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Canada en. Canada fr. Central America. Costa Rica. Dominican Republic. Republic of Panama. South America. A spider startles Hunter, who falls into a hole to the center of the Earth and into the subterranean world of Arachna. There, he discovers a small group of elite warriors struggling to survive and to save Arachna from the attack of giant insect mutants. They call themselves "Spider Riders". In the English TV series, the ages of the characters were reduced. There is a prophecy that says a surface-dweller or Earthen, like Hunter, will bring disaster to the Inner World.

Sparkle mentions it in the beginning of the TV series. When Princess Sparkle finds out she says, "I wonder if he will bring doom to us The Oracle Keys are fractions of the Oracle's power. They are cards that can be split in two. The Invectids hope to gain them for Mantid, who wants to use their power to rule Arachna.

The Oracle uses much of her strength to protect them.

Spider riders website

The Spirit Oracle Key passes its power onto Hunter and Shadow, giving them new armor and weapons as well as new abilities. To activate these keys, the holder must shout "Oracle's Light! Two in combination can create more powerful armor and weapons.

The wielder must have a sincere desire to protect without arrogance, otherwise the keys will not work. The Oracle Key from Nuuma was called by Corona, using her power, to let Hunter use it without having to hold it.

Mantid used two of the Oracle's keys to power himself, plunging the Inner World into darkness and preventing Hunter from using his own keys.

Kids WB! The last Spider Riders episode was shown in Canada on April 29, The series was repeated on weekdays and Sunday from June—Augustand was not shown for the - 08 season. It is broadcast on Kix sky channel from 12 June. From September 1,Teletoon is repeating the anime on weekdays. The seventh and final volume was published between and Previous volumes were removed on Starting on December 27,the manga was republished under Monthly Fang Comic site, when two more chapters of the manga were later released.

Currently, the manga is not available. The web manga has an alternate beginning, where Hunter Steele enters a spider-shaped monument and discovers the manacle floating above a spider web. Hunter wears the manacle when it flies to his hand and falls into Inner World through a gap between web strings. Inside the Inner World, Hunter discovers Shadow after peeking at the bathing Corona and after trying to rescue a cart of caged humans. Each chapter of the web manga ends with the Sparkling Sparkle section, following the adventures of Princess Sparkle and Hortala in 4-square manga format.

In the Boy's Fang manga version, certain scenes are re-edited; for example, Corona is now naked instead of in underwear when Hunter first met her in chapter 1, an illustration is added at the beginning of each chapter, and Sparkling Sparkle segments have been removed.

Tribal Nova produced the tie-in online game based on the show, available on the official site. A third game, Jumping Spider, was released on August 9, Each game cost yen. This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. It may not have been reviewed by professional editors see full disclaimer.