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The reason for this is to protect our ability, and that of other international organizations, to act freely without being subject to pressure through the courts of individual state parties. This was pretty standard stuff back in the s and s, but legal and political perspectives towards privileges and immunities are changing. In recent years, we have seen the establishment of supranational judicial institutions of a sort that did not exist back when our immunities were being established.

Today, particularly in Europe, there is an expectation that there should be judicial oversight and resolution of any legal dispute. This is, in terms of international law, a relatively new development and one that is by no means accepted throughout the international community. So we find ourselves quite frequently, in staff cases for instance, being challenged in national courts on the basis that what we have done is not consistent with the EU Convention on Human Rights.

We can, of course, argue that we are not a party to this Convention, but I expect that this is going to be a continuing challenge for us. Les décisions du Conseil créent une législation interne qui est contraignante. Pour ce qui est des affaires pénales, le secrétaire général peut lever notre immunité. Nos locaux sont inviolables, et les autorités du pays hôte ne. Does NATO have it own laws and its own courts?

NAC decisions create internal law that is binding on us. But Host nation law does not apply to us — at least not directly or most of the time. On a practical level we do base ourselves on Belgian law for certain things, such as health and safety, because we need standards and NATO cannot develop its own rules in every area.

With regard to criminal matters, the Secretary General can waive our immunities. Our premises are inviolable, so the host nation cannot enter the premises without permission. If that permission is granted, however, then in bull riders in pbr circumstances they may be able to apply their own laws on NATO premises. We have international legal personality —actually, three of them.

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The civilian side has legal personality under the Ottawa Agreement. Interestingly, under the Paris Protocol, the military ARE subject to the jurisdiction of host nation courts, which means that they can be sued and judgments can be entered against them. They are immune from execution, but I imagine that it would be an unusual case in which they would refuse to implement a valid court judgment against them.

Do you have any reflections on what has been different about being NATO Legal Adviser as compared to your previous work at national level? Peter OlSON: People in this Organization come from very diverse bureaucratic cultures with differing attitudes to law and lawyers; finding and establishing our proper role in this context is much more difficult than when dealing with a single known bureaucratic culture.

Still, it is a continuing challenge to ensure that policymakers throughout the house realize when they have a legal issue, and appreciate that our involvement will generally help them achieve their goals by identifying and addressing issues early rather than down the line when addressing them may be much more difficult.

Overall, I have to say it has been a terrific professional experience. The issues are interesting and highly varied, those working on them are dedicated and knowledgeable, and the process of developing consensus among 28 Allies on matters that are often of absolutely fundamental importance is endlessly fascinating.

For further information: www.

Botox sprinkles 90s

Cependant, si elles y sont autorisées, elles peuvent, dans certaines circonstances, y faire appliquer le droit du pays hôte. Quelle différence y a-t-il, selon vous, entre votre emploi actuel et celui que vous occupiez auparavant au niveau national?

Department of State. Olson has also served as Deputy General Counsel for the U. Flying to Yerevan is the easiest way to access the landlocked country. Built in BC by the Kingdom of Urartu, the Assyrian name for the Kingdom of Ararat, this site is just outside the city limits and a key attraction. Grâce à sa situation stratégique, à 20 minutes en voiture seulement du célèbre monastère de Khor Virap et à 45 minutes de route du lac Sevan, Erevan est le point de départ idéal pour un périple dans le Caucase.

PAysAges eT nATure En toile de fond de la capitale, passé le centre ville moderne entièrement reconstruit, le mont Ararat culmine majestueusement à 5. On peut encore descendre dans la fosse dans laquelle Grégoire fut emprisonné pendant 13 ans. YEREvAN The opera square with the majestic architectural building surrounded with a number of cafés in the cozy center of Yerevan, a place for city fun both in Summer and Winter.

Malkhas jazz club for good music and the famous cocktail of the well-known jazzman Levon Malkhasyan Malkhas. Golden Apricot Yerevan international film festival in best apricot season — second week of July every year. Vous pouvez facilement combiner ces visites avec des activités en extérieur, comme la randonnée, le vélo ou la natation. Situé à 1. Climbing of Ara Mountain, a camping in the medieval cave residence of Lastiver ; recovering health in mineral water pools of Jermuk Resorts.

En hiver, certains villages de ses rives se transforment en stations de ski, offrant des loisirs pour petits et grands à un tarif bien plus avantageux que ceux pratiqués en Europe.

Make your way to the ancient monastery Khor Virap, located just 40 km south of Yerevan, not only for an incredible view but similarly for an introduction to the early Christian life. But you do not have to be very spiritual to appreciate the architecture of the countless ancient monasteries which are beautifully nestled between the soft shaped old Lesser Caucasus Mountain hills.

A trip to these sights can easily be combined with outdoor activities such as hiking, biking or swimming and during the right season, there are even opportunities for winter sports. Pour remonter aux origines du christianisme en Arménie, visitez Tatev, un monastère du 9e siècle situé non loin de Goris, dans le sud du pays. Entouré de falaises ocres et rouges, le complexe monastique et ses anciens khachkars voir photo ont été construits avec ces mêmes pierres.

