Eye drop after botox

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Myogenic; This is when there is a problem with the muscles of the upper eyelid. This may be congenital or due to other diseases such as Myasthenia gravis. Aponeurotic; Which may be post-operative. Neurogenic; Problems, with the nerves that supply the muscles that open the eyelid Mechanical; This is when the dropping is caused by either swelling of the upper lid or by tumors Pseudoptotic. Botulinum toxin — It may be a complication of botulinum toxin Botox therapy when used in the treatment of blepharospasm eyelid spasm and cosmetic treatment of forehead.

Up to 11 percent of patients treated for blepharospasm had ptosis as a complication. It generally resolves over three to four weeks usually. A few Landmarks The palpebral fissure is the distance between the upper and lower eyelid at the axis of the pupil. Treatment The treatment depends on the cause.

The surgery is a day case surgery and you may have to look like a pirate for days. Complications are minimal but can occur. These include Lagophthalmos or failure of the eye to close completely which may lead to dry eye, which may damage the cornea and may lead to blindness if, not corrected. Scarring from the surgery Deformity of the eyelid Asymmetry of the lid position If you need more information you should see you ophthalmologist.

This is very important for children with ptosis or any other abnormal looking eyes because they may have other conditions which have to be addressed, early on before it is too late to correct such a neurological disorders, amblyopia and others.

Tegan Quin on Ptosis. Great and a very useful blog for me. Thanks a lot for sharing the blog. Intermittent Ptosis may be relayed to mysthenia gravis I suggest you get it checked out. Stuart Scott has ptosis from a football injury while covering the Jets. There are cases where somebody's strabismus only shown up when tired.

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Eye drop after botox

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Eye drop after botox

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