Fair rides funny

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Fair rides funny

Going to be a great event! The time has come - our first concert announcement! Winterfest has never been so sweet! Join us on Saturday, November 30 for the bonfire and s'mores table! It's not a party until it's a pony party! Dream Katchr brings the ponies and the party each day from open until close! Christmas is coming. Santa is, too, and we hear he's bring some fleet-footed friends from back home!

Sure, they look big in the air, but how big is a hot air balloon? Come see for yourself with our daily Balloon Walkabout! Explore these gorgeous floaters from the inside out at Winterfest! We're counting down to Winterfest!

We've got a whole weekend of activities for the family. We'll be posting details for the event in the next few regime des fleurs discount code - stay tuned! Congratulations Todd Boltin on another great win. We Thank you for your support! Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Aide accessibilité. Living at Eric's ranch was an experience I would recommend to everyone. The surroundings are beautiful, the house is located in the middle of woodlands filled with wildlife, and swimming in the nearby lake on hot days wasn't too bad either.

The rooms are welcoming and nicely decorated, and all equipped with Netflix and Hulu which you will need to binge-watch all of the ten seasons of Friends. During my experience there, I have met people who will leave their mark on me for life and I know that I will never forget these 3 months spent there, a bit out of time.

Eric is an incredible host, flexible, available, funny sometimes. He is also caring and you will soon feel part of the family. You won't find another one like that, this one is a real gem : Leaving was heart breaking. If you're still not sure about this Go for it. There's nothing in the world I would recommend more. We had the pleasure of hosting Noemi for 3 months. She has a great work ethic and a great attitude. She loves horses and really worked hard with 2 of them while she was here.

With her kindness, patience and horsemanship skills she was able to take Tonto and Outlaw from wild to mild. Noemi is a team player and fit in well with all the other … read more workawayers. Laissé par le workawayer Noemi pour l'hôte. You are surrounded by wildlife and if you drink your cup of tea in the morning maybe you see a deer in front of the kitchen window. On hot days we got the chance to … read more take a swim in our own lake which is pretty cool.

Also the people there are so lovely and great. Everybody gets a warm and friendly welcome. I met a lot of other girls and boys from all over the world and made some really good friends. Also the local ones are amazing. They made me feel like part of the family from day one.

I met a lot of people which I will remember my whole life and I felt very comfortable around them. It really feels like my own American family and I really hope to see them all again one day! They are all very gentle and friendly. We had the chance to ride the horses every day and it was a lot of fun. On our days off we had the chance to explore the cities nearby like Nashville which was impressive. Leaving was heartbreaking and I cried my eyes out.

It felt like leaving home for the second time. I would recommend a stay with Eric to everyone. But as I can say just go for it and try something new. You would miss out on a great experience and regret it. A really big thank you to Eric and all the other people who made this time unforgettable. I miss you every day and will hopefully come back soon! We were lucky to get Camille to help us for about six weeks. She was a great member of our team and everyone liked her a lot. If you are looking for a good strong horse rider then Camille would be a great choice.

I was really impressed by her ability to work with horses. Laissé par le workawayer Dupont pour l'hôte. I stayed 6 weeks at Eric's ranch and it's safe to say I had an amazing time. I met a lot of very great people from all over the world as well as locals that made me feel part of a family really quickly. The workaways all live at Eric's ranch which is pretty comfortable, with a big propriety including a lake in which you can take a swim when you're eviter les rides en dormant islam read more too hot!

The work is quite simple : grooming, feeding and riding horses all day long, the only problem you can encounter is the heat. The horses are all very well behaved and it's really fun to work with them!

We also have three days off a week which allow you to travel around and have some fun with the other workaway. To sum up, it was one of the funniest, coolest, greatest experience of my life and I really recommend it to anyone who knows how to ride a horse.

Thanks again for everything Eric!! Bryony was an amazing workawayer. She went beyond what was needed to make sure every job was done. She has a great personality and fit right in with the rest of the team.

We wished she could have stayed longer than a month and would love for her to return one day. Laissé par le workawayer Bryony pour l'hôte. This was my first workaway experience and I couldn't recommend it enough!

Eric, Joan and all the local volunteers are extremely welcoming and warm, not to mention the other workawayers that I was lucky enough to spend the month with. My only regret is that I only stayed for one month. I would recommend two or three months, but then it would have … read more been even more difficult to leave at the end.