Le khorovats, le barbecue arménien typique à la. Go here on a hot summer day to enjoy the cooler climate, a bath in the lake and a luscious Khoravats barbecue.

As it was so remote, Tatev is one of the best preserved monasteries, offering a stunning view and numerous hiking sites in its proximity.

The 13th century monastery Noravank is another must-see, most beautifully located at the end of the Amaghu Valley. Climb up the narrow stairs to the upper floor of the small church for a popular photo opportunity.

Alongside countless old churches covering even the most remote areas of Armenia, the Christian identity is additionally expressed by khachkars. And naturally, Armenia offers also well preserved non-Christian heritage, like the old Pagan Garni temple or the 18th century Blue Mosque in Yerevan. Armenia is known for its rich cuisine and a nature of hospitality, a cultural aspect that has made many visitors return. Drop in any cosy village house or one of the many family-run road stops, and you will be greeted with a warm-hearted reception.

À déguster accompagnés de lavash, la galette de pain artisanale dans laquelle on enroule de la viande, des légumes ou du fromage. Comme dessert, ou tout simplement en accompagnement lorsque vous prenez un verre dans un café ou un bar, ne manquez pas de savourer les grenades fraîchement cueillies.

Les Arméniens aiment écouter du jazz et du rock en mangeant, et beaucoup de restaurants et de bars proposent des concerts live de qualité professionnelle. Les établissements plus traditionnels proposent de la musique folklorique arménienne où les musiciens jouent du duduk, un instrument à vent en bois de facture locale.

Mais en Arménie, pas de repas ni de concert digne de ce nom sans boire un verre.

Et le choix de boissons est vaste. Dominant Erevan, le bâtiment en briques rousses de la. Khoravats, a typical Armenian skewer-grilled barbecue with roasted vegetables topped with fresh herbs, is one of the meals that should not be missed on a visit.

Apart from the usual pork, lamb, chicken and beef, the unique crayfish kebabs and barbecued vegetables are highly recommendable. Try it with homemade thin bread, lavash, in which meat, vegetables and cheese can be rolled up. Alongside their meal, Armenians love jazz and rock music and many restaurants and bars offer highly professional live performances. More traditional places offer Armenian folk with the duduk, an indigenous woodwind instrument.

Still, an Armenian meal or concert without a drink is not complete and the country has much to offer when it comes to liquor. Armenian wine has been exported since Bible times, but today, it is mainly cognac-style brandy that visitors and locals are after. Triumphant over Yerevan in vibrant orange-red brick stands the Yerevan Brandy Company, with a distillery that has been producing wine and the famous Ararat brandy sinceand was bought in by the French international company Pernod-Ricard.

Yerevan Brandy Company abrite une distillerie qui produit du vin ainsi que le célèbre brandy Ararat depuiset qui a été rachetée en par le groupe multinational français Pernod Ricard. Citizens from most other states can obtain their tourist visas at the airport upon arrival. Nowadays, any prospective buyer will consider the question of renovation. They will ask themselves about the advantages of undertaking work to reduce their energy bill. Ten years ago, when buying, the prospective buyer would take a strong interest in the interior design, the state of the windows and of the roof.

Today, mentalities have changed. Mais, finalement, il ne sait pas très bien par où commencer et où placer les priorités. Hence the interest in soliciting the aid of a professional to quickly estimate the work needed and the budget to be set aside for it.

They will suspect that the roof will not be insulated and that the boiler will not be very efficient. But, at the end of the day, they will not really know where to start and how to prioritise. For instance, before doing anything else, it is necessary to tackle any possible humidity problems.

I usually advise a renovation in two stages, so as to ensure optimal tax advantages. Then you will want to think about replacing the oil tank with a heat pump connected to solar panels and an electric water heater for a little extra help. Not forgetting electrical compliance testing, which, thankfully, is not an expensive element. Then comes the loft conversion and redecorating, including the installation of a modern bathroom and kitchen.

Building works frighten home owners concede the estate agents. Those undertaking renovation works are, moreover, increasingly seeking help in this important project. They offer a tailor-made service and propose the coordination of the building works from A to Z. The brokers support and advise the client both on an administrative level building permit, environmental permit, grants and with the tasks of requesting estimates, choosing contractors, selecting materials, overseeing the site, or controlling the budget — a service which is increasingly appreciated.

That is why it is important to plan everything in advance and leave nothing to chance. The key word? Look ahead… in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Elles offrent un service sur mesure et proposent la coordination du chantier de A à Z. Le maître-mot? Il y a également la possibilité de louer des appartements meublés. En clair, ils devront recourir à des assurances privées pour pouvoir se faire soigner chez nous. With a vieW to saving money, the Federal government is WithdraWing state health insurance rights For certain diplomatic missions in Belgium, Who Will noW have to take out private insurance policies.

La mesure est déjà en vigueur depuis le 1er septembre pour les nouveaux arrivants. Mais pas à tout le monde. In the middle of August, they received a letter from the Federal Foreign Affairs administration which came as something of a surprise. Indeed, the letter explains that, within the context of budgetary restrictions, a part of the diplomatic corps, including Embassy staff, will no longer be able to voluntarily subscribe to the Belgian health care system through the mutual insurance scheme.

