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IBUK will allow such transactions only from accounts held by entities that are non-financial entities using the account for trades in commodity derivatives that are intended to objectively reduce risk directly relating to their commercial activity in accordance with Art Account holders that make such a declaration in the Trading Permission section of their Account Management, agree that all the transactions executed in commodity derivatives for that account will be executed for reducing the risk under Art 57, and IBUK will report the relevant transactions accordingly.

In accordance with these requirements, IBUK has implemented a new section in Account Management and new features in the IB Trader Workstation to allow Investment Firms that report their transactions through IBUK to identify individuals and algorithms in compliance with the new obligations. While this requirement applies only to IBUK for the majority of the transactions reports, because IBUK is usually the entity that executes the transaction, when an order is submitted by an Investment Firm that transaction reports through IBUK via the Delegated Transaction Reporting, the specific user that has submitted the order will be reported as responsible for executing the transaction.

For the purposes of point c of the first subparagraph the agreement shall specify the time limit for the provision of the order details by the transmitting firm to the receiving firm and provide that the receiving firm shall verify whether the order details received contain obvious errors or omissions before submitting a transaction report or transmitting the order in accordance with this Article. The following order details shall be transmitted in accordance with paragraph 1, insofar as pertinent to a given order:.

For the purposes of point d of the first subparagraph, where the client is a natural person, the client shall be designated in accordance with Article 6. For the purposes of point j of the first subparagraph, where the order transmitted was received from a prior firm that did not transmit the order in accordance with the conditions set out in this Article, the code shall be the code identifying the transmitting firm.

Where the order transmitted was received from a prior transmitting firm in accordance with the conditions set out in this Article, the code provided pursuant to point j referred to in the first subparagraph shall be the code identifying the prior transmitting firm. Where there is more than one transmitting firm in relation to a given order, the order details referred to in points d to i of the first subparagraph of paragraph 2 shall be transmitted in respect of the client of the first transmitting firm.

Where the order is aggregated for several clients, information referred to in paragraph 2 shall be transmitted for each client.

This regime is intended to enhance regulatory surveillance of mainland-listed stock trading from Hong Kong and requires brokers to report the identity of clients submitting orders to either the Shanghai or Shenzhen Stock Exchange. This regulation will be effective as of September 26, Additional information is provided in the series of FAQs below.

What is the Stock Connect? The Stock Connect is a collaboration between the Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges which allows international and Mainland Chinese investors to trade securities in each other's markets through the trading and clearing facilities of their home exchange. What is Northbound trading? Northbound trading refers to the trading of mainland-listed stocks e. What information is being collected and reported?

The information collected and reported depends upon the client classification. In the case of individuals, the information is as follows:.

Each Northbound trading client will be assigned a Broker-to-Client Assigned Number BCAN which will be associated with the identification information collected and will be tagged to every Northbound order on a real-time basis. Who is IBKR authorized to share this information with? How will IBKR collect this information? Clients with existing Northbound trading permissions will be presented with the online form upon log in to Account Management.

This form will allow IBKR to collect the required information and consent to submit this information upon order submission. When will the identification take place? Will there be a Southbound Investor ID model?

The SFC and the CSRC also agreed to introduce a similar investor identification regime for Southbound trading as soon as possible after the regime for Northbound trading is implemented.

What happens if I do not provide the required information? Once the Northbound Investor ID model is in effect, clients who either fail to provide the required information or elect not to provide consent to report the required information will not be allowed to submit opening Northbound orders but will be allowed to close existing positions. How can I trade China Connect Stocks? After the trading permission has been requested clients will be prompted with the Northbound Trader Disclosure.

If the request has been approved, clients will be able to trade on the next day. Regulatory Agencies. If you cannot locate your code or receive an invalid entry message, contact TechSupport cftc. Futures Regulatory Agencies. The information required of this report includes the following: Trader's name and address Principal business Form of ownership e. Les clients qui ne possèdent pas de LEI auront la possibilité de faire une demande par le biais d'IBUK; Le pays de citoyenneté de chaque trader autorisé ainsi que des informations supplémentaires en fonction des exigences du pays concerné en matière d'identifiant national du client.

Les personnes ou algorithmes qui peuvent être responsables des décisions d'investissement auprès de l'entreprise d'investissement: Les traders individuels actifs qui ont été désignés au préalable comme susceptibles de prendre des décisions d'investissement au sein de l'entreprise. Seules les personnes autorisées en tant que traders sur le compte seront habilitées; Identifiants d'algorithmes fournis pour les algorithmes que l'entreprise peut utiliser pour la prise de décision d'investissements.

Le client est tenu de déterminer et de fournir les identifiants d'algorithme conformément à la réglementation. Information requises dans le cadre du MiFIR pour les titulaires de compte sans obligation de déclaration Le règlement MiFIR sur la déclaration des transactions imposent aux sociétés d'investissement de l'EEE, telles qu'IBUK, d'inclure des identifiants correspondant à chaque client dans les rapports de transactions.

Les informations devront être fournies à IBUK avant le 30 novembre Les informations demandées pour ces comptes sont: - Tous les pays de citoyenneté pour les personnes physiques détentrices de compte et les traders autorisés; - Un identifiant national spécifique pour les personnes physiques détentrices de compte et les traders autorisés; L'identifiant d'entité juridique pour les entités juridiques.

Pour les comptes d'organisations, il devra être précisé si l'entité juridique est une entité non financière utilisant le compte pour le trading de transactions de dérivés sur les contrats à des fins de réduction du risque de manière objective et mesurable conformément à l'article 57 du MiFID II.

Parmi les nouvelles informations requises, les éléments suivants sont demandés: L'identification détaillée de l'acheteur et du vendeur pour chaque transaction. L'identification du décideur pour l'acheteur et le vendeur lorsqu'une partie tierce exerce un rôle d'appréciation. Why do you want to be an accountant essay Passed Papers 1 and 7; and been licensed by the SFC within the past 3 years, you may apply for a full exemption from taking both exams even if the exams were taken more than 3 years ago.

In the event that you can only fulfil either a or b above, you will not be qualified for this full exemption. Short essay on my school class 4. Research paper of electronics and communication how to make a counter argument in a persuasive essay. Melbourne convention and exhibition centre case study, demon lover short essay, award winning scholarship essays examples.

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As an introducing agent in Hong Kong, the applicant should not be holding client assets and are therefore exempt pursuant to section 3 b of the Securities and Futures Insurance Rules Cap. I am pleased to note the enhancements in various procedural matters introduced by the SFC over the past two years. Providers under the clearing obligation — 1 mandate the use of Unique Transaction Identifiers for the reporting obligation, 2 revise the list of designated jurisdictions for the masking relief of the reporting HKSI licensing exam paper 1 - Page 2 - Hong Kong Forums - GeoExpat.

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Licensing regime sfc

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