sur faire un redécoupage électoral de faire un remplacement au pied levé faire un reportage sur faire un reportage à sensation sur faire un retour en arrière faire un rot faire un régime faire un résumé de faire un rêve faire un sale coup à qn faire un salto faire un saut faire un saut chez faire un saut périlleux faire un saut quelque part faire un saut vers l'inconnu faire un saut à skis More translations in the English-Thai dictionary.

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Make sentence of regime in english

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Daudet, Hisroire de? The archipelago is divided into two groups - the Leeward lies sous le Vent and the Windward Islands Iles du Vent - by a clear channel of 60 m.

The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.