This measure is already in effect since the 1 September for newcomers. It will apply to those already established here from 1 January But not to everyone. This will not change in the future. On the other hand, for all other countries — all those that have an identity card issued by the protocol department of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs — the new rules will apply. Certain countries have already opted for cover through private insurances and are therefore no longer concerned.

Not a negligeable amount these days. According to certain observers, the measure was being considered for some time. Apart from the financial saving, it is also said to be motivated by abusive use of the system — particularly with regard to dental care — given the generosity of our social security.

And by the fact that someone who has only been contributing for a couple of years, but who has full access to Belgian healthcare surgery, childbirth,… is a heavy burden on the system. Nowadays we cannot afford to be as generous, explains the Foreign Affairs office.

All the more so because there is no reciprocity for our own diplomats. In particular, as the deadline is short, that we will see new insurance products appear on the market which, although cheap, are not necessarily well adapted to the needs of diplomatic missions. Whether simply to offer yourself a Wonderful holiday break, or to start the year off in style, there is nothing better that a delicious stay in the most beautiful.

A majestic roof-top pool and luxury spa: the Barcelona Mandarin Oriental, situated in the very popular Passeig de Gràcia, proposes 8 treatment rooms, a herb-scented sauna, and an up-to-the-minute fitness room.

The rooms, by Patricia Urquiola, one of the most fashionable Spanish designers, have a classic-contemporary style that is both zen and relaxing.

Que ce soit pour s'offrir du bon temps pendant les fêtes ou pour amorcer l'année. Une majestueuse piscine sur le toit, un spa de luxe: le Mandarin Oriental Barcelone, situé dans le très couru Passeig de Gràcia, propose 8 salles de traitement, un sauna aromatisé aux herbes, et une salle de sport à la fine pointe. Les chambres, signées Patricia Urquiola, l'une des designers espagnoles les plus en vogue, affichent un style contemporain-classique zen et reposant.

The spa of the Cheval Blanc Hotel in Courchevel invites you on a real sensory voyage, with a range of massages and treatments by Guerlain, conceived especially for the winter sports. Thus, in the Orchid room, you can treat yourself to a High Altitude hand treatment, an après-ski ritual for tired feet, a sensory shower that relaxes and distracts.

All this in a sumptuous hotel at the heart of a legendary ski resort. Ainsi, dans le Salon Orchidée, se prodiguent des soins des mains Haute Altitude, un rituel après-ski pour pieds malmenés, une Douche Expérientielle aux pouvoirs délassants et distrayants.

Further information at www. IN the CzeCh RePublIC With its fantastic view over a city that is unforgettable, both for its history and its fairy-tale setting, the Corinthia Hotel Prague proposes a wellness package that will even leave your wallet feeling relaxed.

Low prices, yes, but the luxury and Slavic welcome and presentation will make your stay unforgettable. Avec sa vue imprenable sur une ville inoubliable pour son histoire et ses décors de contes de fées, le Corinthia Hotel Prague vous propose un séjour bien-être qui vous laissera également détendu du côté du portefeuille.

Petit prix, certes, mais luxe, accueil et prestance slaves rendront vos vacances inoubliables. Reputed for both its medical spa and its luxury, this 5 star palace proposes the most innovative treatments. Réputé autant pour son spa médical que pour son luxe, ce 5 étoiles propose les soins à la pointe des dernières innovations.

Par exemple, la Leg School rend beauté et légèreté aux jambes fatiguées, l'Acoustic Wave Therapy atténue la cellulite, en plus des soins de beauté classiques, posturologie, injections d'acide hyaluronique et massages.

Mais de grâce, acceptez de vous arracher à votre confort pour vous repaître de la beauté des environs, une vue de rêve où le lac Léman prend les Alpes pour toile de fond. But we beg you, please accept to tear yourself away to bathe in the beauty of the surroundings, a dreamlike view of the Lac Leman with the Alps as a backdrop.

IN austRIa Big, deep, soft and romantic beds and a breathtaking view of the Alps - the Gasthof Post hotel is a luxuriously rustic five-star family hotel that will charm both skiers and lovers of festive enchantment. With, on hand, a spa known for its benefits: various massages, outside heated swimming pool, salt water pool with outdoor grotto, guarantee you the most deliciously relaxing stay. De larges lits profonds, moelleux et romantiques, une vue à couper le souffle sur les Alpes, l'Hôtel Gasthof Post est un 5 étoiles familial et luxueusement rustique qui ravira autant les amateurs de ski que les adeptes de fêtes enchanteresses.

Avec à la clé un spa réputé pour ses bienfaits: massages variés, piscine extérieure chauffée, bain d'eau salée avec grotte extérieure vous assurent la plus délicieuse des détentes. IN belGIuM A xvth century palace of the Ducs de Bourgogne situated in the historic centre of Bruges, offers an immersion in festive history with the train rides around kentucky of treasures of beauty care know-how.

And, after letting yourself be spoilt in the spa, why not make the magic last by staying the night in one of the two splendid historic suites of this hotel belonging to the Splendia chain.

