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Because we have been existing for 65 years now, there are many generations of family that have visited the park. So first you were here as a child, then as a mother or father and then a grandparent. People spread the word, and if you are really great people want to come back.

We are becoming a short stay destination for more foreign visitors. This is a trend we noticed since opening the Bosrijk holiday village in We see a lot of families from Belgium and [neighbouring German state] North-Rhine Westphalia, but also a lot of people coming over from the UK.

We have agencies in each of these regions because each has its own culture. And all our signage in the park is now not only in Dutch but also English, French and German. We do a lot of surveys, and also we have an advisory board.

De Vliegende Hollander

We know that a lot of people fill in those cards because they can win a stay at our Bosrijk or Loonsche Land holiday villages. Our guest satisfaction rate it a very important KPI not only for us but for the advisory board.

The biggest change when we went to year-round opening was that our technical department now does most of the maintenance in the evenings and overnight.

Rides efteling

The park began opening for days a year in when we opened Bosrijk. The following year we added the Raveleijn show in partnership with Puy du Fou and then, inAquanura. There a lot of theme parks in this part of Europe but I think there is still room for new entrants if you offer something different and have great quality.

But if you look at, for example, Puy du Fou in France, they are really unique. Efteling started life in as the Sprookjesbos Fairytale Forest. Our fairytales are well-known, what is less known is how much forest we still have. We are more nature with attractions than a theme park with a little bit of landscaping. That and the very nice decoration throughout the park make it a very pleasant place to visit. For us, indoor attractions are important. Because we open days a year, we of course get some rainy days.

Efteling is well-known for its dark rides including Droomvlucht, Fata Morgana and Carnaval Festival, and now Symbolica. The attraction opened in July at the end of Pardoes Promenade in the centre of the park.

Previously the adjacent square had a fountain in it, but really it needed an icon. Symbolica is set in the palace of Pardoes, our magical jester character, and is the first attraction to feature him as the star of the show. Symbolica is a classic dark ride. Before you even get in the ride, there is a wow effect. There are some very special effects inside.

We always look for new techniques and technology when developing attractions, however classic the story may be. One of the key things about Symbolica is that there are three different tours you can make through the attraction depending on the ride vehicle you take. We themed the floor, the ceiling, the walls; everything. There is so much to see, you have to do it again and again!

We have just two scenes in Symbolica where there is some kind of interactivity. Guests can rotate their own ride vehicle, which is really nice. Rivière sauvage en bouées Piraña.

Le palais de Symbolica vient d’ouvrir ses portes !

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Efteling’s Symbolica dark ride fuels growth at Dutch ‘World of Wonders’

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