Saying goodbye to everyone was tough, as they really made me feel part of the gang for that short time and getting to know them was a privilege. All the horses at the ranch are lovely and gentle. The work doesn't really feel like work when you get to spend all day around them. The living situation is perfect, in a really beautiful part of the world and having Netflix and Hulu in every room isn't too bad either! I can't really put into words how great of an experience it was- just go and do it.

Thanks Eric and everybody for an amazing month! It was great hosting Emma at our ranch.

Fair rides funny

She has a great sense of humor and is fun to be around. She fit in with the rest of the team perfectly and took to her work duties quickly and with a good attitude.

Laissé par le workawayer Emma pour l'hôte. This was my first workaway experience and I had an amazing time! I got to live and work with other workawayers from all around Europe who I made great friends with as they were so friendly and welcoming.

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Initially it can be a little overwhelming but everyone mincir facilement hypnocament me feel comfortable very quick. The ranch is beautiful and full of wildlife. I caught … read more my first fish on the lake beside the ranch! Working on the ranch was great fun and I got to do a lot of horse riding. It was a great experience to learn how to ride Western, something I had never done before.

Eric was a great host, he has a great sense of humour and can take a joke thankfully! Overall it was an amazing opportunity and a great experience. Anyone who is considering doing a workaway with Eric I would definitly recommend that you do it :.

Sina was liste aliments pour prendre du poids pleasure to host.

She is a hard worker and handles all tasks with professionalism. She is a very optimistic person, is always smiling and bringing joy to those around her. Laissé par le workawayer Sina pour l'hôte. Eric is such a great person and I have also met very nice people from all over the world!!! I staid in a house with four other volunteers and that was fantastic. The most of the work is feeding, watering, grooming and riding the horses. The work is not too hard and it is a lot of fun never … read more boring but sometimes it is getting really hot.

We had three days off per week so we were able to do many things. Thank you so much! Eva might be young but she is very mature and professional. She takes pride in her work and always takes the initiative to do things that need to be done. It … read more was great having you and hope we get to see you again. Laissé par le workawayer Eva pour l'hôte. Eric and Joan are amazing hosts, who make you feel at home straight away. Eric has the loveliest horses that make the work simple.

I stayed for roughly 2 months, which was enough time to get way too attached to the horses and the other volunteers. There are many local volunteers that are … read more there all year round who can show you the ropes. I had a lovely time chatting to them about the differences between western and English riding. A lot of new horses arrived while I was there so you can help train them and get them ready. The work consists of feeding, grooming, saddling the horses, and taking out customers on trail rides.

The rides vary between 30 minutes and 2 hours but are quite easy to learn, when we had time the other volunteers would take me on the trails to make sure I knew them.

There is nothing better than those lovely landscapes at sunset. Eric will always make sure that you get a couple days of per week. Caroline is a positive person with a great attitude. I never heard her complain and she strives to do her work in a professional manner. It was a great 3 month experience and we look forward to her returning next he rose anti ride yeux. Laissé par le workawayer Caroline pour l'hôte.

I spent almost three months volunteering at Eric's ranch and could not have wished for a better experience. I made lifelong friends with the other volunteers and was treated like part of the family from the day I arrived to the day I left.

I also loved getting to know some of the local volunteers. I helped care for over 30 horses grooming, … read more feeding, tacking up, etc and could ride as much as I wanted.

Eric's horses are some of the sweetest and most well-behaved horses I have ever been around and are all very well taken care of. I lived at Eric's ranch as well as his girlfriend Joan's house for part of my stay and both were much more than I had expected for accommodation.

They are both excellent hosts. Memphis is an awesome city that is rich in American history and culture. I used my days off to explore other places such as New Orleans, Nashville, Mississippi, and Arkansas. There was always something to do. I highly recommend this Workaway for anyone wanting to gain horse experience and explore the American south. Thank you Eric, Joan, and Sam for making my stay so memorable -- give Sofia and Domino some love from me and I hope to see you all again very soon!!

Linnea fit right in with our ranch family of volunteers. She was always eager to learn new skills with the horses and always had a great attitude.

Laissé par le workawayer Linnea pour l'hôte. I traveled alone for the first time and was very nervous but Eric and the other volunteers made me feel at home. I had time to settle before my first work day which was awsome. I then moved to Joans which was fantastic as well! The days consists of bringing in horses, feeding, grooming, tacking, taking care of customers and ride with them.

If we had time during the day we would also go for a ride without the customers. Here I got to experience western culture, learn about western tack and riding, be around other experienced horse people, see some of the south and improve my English.