Un palais des Ducs de Bourgogne datant du xve siècle, qui trône dans le centre historique de Bruges, voilà une immersion dans l'histoire du faste qui promet des trésors de savoir-faire en termes de soins de beauté. Et, après s'être fait dorloter au spa, pourquoi ne pas ensuite faire durer la magie en s'offrant une nuit dans l'une des deux splendides suites historiques de cet hôtel inscrit dans le réseau Splendia.

IN the uK A little British composure in an elegant xvth century manor house, just right to put yourself in the mood to appreciate the multiple benefits of a charming stay. Indoor pool with a softly lit halo of blue, prestigious hammam, sauna, external jacuzzi and masseurs with magic fingers have Gloucestershire for their setting.

Un peu de flegme britannique dans un élégant manoir du xve siècle, voilà de quoi se mettre en condition pour apprécier les multiples bienfaits d'un séjour de charme. Piscine intérieure nimbée de bleu et de lumière douce, hammam prestigieux, sauna, jacuzzi extérieur et masseurs aux doigts de fées prennent le Gloucestershire pour écrin.

Rummage, recycle, decorate! More than just another trend aMongst so Many others, the recycling of old objects and furniture falls perfectly in line with the ethic of sustainable developMent. On Sunday mornings, this typical small corner of the Capital fills up with the accents of our French and Dutch neighbours come to look for some good bargains. You will increase your chances of finding that rare piece by coming during the week. The vintage shops that line the rue Blaes and the rue Haute are a real temptation for vintage fans.

Vous multiplierez vos chances de trouver la pièce rare en venant en semaine. Ne manquez pas de vous aventurer dans les ruelles adjacentes à la Place du jeu de balle. Les boutiques vintage qui bordent la rue Blaes et la rue Haute sont une véritable tentation pour les mordus de vintage.

Des meubles scandinaves, belges, français, italiens, américains, côtoient de jolies céramiques ou des lampes en plastique psychédéliques. Scandinavian, Belgian, French, Italian and American furniture is exposed alongside attractive ceramics or psychedelic plastic lights.

Lutter contre le gaspillage, poser un geste social tout en faisant du shopping et en se faisant plaisir? This is what Ravik Boutik proposes. Before being put on the shelves, every item has been freshened up : the carpets and armchairs have been vigourously shampooed and furniture repaired or renovated. Here, there are not yet any workshops organised in Belgium, but a wealth of ideas to discover on the internet. Saturday 26 In an old xvth century building you will find the very gourmet Jaloa.

The restaurant has made the most of the architecture of the original site by combining it with a decidedly contemporary decor for an atmosphere that is at once elegant and cosy, and which invites intimacy. No need to browse a banal menu.

The menus are served to suit the appetite or wishes of the diners, in four, six or nine courses devoted to culinary surprises and discovery.

The key concepts chef Gaetan Colin? Authentic produce and inventive culinary combinations. Tout au bout de la place Sainte-Catherine, sur le quai aux Barques, se niche un des derniers vestiges de couvent de la Sainte-Croix. Pas la peine de chercher une quelconque carte. Ici, les plats évoluent selon les arrivages du marché.

Les maîtres-mots du chef Gaëtan Colin? Authenticité des produits et inventivité des combinaisons culinaires. Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from Le soir, une ambiance tamisée, bourrée de charme, de chaleur et de séduction invite à un tendre tête-à-tête.

Les bougies et objets chinés confèrent au lieu une atmosphère vraiment cosy. By evening, the sultry atmosphere, packed with charm, warmth and seduction is perfect for a dinner for two.

The candles and eclectic objects give the place a really cosy feel. Open from Monday to Friday, from Open on Saturday from Closed on Sunday. Serve your tartare on the plates and pour over the sauce. Sprinkle with coriander before serving. Citrus Passion with Tarragon Ingredients for two : 3 oranges - 2 sprigs of fresh tarragon - 1 passion fruit 4 tbsp. With a spoon, grate out the inside to remove the juice and the seeds. Put them in a bowl with the oil, salt and pepper. And a menu is concocted especially for lovers, with a variety of aphrodisiac spices.

On the food side, Blue Chocolate has effectively reinvented itself since the arrival of chef Patrick De Hertogh in August last year. Gone are the the minimalist portions, the not-always-successful fusion dishes…the chef proposes a generous cuisine that respects the authentic flavour of fresh produce, with a menu that changes with the seasons.

Du côté de la charmante place Saint-Job, voilà une adresse qui, avec ses briques apparentes, ses couleurs sombres et son ambiance tamisée, invite spontanément au romantisme. Finies les portions minimalistes, les fusions pas toujours maîtrisées… Le Chef propose une cuisine généreuse, qui respecte les saveurs des produits frais, avec une carte qui varie en fonction des saisons.

Dans une vieille maison située à un jet de pierre de la Grand-Place, du Sablon et des Marolles, Bleu de toi joue clairement la carte de la séduction et du romantisme depuis Rien que son nom est tout un programme… Bien logiquement, lors de la Saint-Valentin, les petits plats sont mis dans les grands.

Et un menu est concocté tout spécialement pour les amoureux, avec de nombreuses épices aphrodisiaques. Fresh flounder. Traditional Latvian smoked flounder is smoked using alder wood. If used in combination with apple tree, smoked fish will have a darker color and sweeter taste. And you will need a lot of patience as the process can take up to 8 hours. You can also use barbecue if you do not have a smoker. The actual smoking time on a barbecue will be shorter that in a smoker.

