Why is dental caries referred to as a disease of civilization

Then we decided to live in Kinshasa for 10 years. After 40 years, my heart always beats for Africa and two of our sons run a company dedicated to dentistry in Africa. What is the "real Africa"? Flooding the article with figures and biased statistics will not help. As everyone knows:. If numbers are needed, several website are useful as:. Among them, it is strange to compare the. Today South Korea. This is a worrying but tragic reality explained by Bernard Lugan 2 as follows:.

Dental disease and civilization.

Unfortunately, animal hybride fantastique only the continent does not develop, but, in the South of Sahara, it is stepping back in an economy of trading posts. In the XVIIIth century, slave drivers ruled the continent; inthe slave drivers are oil, gas and mining companies. As before, this economy benefits only a small part of the local population when the majority struggles to survive.

This description, dry and rough, reflects regrettably more the reality than the figures appearing since few years in the international economic media.

Africa is diverse and non easily understandable. The following description deserves to be read entirely 3. The real Africa is submerged underneath corruption and greed, underneath tyranny and an ostentatious elite, underneath the faces of the people they cannot feed.

The real Africa is the chaos and the calm side by side as honking cars zoom past on streets that run parallel to cows grazing peacefully in a field. This is the real Africa, the one you never show. This is the place I call home. Unknown author. Impacting factors on which the dental profession has no power.

Among the most obvious pictures, the following representations of Africa help to give a clear idea of a worrying reality. When we see Africa on a Mercator projection 4it always looks as big as Greenland. In addition to this, the entire population is sprayed all over the continent with strange higher concentration of population on the Mediterranean coast, in the Delta of Niger and in landlocked countries like Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

El regimen politico civilista

The total population, equivalent to the population of India is sprayed on a 10 time larger area and with similar socio-economical problems increase with the number of countries. The rare infrastructures inherited from the colonies collapse. The increasing drift from the land towards overcrowded chaos of the mining camps and growing slums making them more lawless, generating rampant banditry, gambling, prostitution and violence.

This chaotic drift from the land to the unhealthy and unhygienic cities. Health issues. Non Conventional Diseases growing inexorably among a population. In front of this accumulation of sanitary crisis, obesity, diabetes. What is the room left for dentistry? This sad comment illustrates the lack of means. Between Ebola crisis. The very few dental facilities worthy of the name exist in every major town. Some others are managed by NGO and charity organisations sponsored by generous donators from outside the country who keep sending outdated non-repairable equipments.

In the meantime, most of the dentists working ky regime obligatoire public health facilities struggle to survive and where the few motivated dentists practice with limited means.

Many of these facilities are located in suburbs where water and electricity are available only few hours a week 7invaded by insolvent people to whom they prescribe painkillers or antibiotics. The happy few have the tooth pulled when they can pay the needle and anaesthetic. And when aesthetic problems occur, only wealthy Africans can afford travelling to higher dentistry standards abroad. Who cares? That is how more children die annually from complications of dental caries than from any other disease.

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