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Kingda Ka roller coaster and Zoomanjaro Drop ride - Photo de Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson

At the top, the riders hang there for a suspenseful 10 to 12 seconds or so before the inevitable plunge. This is the part of the ride that I found to be the scariest, being suspended at that altitude with my feet dangling and everything in the park, except for the top hat on Kingda Ka, far below me. At this point I felt my gondola rock and dip slightly, a precursor of what was to come. A second or two later the three cars plummeted almost to the ground at a speed of 90 mph.

Awesome drop! And talk about a jolt! But not nearly as bad as I had expected; in fact it was very good and, while quite intense — of course! Not everyone seemed to be of the same opinion.

One guy remarked that the elevators in the Sears Tower were probably as fast but, baby, the elevators in the Sears Tower never felt like this! In fact I saw Kingda Ka trains on the launch track but never saw them launch while I was riding Zumanjaro. A cast member suggested that this might be for safety reasons due to the danger of things falling from overhead although it might have just been a fluke. We shall see how it plays out for the remainder of the operating season.

Still, running both at the same time would have amplified the thrill of each, at least visually if not physically, so not being able to do that not only misses that opportunity, it will slow down and reduce the hourly capacities of each ride.

Someone who knows the data ought to do the math, but I wonder if the combined capacity of the two rides, operating one at a time, will end up being less than the capacity of Kingda Ka was before, when it could run without interruption. If so, this would have to count among Six Flags' bigger fails. As of July 2, the park didn't even have a license from the state to operate the new ride, so that the press preview scheduled for July 2 had to be cancelled although Six Flags wasted no time in getting a license in time to operate it on July 4.

Six flags nj rides

And thanks, Robert, for voicing some of the same concerns I have but was reluctant to put in my article.

Your comment that "running both at the same time would have amplified the thrill of each, at least visually if not physically, so not being able to do that not only misses that opportunity, it will slow down and reduce the hourly capacities of each ride" is spot on. First of all, while on Zumanjaro I was acutely aware of the Kingda Ka trains on the launch track and getting impatient when they didn't launch, as this would have been both exciting and entertaining.

Secondly, Kingda Ka usually has the longest queue of any ride in the park; the average wait time to get on, at least on a weekend, is 90 minutes.

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So with the trains stalled until a cycle on the drop ride is completed, you can see how this will result in significant delays for both rides. I was there this past Sunday, when the park was not at all crowded, and it still took an hour to get to the loading station on KK.

Ride Review: Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom at Six Flags Great Adventure

Then something rather odd happened. An empty train was dispatched to the launch track, where it sat indefinitely. A second train was sent out of the loading station behind the first one and when neither one moved within the next 15 minutes I gave up and got out of line. I went back to Zumanjaro and guess what? It was closed. I loved the view!

Kingda ka- a must ride coaster - Photo de Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson

The drop was great! I got a little scared going up the tower! It was a wonderful experience! Les rails de l'attractions sont fuchsia et jaune, les supports poteaux sont bleus.

Auparavant, des panneaux explicatifs étaient exposés tout au long du lift comparant la hauteur par rapport aux hauteurs connues telles que celle des chutes du Niagara par exemple. Ces panneaux ont été retirés.

L'attraction connaît toujours une grande popularité avec, notamment, de longues files d'attente bien que celle-ci avance assez rapidement grâce à la grande capacité des trains 36 places et la facilité d'embarcation et d'envoi des trains. Le 6 maiun train s'est arrêté sur le sommet du lift.

Aucune personne ne fut blessée et le train est reparti dans sa course 10 secondes plus tard. Le 30 maiun train s'est stoppé au beau milieu du lift qui était plus bruyant que d'habitude. La raison est toujours inconnue. Les trains de Nitro sont ouverts, possèdent des barres de sécurité lap bars individuelles.

Il y a trois trains au total, chacun comportant quatre sièges sur un rang, 9 rangs pour donc accueillir 36 visiteurs par train.

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L'embarquement et la vérification des barres de sécurité sont rapidement effectuées, résultant d'une haute capacité avec 3 trains sur le parcours. La file d'attente de Nitro consiste en un parcours à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur accompagné par un long chemin avant de monter les escaliers pour arriver à la gare.

La vue depuis la file montre l'arrière de Batman: The Ride et la mécanique de The Great Adventure ainsi que l'entrepôt. Nitro possède une pré- drop en sortie de gare.

Celle-ci aide les trains à se positionner sur la chaine du lift. La photo on ride prise pendant le parcours se situait au creux du second camelbackmais a changé de place en pour se retrouver au creux du premier.

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Les barres se refermaient sur ces poignées pour servir à une sécurité additionnelle sans ceinture de sécurité.