Prepare your fish for smoking: clean it, cut the head off and rinse thoroughly several times under running water. Then leave it to dry for a few hours. Once the fish is dry, hang it by the tail in the smoker or place it on the barbecue grill.

For the first hour the fish should be smoked with the doors of the smoker open or lid off, if barbecue used. During this time, the fish builds a protective coat that will keep the fat in. You can close your smoker when the fish has obtained a golden color and its tail is dry. From this moment the fish should be smoked for three to four hours, depending on your smoker. To finish the smoking process, slightly salt the fish while it is still warm and leave it to cool for several hours.

Traditional Latvian smoked flounder is best enjoyed cold with a bottle of cold Latvian beer. Dès que le poisson est sec, pendez-le par la queue dans le fumoir ou placez-le sur la grille du barbecue.

Durant la première heure du fumage, la porte du fumoir ou le couvercle du barbecue doit rester ouverte. Cette première période de cuisson donne au poisson une croûte dure qui permettra de retenir graisses et sucs.

Lorsque le poisson présente une belle couleur dorée et que la queue est sèche, fermez le fumoir ou le couvercle du barbecue et laissez ensuite encore fumer pendant trois ou quatre heures. Pour terminer le processus de fumage, salez légèrement le poisson quand il est encore chaud puis laissez refroidir avant de consommer. Ce flet fumé traditionnel se déguste avec un verre de bière blonde bien fraîche. Fumer le poisson chez soi est une coutume traditionnelle importante et populaire pour les familles qui vivent le long des km de littoral de la Lettonie.

Melt the butter in a pan. Add the finely grated dry rye bread and half of the sugar 50 gsprinkle with cinnamon and mix well.

Remove the pan from the heat and let the mixture cool. Beat the cream with 30 g of sugar and vanilla essence. In a separate bowl, mix the cranberries with 20 g of sugar. Dans une casserole, faites fondre le beurre. Ajoutez-y la mie de pain de seigle sec finement râpée, la moitié du sucre 50 gsaupoudrez de cannelle et mélangez bien le tout.

Ensuite sortez la casserole du feu et laissez refroidir le mélange. Battez la crème fraîche avec 30 g de sucre et un peu de sucre vanillé. Dans un bol séparé, mixez les cranberries avec 20 g de sucre. Dans 4 petites verrines, alternez successivement une couche du mélange de pain de seigle, une couche de cranberries, une couche de crème fraîche et répétez.

Terminez avec la crème fraîche battue et garnissez avec quelques miettes de pain de seigle sec et quelques cranberries. In four serving dishes, alternate successively a layer of the mixture of rye bread, a layer of cranberries, a layer of whipped cream and repeat.

Finish with whipped cream and decorate with a few rye bread crumbs and some cranberries. FÉLIx: Orthopedics is an area of medical specialisation that deals with the locomotive system. That includes the bones, the muscles, the tendons, the ligaments and the joints.

Quite frequently patients think that the orthopedist just takes care of feet, but the word orthopedy comes from the Greek: orthos straight and paidon childand not from podos foot. In fact, originally, this discipline consisted of correcting growth defects and childhood deformities. Today, orthopedists are all trained surgeons, with the skills required to manage trauma cases.

We are therefore qualified to care for a range of injuries, from torn muscles and ligaments to sprains and fractures. When a joint is too worn out, it is common to replace it with a prosthesis, but thankfully we have a range of treatments at our disposal to avoid reaching this stage — or at least to slow down the process. In addition, every orthopedist will have their area of expertise, like a sort of sub-specialisation.

For example, some are specialised in hip, knee, shoulder, spinal or foot surgery. NSCM: Do you operate on a lot of patients? FÉLIx: People should be reassured; surgeons do not have as their aim to operate at all costs! On the contrary, we often say that a good surgeon is one who knows when NOT to operate. Surgery is always a last resort. Orthopedic practice is based primarily on a sound knowledge of the anatomy.

Careful examination of the patient and carrying out certain relevant clinical tests can allow us to make a diagnosis, but most of the time additional tests mainly medical imaging are needed. It is only when we are certain of a diagnosis that an appropriate treatment will be prescribed. And it will rarely be surgical. NSCM: What disorders do you see most often?

FÉLIx: Back pain is one of the most frequent reasons to see an orthopedist. In this case, our job is to differentiate muscular pain from more delicate injuries such as a slipped disc.

The second most frequent reason for seeing us is knee pain and, in this case, we need to determine if the problem. NSCM: Que fait un orthopédiste? Nous sommes donc habilités à soigner diverses blessures comme les déchirures musculaires ou ligamentaires, les entorses et les fractures. NSCM: Opérez-vous beaucoup de vos patients? Au contraire, on dit souvent que le bon chirurgien est celui qui sait quand il ne faut pas opérer. Le recours à la chirurgie ne sera que la solution ultime. Et il sera rarement chirurgical.

Patients regularly come to see us for pain in the foot or various types of tendinitis or sports related injuries. The most common are obviously sprained ankles and blocked shoulders. NSCM: Are certain surgical procedures necessary?

