Female tt riders

All looked rosy and Joss headed out for The Tour of Calafornia. Two days in and Joss fell foul of crash in front of her on a downhill section. Metals plates and season over Not our Joss, a definitive bemorebadger badge resolutely pinned to her bib shorts and she was next seen on her turbo, arm in sling and smile on face grimace possibly but we prefer smile.

So with a pro contract in the bag forSean Yates coaching and Dan Bigham providing top notch technical support, the world is literally her oyster.

I love working with Joss as she is unbelievably professional, driven and committed. I love the fact that she is not hard as nails, she is the hammer that bends them or drives them in to the ground. She completes our team and along with Emma Lewis and Emily Doris Meakin has raised the bar for all those who follow Sometimes you just get lucky and hit the jackpot.

There is an infectious, almost unavoidable contagious side effect of spending time with Emily that one or two people in the TT world would do well to suffer from Our little band of testers never need to look to the weather as we take our own little ray of sunshine wherever we go when Emily is at the races and it is just priceless.

No matter how tired, stressed, ach … ing or broken she feels from the rigours of racing around Europe there is always a positivity that if we could bottle would be worth watts. I have seen her smash herself inside out road racing in Belgium and come back to TT racing with cuts and bruises that would make grown men cry. Like her sister in arms Emma Lewis she simply hops onboard and beats the tarmac into submission.

Female tt riders

Her year has been a stella 2nd year for someone so new to the TT game. All of this was achieved whilst racing back and forth to compete in Belgium for her road race team, which by any account was not to shabby a year for her there as well. Most importantly, for me, she has done all this without a hint of complaint, no matter how affected she was by everything that went on around her and her passion for racing for this little cafe has been unquestionable.

We role in to next year with Emily even more focused on her TT adventure. I am rest assured the team will not suffer misery and moaning amongst its ranks as Emilys star will be too bright and the unavoidable cacophony of her laughter will permeate even the darkest recesses of doubt a rider may have. Her year has been phenomenal, not just because she has won such great titles, but the fact she has been doing so across such a range of disciplines.

She is such a well liked character around the circuits that I am a little at a loss as to why she is not yet on a top level UCI womens team. The womens sport needs exactly this kind of rider, a beacon of happiness and joy But I think her time may well come and it would not surprise me in the least to see her follow in the footsteps of our Team Angel Joss Lowden in to the pro ranks Not often you get to be in the cycling press, but please feel free to share as it gives an insight in to our journey.

Team Rider Report Emma Lewis. Selfless in the pursuit of smiles and dedicated to the colours she rides, Emma is the consummate professional balancing a full time job, loving relationship and family with her desire to test herself against the best in the country.

Early rider tutti

Team Rider Report Chris Fennell. I thought I would add a couple of end of year reports on each rider as even though we are a Team, this is still very much a sport of individual outcomes so I thought it would make interesting reading for all those out there who have asked over the past few days how the guys got on To that end I will start with young Chris Fennell.

Now Chris is a bit special in that he is the most unassuming and introverted young man you will meet. He has a slight awkwardness about him that belies the brutality of his competitive spirit and yet he is also a gentleman tester of the highest calibre.

There is no room for ego or selfish arrogance on this team and as such Chris exemplifies the characteristics we set our standards by. To that end he is a class act and his results are a testament to his dedication and commitment to time trialing. As the dominant force in Kent TT racing Chris holds every course record in the county that is open to any rider to challenge themselves against. The odd few not in his name are either no longer raced or are held by club riders on closed events Invites accepted if those clubs would like to share those courses and test themselves against him!

With 21 TT wins, 10 new course records and the UK's 4th fastest ever 25TT time his season will be seen by any observer of the sport as phenomenal for someone who only recently turned So all in all was a year neither of us expected as we have been focused on what is to come in a few years when we have properly developed our program around the ever maturing athlete.

I am very proud of Chris for obvious reasons that have nothing to do with winning what he has, but more to do with how he has gone about his business as a tester a team member and as a young man.

We are pleased to say he has so much more to come and know that this year is simply a building block upon which he will continue to challenge both himself and the clock And so we wrapped up with a gathering of those who were able to attend The Independent Pedaler to receive our thanks.

But to those who were not able to attend I want to extend our thanks as a Team to all of those who support the cafe and in doing so make this Team happen. Chris Fennell …. So today marked the final race of the calendar for Team Independent Pedaler. The National Hill Climb Championship is one of those special days in the year when you get to see some of the most specialised time trial riders in the country battle it out for the coveted National Hill Climb stripes. YES the TT season is still a thing and yes we are still going racing Race done, job done Team GB were up against it as they had not been involved in the only other relay to be raced this year and the top seeded teams of Holland, Germany and Italy looked in scintillating form.

Suffice to say the boys laid down a very early marker and put the girls in a strong position come the change over as they posted what would go on to be the 2nd fastest male team time. Joss and her team pedaler bike looked super strong from the off and she and Anna Henderson brought it home as the required two riders needed to complete the course.

A super effort in this newest style of TT racing and It will be great to see this format develop It was a rain filled event which provided for no end of riders having punctures. For me ride of the day must go to Italys Elisa Longo Borghini who having punctured still managed to bridge the huge gap to her team and push regime microbiote burckel the line Great event and perfect opener to a week of World Champ racing Whilst the men are now supplemented by the ever talented John Archibald filling in post the withdrawal of Geraint Thomasalongside John will be National Champion the indomitable Alex Dowsett.

I realise that normally this outlet is to give those of you that follow this cafe team a race report Other than competing we can't think of much that tops putting on the team kit and hammering down the odd dual carriageway at a great rate of knots The Australian outfit had suffered a crash in training on Saturday.

It's a great way to end the season. We were nervous coming into the race because when you're the one who is supposed to win, you feel the pressure. The women's team time trial was not shown live on television, instead it was broadcast as a recap prior to the men's race a few hours later.

Hopefully this will help get more coverage in the future. Women's cycling is on the up. This is a demonstration of how dedicated, strong and powerful we are. Wiggle-Honda finished sixth, behind the winners, Argos-Shimano was surprisingly only seventh atwhile Hitek Products was 13th. A total of 16 teams lined-up for the team time trial at the start in Pistoia early on Sunday morning.

Specialized-Lululemon dominates Worlds team time trial

Speed, power and the combined strength of six riders would be the keys to victory on the flat course, with only the final three kilometres in the centre of Florence, in the shadow of the Duomo and along the banks of the Arno river, expected to test the team's TTT skills. The Rusvelo team lacked smoothness but was aggressive on the flat roads and the technical finale, setting the fastest time and enjoying a long spell in the hot seat for much of the race with a final time of However the intermediate time splits indicated that the Russian team was only the fourth fastest team out on the road and that Specialized-Lululemon, Rabo and Orica-AIS would go on to fight for the medals.

Both Orica-AIS and Rabo were well drilled and disciplined, with their six riders in a tight team pursuit-like line on the long straight roads. But they did not have the speed during the whole distance to match Specialized- Lululemon.

At the first time check after 9.

The final kilometres in Florence would be important but Specialized-Lululemon had the experience to keep their cool and negotiated the turns, narrows roads and cobbled streets without losing time or riders. Rabo crossed the line first, stopping the clock in It was fast enough to beat Orica-AIS, who came in behind them and set a time of but Specialized-Lululemon was flying and stopped the clock in