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Uber has been testing prototype Volvo cars pictured for more than a year, with safety drivers in the front seat to intervene if the self-driving system fails, in Tempe, Arizona and Pittsburgh.

Still, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has indicated some willingness to make his company more closely aligned with public transportation services.

At the Goldman Sachs technology conference last week, Khosrowshahi said Uber could become marketplace for other transportation companies, similar to how Amazon is an e-commerce marketplace for small and large businesses. Uber also has its sights on further disrupting the taxi industry by putting self-driving cabs on the road perdre du ventre homme gainage utilité Khosrowshahi said that soon customers will have the option to ride with a normal Uber driver or with one of its automated cars.

Uber has tested its autonomous vehicles on public roads as part of a number of US pilot projects, including Pittsburgh, Tempe, Phoenix and San Francisco. While Uber hasn't said where the self-driving service will launch, it is likely to be in one of the cities that has trailed the service.

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I don't feel like this job is really worth it. Something is better than nothing, but yeah I feel I'm better off getting a real job. The only upside is that you supposedly make more money during the night time, and so far zero tips so I'm gonna give it a shot tonight and hope I make a lot more money in the hot spots.

My first ride they didn't even charge the people so they got a free ride. I feel like uber keeps more of dietetique navet japonais money than they say they do. I emailed them about this and they said they will process the payment the next day, and today I still see it was a free ride.

So yup. Make your own hours, Kiss butt and maybe get tips, take breaks whenever you want. Barely getting paid, not really worth it, smelly people, people messing up your car, nobody tips, traffic, sometimes awkwardly quiet ridres. Worst job in the world This company is a scam. They make it very difficult for the drivers to make any money with all the fees the charge. They hate to even credit you for a 5. They suck and are crooks. Now they have drivers assaulting women. Trying to even get in touch with them is impossible.

I would not recommend them to anyone. Not enough money for drivers. Good for riders and company only. Trips total is not what you will get paid plus end of of the year you have to pay taxes too. Not a good company to work for.

Referring anyone not at all. I did 2 time but only once I got paid. First of all you are not an employee. You a contractor. You have no benefits.

They expect you to bear all such benefits and maintenance cost from the meagre percentage they pay you.

They undercut drivers in order to compete and drivers will earn next to nothing after maintenance cost. They also are extremely arrogant and very rude people. They will never contact you by phone to solve any problems and you will never be able to speak to anyone by phone if you need driver support or any questions.

It is also not a good contract because they terminate you based on statistics alone without any notice and without any input from you as a driver. Such a relationship is onesided as such an agreement is squed to mostly their benefit. With such an uncertainty with regards to a continuous and regular income I would never recommend this Comany Uber to anyone.

Work your own schedule, drive almost anywhere you want. Bad management. I have been driving for a year now mostly in the Bay Area of Northern California. I found that most of the passengers are great and keep me doing this. What I don't like is Uber management and lack of concern for their drivers. We are treated like second class citizens. Getting a hold of Uber for help is only done by email and can take a long time for a response.

Email responses are cut and paste answers. Navigation is done by air miles when notified of a call but the road miles will always be longer where it doesn't make sense to take the call. Every time I work in a hilly area I get an email the next day telling I am turning down too many calls and threatened to be deactivated.

I would like the CEO or any managers to drive for a month and to see how it really is!! We are constantly being threatened of subtly reminders that we can be deactivated. No immediate help is available. Rates are lowered with no warning and if you want to make good money you have to work late at night on weekends.

Uber will change auto requirements with no warning. Many a driver had been left holding a car that he has to pay for that management decided for no good reason it is not good enough for their business. I am talking about cars like a Lincoln Town Car. It is good for working when you want and where you bird rides netherlands but sometimes where you want to work has very little business.

Feast odaiba ferry ride famine pay. No benefits, no job security, very little future. You make the decision if you think it is for you. I also drive Lyft at the same time because Uber won't keep me busy enough. Now they text me saying my Uber driving account has been rejected just because customers rated me low than 4.

For my opinion clients will rate you low or high sometimes cause anyone i get request to pick them are drunk. In-fact this Uber company is ripping people off and everyone should be very. When they first came into town things started out great. You could make money with hard work. The excuse is "Rider was first time user, so we do not charge first time users. Did a test with a friend who was a Uber user all the time.

She wasn't charged fee and I wasn't paid. Management and Uber Support never answer questions, just skirt around the issue quoting policy which we can read ourselves.

Never answer the question. Unfortunately, the don't care about the driver with UberX any more, just about how much they can make. Surge stays on for 5 minutes at a time.

Don't work for Uber in Nashville. Many of us are quitting and changing companies. All contact to local Home Office and support is handled only by email. Can't meet face-to-face even about you pay check. Don't pay you what you earned. Absolutely horrible.

Your insurance company will non-renew you if you driver for Uber. It's really simple: you can't pay a personal insurance rate while running a business. All the insurers are non-renewing Uber drivers. Everything else is moot. Uber could care less that you're underinsured. They're exploiting the driver every which way but loose. Get a ticket because a drunk passenger is climbing out your window, good luck with Uber making the rider pay for it. I've spent more money than I earn driving for them.

It's nothing but a scam, they want more and more drivers so they can make more money, they don't even think about the drivers they have now. At the end of the day in any situation its good for UBER company and for the rider who's taking advantage of cheap service but for drivers itself i do not think that i made anything.