FÉLIx: When a meniscus begins to tear, it is recommended to remove the lesion by arthroscopy before it gets any worse. This technique is very simple these days and is, in fact, carried out in a one-day clinic.

But there are other situations when surgery is probably necessary; I am thinking, in particular, of carpal tunnel syndrome, a synovial cyst or of a slipped disc putting pressure on a nerve root. NSCM: Do you also take care of children? FÉLIx: Paediatric orthopedics is a sub-specialisation and, for serious cases, I would probably refer the child to a colleague, but thankfully this situation has never arisen at NATO.

On the other hand, I often see children for walking disorders. In most cases it is the result of flat feet but occasionally I discover a scoliosis or anisomelia leg length discrepancy. In general, the treatment will be conservative orthopedic insoles or physiotherapy and will have a greater chance of being effective if it is started at an early age.

NSCM: What message would you like to communicate? You should not hesitate to consult a doctor before possible lesions become more serious or even irreversible. Unfortunately, we often see patients who have waited too long or who have avis optimizette prise de poids several alternative treatments before having been diagnosed.

Botox sprinkles 90s

As a general rule, prevention is better than cure! NSCM: Quelles sont les troubles les plus fréquents? Des patients consultent régulièrement pour des douleurs plantaires ou pour diverses tendinites ou blessures liées au sport.

NSCM: Certaines opérations sont-elles nécessaires? En revanche, je vois souvent des enfants pour des défauts de la marche. NSCM: Quel message voudriez-vous faire passer?

Il ne faut pas hésiter à consulter un médecin avant que les éventuelles lésions ne deviennent plus graves ou même irréversibles. De manière générale, il vaut mieux prévenir que guérir! NSCM: Could you tell us about the club, its history and its structure?

To start with, certain members of the US Delegation found out that the SHAPE bowling alley was being renovated, and immediately asked if they could have the old bowling lanes in order to install them in the NATO Staff Centre which was then being built.

These are the lanes that are still being used today. The Bowling Section was subsequently opened up, on a reciprocal basis, to outside teams Sabena, Sabca, Eurocontrol, etcsome of which are still there today. The club now has 80 members in two leagues, one for men only and the other mixed. Each consists of eight teams. NSCM: How are the competitions and matches organized? What is the atmosphere like in the club? In the beginning, the bowling alley was used mainly by NATO delegations for internal competitions and socializing.

Since then, there has been a mix of nationalities. Each competitor plays three games per evening, and in the mixed league, at least one man and one woman must play. The season starts at the beginning of September and ends in May. It includes eight series of four evenings, during which each team plays all the others in turn and then takes part in a position night on the basis of its ranking.

NSCM: Are there bowling lessons for people who have never played before? At the moment, there are plateforme vibrante bien pour maigrir lessons given officially or on a payment basis: newbies train as they go along, with friendly tips from more experienced members: players are always ready to help learners while they play.

NSCM: Can you give us a good reason to join the club? Are there any special activities apart from the bowling itself, such as outings, postmatch drinks, etc? Bowling requires a great deal of skill, just like darts, billiards or pétanque.

But it is also a real sport: the bowling balls weigh between ten and sixteen pounds! NSCM: Pouvez-vous présenter le club, son histoire, sa structure? Ces pistes y sont toujours actuellement. Le bowling a été inauguré par le secrétaire général en place à ce moment là, M.

Joseph Luns. Le 1er président de la section était Paul Moncaster UK. Le club compte actuellement 80 membres répartis en deux ligues, une masculine et une mixte, de huit équipes chacune. NSCM: Comment se déroulent les compétitions et les matchs? Depuis, les nationalités se sont mélangées. Chaque compétiteur joue trois parties par soirée, et en mixte, il faut aligner au moins un homme et une femme. Les joueurs sont toujours prêts à rendre service pour un apprentissage en cours de jeu.

Competition nights, which are very cosmopolitan, are also an opportunity to meet lots of people, not only from the HQ, delegations and missions, but also from outside. And after all the effort, of course, comes a quantum of solace with a well-deserved drink and the chance to get to know each other better in a friendly atmosphere, regardless of our jobs or grades. NSCM: How much does it cost? The sums collected are used to pay the NATO Staff Centre for the games played and for a buffet dinner and dance offered at the Staff Centre at the end of the season.

This is a very enjoyable event where all the players are rewarded for their final rating. Paradoxically, the best players bowl the fewest balls! A real sport for layabouts NSCM: How do you join the club? Is there a minimum age? NATO passholders need only sign up with a Committee member and choose a team which needs players.

The minimum age is NSCM: Pouvez-vous citer une bonne raison de joindre le club? Y a-t-il des activités spéciales en dehors de la piste de bowling sorties? Mais elle est malgré tout très sportive : les boules pèsent de 5 à 8 kilos!

NSCM: Combien coûte la cotisation? Autrement dit, en faisant un score de le maximumvous jetez 12 boules! Si vous ne faites aucun spare ni strike, vous en jetez 20!

Y a-t-il un âge minimum? AYouth is A stAte of mind. Contradictory, the latest anti-aging advice? No, complementary. Ultra regenerating.

