Cellulite knees exercises english

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Cellulite knees exercises english

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English Français. Lunges are complementary to squats and they can also help you tone your lower body including your abdominal belt.

Like squats, balance is a key part of lunges.

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A proper lunge involves stepping forward with one foot and bending that same knee until your other knee touches the ground. From here, push back up, stand with your feet side by side and repeat the motion with the other foot.

Repeat this process for 10 to 15 reps per leg.

Jump ropes are an excellent cardio exercise. Planks should be considered a miracle exercise! Or almost. Although it can be challenging, planking is an ideal way to achieve a flat stomach. Jumping Jacks are a very simple cardio exercise. If done properly, they allow you to work your legs, arms, and core. To begin, stand with your feet side by side and your arms lowered at your sides. Then jump up and spread your legs while simultaneously raising your arms. When you land, your body should form a giant X.