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Eric, Joan, Sam and Andie are awsome. I've done a few workaways before but working with Eric was the best, if you love hanging out with horses then this is a fantastic opportunity. The work is very reasonable and being able to explore the beautiful trails with the customers and other guides is awesome. Everyone at the ranch is so helpful and kind and although it takes a little … read more travelling to get to the stables, the accommodation is very comfortable with acres of land to explore of hours of Netflix to chill out to.

Trips into Memphis can take a little organising but it's well worth having a look around and taking Eric's recommendations. If you come ready to make the most of the amazing places and peoples and animals then you're sure to have a great time. Daniel was a great volunteer. He always took initiative and went beyond what was required with his duties whether it was at the stables or at the house. He always had the best attitude and the customers enjoyed him as their guide.

Best of all Daniel became family. He is smart and has a great sense of humor. From the moment he stepped off the … read more plane he immersed himself into our culture.

We will see you again down the trail Daniel. Laissé par le workawayer Daniel pour l'hôte. This was my first workaway experience, and it couldn't have been better. I stayed for roughly two months, which felt too short as time flies by.

Eric and Joan are both lovely people. I felt welcomed from the very start. They were very keen on sharing both riding skills and horse knowledge. Everyone at the stables were friendly and helpful. The horses at the stables are lovely, and all have different personalites. There is definitely a horse for everyone! The work consisisted of feeding, grooming, saddling the horses, and taking out customers on horseback trails.

I came into the daily routines quickly. During this workaway, I also got cultural and historical experiences, which I appreciated. At the end of these two months it felt like I was part of the family. Eric and Joan opened up their home and hearts and made me feel part of their family.

I'm already missing the horses, Eric, Joan, and everyone at the stables! Pierre is a great horseman and was a huge help at the stables during his 2 month stay with us. As a trail guide he is a very quick and alert at taking care of any problem that started. He is always willing to do whatever is asked of him. He was also a big help at taking care of the animals at the ranch house. Thank you Pierre for your help and … read more you are welcome back anytime. My two months with Eric and Joan was amazing.

I really met friendly people during my all trip in Memphis and I hope I could be back at this place one day. The work consists to feed, brush and saddle horses. But the most part of your time, you are a guide for customers. The stables and trails are so great, and horses are gorgeous. During my days off, I could visit all interesting place of Memphis and I had never time to bore.

Furthermore, Eric has always good tip for you. I also met amazing people and created great friendships during my trip. Thank you for all Eric. I miss you all so much.

We found Louise to be the type of person that is always positive and in a good mood. Everyone she meets instantly likes her. She is an early riser that's always eager to get the day going. We saw early on that she has a lot of leadership skills rather it was at the ranch house working with new workaway volunteers or at the stables helping them to … read more learn our systems. I felt very comfortable leaving her in charge at the stables when I couldn't be there, knowing that she was going to make sure the horses and the customers were going to be taken care of.

Thanks for coming Louise, you went above and beyond what was expected. Laissé par le workawayer Louise pour l'hôte. I spend more than two months with Eric and Joan and this was one of the best time I had! I worked at the stables four days a week and take care of more than 30 lovely horses. I fed, brushed, prepared the horses and then I was ready to saddle up and take guests on trail rides! It was a lot of work but it sure was a lot of fun as well. At the end … read more of the day I was sometimes exhausted but always happy of my day!

Each horse was special and I will miss them a lot, specially Merri and Cindy. I wish I could bring you home with me! During my days off, there was no time to get bored! I used to relax in my room, take a walk in Eric's gorgeous property or explore around Memphis and even beyond! Eric, I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and all the things I've learned.

I felt at home from the very beginning and my time here went by way too fast! Eric and Joan are wonderful people that I will miss a lot! During this workaway I had the opportunity to meet a lot of fantastic people. Sam, Lauren, Melissa, Pierre, Melissa is everything you could want in a workaway volunteer.

Her work ethic is great but more importantly, she is very sociable, smart, talented, funny and everyone from the staff to the guests loved her. She even had guests come back to ride repeatedly and request her as a guide. Back home at her university she is in the final year of studying … read more Osteopathy which she was able to practice on our horses while working here and the horses benefited tremendously from it.

Thank you so much for coming Melissa and we look forward to seeing you again next year. Laissé par le workawayer Mélissa pour l'hôte. I had an amazing time with Eric and Joan! I spent one month with them, and it was way too short, gone too fast! The work is so great. You basicaly have to prepare horses for guests, and then going on trail rides with them.

But there's so many other things to do there.