And a recent study points out that sleeping badly accelerates the aging of the skin. Siestas and lie-ins at will, please! On the stress side, the gerontologist Suresh Rattan turns common beliefs on their head: according to him, stress helps prevent aging.

In short, you must both get enough sleep and stay active. Fulfilled eighty year olds confirm this: the secret of vitality is in activity, passion, discovery, intellectual curiosity. Taking care of appearances Holding yourself upright gives a certain elegance, decompresses the organs and tones the body. Walk briskly, wear sunglasses helps prevent wrinkles. Contradictoires, les nouveaux conseils anti-âge? Ultra régénérant. Et une étude récente signale que le fait de mal dormir accélère le vieillissement de la peau.

Siestes et grasses matinées à volonté, SVP! En résumé, il faut dormir assez et rester actif. In Florida, you can have yourself injected with your own blood mixed with hyaluronic acid, under the skin of the face. Kim Kardashian boasts its virtues on Instagram. Sensitive souls should abstain.

It is ultra trendy in South Korea to have the corners of the mouth cut and lifted upwards in a perpetual smile. In Europe, it has been in vogue for 3 years now to have a hand lift.

In Japan, they have the lines on the palm of the hand corrected… to redirect their destiny. These good habits can be effortlessly picked up. Just a small gesture and you can offer yourself a natural facelift as a bonus. Facial yoga is easy. A few exercises to check out on YouTube those by Annelise Hagen are all the ragecan resculpt the facial muscles. No time? A little massage while applying your anti rides naturel rgo adulte cream — yes, yes gentlemen, you too!

Inresearchers reprogrammed the cells of people in their hundredth year. A technique that has not yet been perfected. The tendency at the moment is to try and gain 10 years by injecting yourself with your own stem cells, to fill in the volume lost with your own cellular tissue. Like tapping into the fatty tissue in the thighs to remodel mature hands.

Another emerging demand: filling in bags under the eyes using hyaluronic acid injections.

Be careful though as the result will depend very much on the skill of the practitioner. Nothing to inject, an instant effect and lasts for 3 to 4 months. They will have to be patient, the brand has only just found investors to launch production. Launched a few years ago by Caudalie, vinotherapy is all the rage at the moment. It is based on the anti-age and toning qualities of the grape vine and grapes marc, mout, pulp, pips which are rich in polyphenols.

You would rather rent out rides sous les yeux bleu wiki private spa — like the Oxygen House in Berg near Brussels — with a group of friends to enjoy a return to adolescence?

Go ahead and do it. The sociologue, Sebastien Dalgalarrondo, aging specialist for the Iris laboratories, has discovered the secret of eternal youth: enjoy life, have fun and flaunt the rules. Ces bonnes habitudes se prennent sans effort. Pas le temps? Ou promettent des miracles. Endes chercheurs ont reprogrammé des cellules de personnes centenaires. Une technique pas encore tout à fait parfaite.

La tendance actuelle est donc de gagner 10 ans en se faisant injecter ses propres cellules souches, de remplir les volumes perdus avec ses propres tissus. Comme puiser dans la graisse des cuisses pour remodeler les mains matures. Attention, le résultat dépend vraiment de la dextérité du médecin.

Aucun médicament injecté, effets instantanés et durabilité de 3 à 4 mois. Patience, la marque vient seulement de trouver les investisseurs en vue de la production. Lancée il y a quelques années par Caudalie, la vinothérapie est une grande tendance du moment. Ne vous en privez surtout pas. Chocolatiers have mastered the truffle, diamond cutters have mastered the marquise style, and Gosselin has mastered the art of moving. Simple accommodation, good if you only need a bed and shower.

The host was very friendly and invited me to his cafe next door. The location is good and near plenty of convenience stores, bars, and restaurants. I didn't have time to check out the cafe but it looked cool from the outside.

The place was great. It was small, but had everything we needed for the night. The host was very nice and waited for us to arrive even when we were very very late. The board in the room with the wifi information wasn't correct, but that was alright with me.

I would stay here again :. A nice house with all the basics. And We got really good prices for the rooms and even if we had paid full price I would have been as happy. Rooms are clean and comes with all the toiletries and standard accessories any good hotel should have. Stayed for two weeks at Mari's place. Had wonderful time. Mari was very helpful, informative and prompt with replies. House is always clean and the location is very close to Gangnam.

Easy access to public transport from her place and taxis everywhere so had no problem travelling around. Highly recommended. Mari's place is a stone's throw away from Gangnam.

I stayed here for a week and found it extremely convenient. Paris Baguette, Holly's Coffee, other cafes and a lot of good restaurants across the street within mins walk. On the same side of the street, there's Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks just further down from the nearest bus stop. There is no train stations nearby but by bus, just 3 stops away is the nearest station, Yangjae Station takes about mins which is only one stop away from Gangnam Station.

Yangjae city area also has many cafes, shops and restaurants. Most of the buses goes to Yangjae Station. There are also buses that goes to Gangnam area, Apgujeong, Mapo and Myeongdong, although commuting by bus would take longer to arrive. Therefore i recommend taking the bus to the nearest station and taking the train instead.

Mari's place is comfortable and it feels like home to me. The interior is amazing and the toilet is extremely clean. Didn't see any aircond or fan around but I stay during the winter it was alright.

