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To plump up your lips, apply a layer of Rosehip oil on them before doing your lipstick or lipgloss. Rosehipoil … Eldoret ShethNaturals. Our neem oil is an absolute miracle working oil! We advise that you don't leave on the neem oil after use as it has a very strong smell that can easily repel people. Nomoredandruff … Noitchyscalp. It also heals the skin especially when one is experiencing cystic infections on acne-prone skin. Oil cleansing with neem oil in this case will be of great help.

Neem oil is also a great insect repellant due to its strong smell. Yesterday we talked about whipping together butters and oils to make a lotion, and especially to deal with issues.

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Today we look at one of those, which is Eczem … a. If you have been struggling with this skin condition, or know of a family member or friend with the condition, we have a great solution for you. One of the combinations to have, is Moringa Oil and Shea Butter.

Shea Butter is vitamin rich and full of fatty acids which help in skin regeneration and helps in keeping the skin moisturized as opposed to how dry eczematous skin gets. Moringa on the other hand is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It is known to draw out toxins from your skin. Both are great properties $4 botox help fight secondary infections of Eczema, and keep the skin around it, that's not affected, vibrant and glowing.

Heavenly is the word! Not too many natural oils or butters have a divine smell, so we totally adore our mango butter's smell. I promise you it is as divine as it smells on your skin. On the range of our butters, this has the greatest moisturizing and hydrating effects. It also has the best anti-aging factors.

If you tend to have dry ashy skin, this is the butter for you. You will need to explain to a lot of people what you use on your legs when you use mango butter as it give … s a very well moisturized youthful skin yes dress lovers, we just gave you a secret! It also has the best anti-eczema properties among our butters, so if your eczema is extremely stubborn, use mango butter.

In terms of hardness, it lies between our Cocoa butter and Shea butter and can easily be used on its own though some people still prefer to use it with Argan oil or with Vitamin E oil. It has very good conditioning properties for the hair and softens it, leaving it smelling great. This chocolatey West African Cocoa Butter is any woman's best friend. A heavy butter that seals in moisture into both hair and skin greatly.

Prevents stretchmarks in pregnancy and fades them away. Gives you a velvety moisture rich skin. If you have dry thirsty skin that still doesn't respond to shea butter, cocoa butter is right up your alley. It will help you do away with fine lines and wrinkles. In babies and adults with stubborn eczema in who shea butter may not work, cocoa butter is great as a second line of treatment.

If your aim is to moisturise your dry skin, mix our cocoa butter with the vegetable glycerine and vitamin E oil. If you are interested in fading stretchmarks, mix it with Vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel. For fading scars, mix it with our sesame oil. If using it for stubborn eczema mix it with Argan oil. We've been talking about our Augmentation mammaire 90 c form Bar, and emphasized on its moisturizing factor, which makes it an ideal cleanser for your hair.

But what exactly qualifies it? Well, we will be breaking down each ingredient at a time, and show you why it is valuable! HONEY: You probably have used it a lot at your breakfast table, but did you know that it has amazing properties that does wonders for your hair?

Honey has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, that prevents your scalp from … getting infections or psoriasis. It also keeps your scalp clean and bacteria free, therefore protects it from dandruff and having an itchy scalp. Honey also is an emollient which tends to retain moisture in the hair leaving it with a soft and smooth texture.

It is also rich in antioxidants that enables it to reduce hair breakage, hair loss and keeping your strands strong and healthy. If you have been looking for a shampoo that will take this good care of your hair, we've got you! A good conditioner, such as our Instant Conditioner, will usually have enough cleansing agents to remove dirt, oil, and build up from your hair without being to … o rough on it.

So if you find that your hair gets too dry after washes, especially if you wash your hair a lot, opt for using the Instant Conditioner. So for example, if you wash your hair 4 times a month, 3 times you can co-wash and 1 time you can shampoo. It's a perfect balance. You should wear your natural hair, with pride and we are looking forward to seeing you shine with that new hairdo!

Are you unsure on where to start? Check out our new Little Love Package and look alive by showing your hair the love it needs.

From our moisturizing shampoo bar, to the antibreakage deep conditioner and the boost of confidence that comes with our growth oil Our Avocado Oil is a penetrating oil that has great humectant properties. Avocado oil is great for skin that is dry and thirsty.

Avocado oil has a natural sun protective factor SPF of up to 15 and will protect you from the sun's harm in moderate heat. Dauntless ShethNatural Skincare Naturalhaircare. Our sesame oil is a magical oil for both the skin and hair. It is extremely light and helps shrink open pores on mature skin with large pores.

Sesame oil works very well on stubborn acne on skin that is likely to be suffering due to clogged pores. Look no further than sesame oil.

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