Breakfast - cornflakes milk coffee tea eggs provided. Instant noodles provided. Cooking is allowed. Mari also cooked and we ate together during my stay. The host is extremely friendly and there were no communication issues. Check in was convenient, self check in by keying in the password on the door lock. Only downside is that its on the second floor by stairs would recommend that you do not have too heavy luggages or it could be a little convenient to move it up and down.

Exceptional but affordable. Bus stop is a step away from the apartment to Gangnam station bus number 09 and not long to get there. Also subway is 1. Pocket wifi was provided and was extremely helpful as I got lost several times lol so it saved me won traveler SIM card. Milk, cereals,eggs,coffee,tea,apples and biscuits were provided free of charge. Bed was comfortable and many towels for guest use smell so good.

Go for it. Host was so kind and very helpful. Perfect location for exploring Seoul. The flat itself was very spacious but super cozy with modern decor and style : Everything we needed was just there and many places to eat in the underground! What I really liked was the stunning night view and great host tho! Definitely worth experiencing this space!! The host was very friendly and when i asked to amend the dates to check outthe host replied very fast.

Would recommend this place!! This place had everything I needed: a fridge, a little kitchen with dishes, a fridge and microwave, a good table with a mirror for getting ready in the morning, good outlets and good lighting. The building is a little old, but the location is really nice. Overall I was pleased with the room, the accomodation and communication with the host. One thing I would recommend that would have improved my stay was if the curtain in the room was changed out to fit winter weather conditions.

Although the owner parks their car close to the window which gives privacy and security, the current room curtain is transparent and really thin so if you're a traveler who's sensitive to privacy, I reco you contact the host about this before you book.

But other than that, the room is well equipped with all living necessities and the host is mindful of your privacy and makes their best effort to respect your style of communication whether you're a low key traveler or a more social type. Fantastic place in a quiet, upscale area in Gangnam. Sean had everything you could possibly need already there for you.

I will definitely be back. This place is exactly as lovely as the pictures make it look, and clean and well-stocked as well. Try again! Overall, I give this place 5 stars. Will definitely book again! The location is great and the environment is really quiet. The studio is clean, cozy and with beautiful designs!!! Cindy provides travelers with a great location that is clean and easily accessible. Communication was spot as she was quick to respond to inquiries.

Above all, the place has excellent location in one of the most expensive sites called Gangnam. After a fantastic dinner, the host provide walking tour in a tremendous amount of fine dusty weather conditions just for a little desert. You can sleep in the bottom of the floor with only one single blanket which you might never can take for your warm night.

But the significance of this place is you can lay down side by side having unexpected skinship you have never experienced before! For all this options equipped, no tax are included. If anyone whose looking for unexpected fire spitting addictive experiences, this is it. Book now! We enjoyed our stay so much! The place is in a great location for the airport bus and close to the subway. Would totally stay again! This is a great place to stay. It felt like a hotel to be honest, fresh towels, free coffee, cookies, instant noodles, and water.

MJ was an amazing host and I would highly recommend anyone to book this place. Would definitely consider staying here again. This place is a good choice for you if you are looking for a stay in Gangnam area. The host was really nice. You will get a bed in the room inside the big house with full of facilities.

I really had a good stay here. Nous sommes désolés, mais certaines parties du site web Airbnb ne fonctionnent pas correctement sans l'activation de JavaScript. Trouver des logements à Gangnam-gu sur Airbnb. Découvrez des logements entiers et des chambres privées, parfaitement adaptés à tout type de voyage. South Korea. Locations de vacances à Gangnam-gu. Hébergements dans Gangnam-gu. We can offer additiinal service what you want as like wine party or guide of travelling, car service with same as taxi fee if schedule is matched.

Big size of room and bed. Also have hanger for your clothes and small tea table.

Phobie de prendre du poids homme

We can have cooking class as like Korea traditional food kimchi, bulgogi, jabchae, cgigae Sharing 1 room and you can meet active puddle, Kevin. Big size of room and king size of bed sharing kitchen and bathroom. You can enjoy fun of night near Gangnam and healing at mountains and forest park near home. You can discuss with us what you want to do anything here!

We can recommend suitable option or help you. You can have Korea traditional food as like Bibimbab, Bulgogi with wine if you want. Expence is drpands on kind of food and wine. The rooftop room connected to the penthouse. Private bathroom is in the room. It is very air conditioned and well ventilated. There is a garden on the rooftop and a table where you can watch the sunset and enjoy a very romantic evening in the city.

Keeseok TZ Super clean! Mark Rodel TZ Simply the best! Type de logement Logement entier Type de propriété Appartement en résidence Capacité d'accueil 3 Chambres 1. Walk to DoGok Station subway line No. There is security guard at the entrance so, very safe! It is on high floor so very nice view. Cozy and private APT. I would stay here again : Pamela TZ. Tony TZ. This is an automated posting. Tout afficher. Fabrication d'accessoires en argent. Apprenez à jouer du gayageum en un jour! Créez une plaque incrustée de nacre.

Create a BTS inspired abstract painting. Afternoon Tour including Bukchon Village. Logements populaires. Hello, I am looking for a housemate and I'm a Korean.