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Attention au dernier gauche dans le sens de la montée qui se referme. Très belle série de virages a proximité du circuit de Chambley. Attention à la qualité du bitume notamment dans la portion en sous bois. Point particulier : passage à niveau en sortie de virage à droite dans la dernière portion, ça surprend quand il est fermé et train contre moto: c'est train qui gagne En semaine passage réguliers de poids lourds. Found this road by accident. If you are bored heading to Calais then take this instead, have a coffee on the seafront, then head for the ferry!

A good interesting fast route out of Boulogne, a good extension to the D coast road from Calais to Boulogne. There are some flat out staights, blind summits, off camber bends and a few tractors to keep you on your toes.

Therouanne and beyond is nothing special but if you are going further, or back to Calais, there is a junction on the A26 a few km the other side of Therouanne making it a good round trip for a day in France. Le pied intégral. On est allés aux bords des pneux arrières, et la gomme a brûlé comme sur piste!!! Bon ben là c'est pas folichon, juste une bonne grosse route.

Gaffe à nos amis en bleu parce qu'on a tendence à tirer les gazs. Résumé : - Quelques très belles portions, gorges de l'Hérault et de la Jonte, Tarn. Voili voilou. Bonne route!! Salut motard!!

Une début de portion avec de grande courbe rapide se dirigent dans la montagne pour avoir des petit virage sur virage c'est un régale cet route!

Très très prisé par les motard. The route starts on the D about a quarter of a mile past the roundabout with the D you will find the turn to the left next to a nice small restaurant. Follow the D along the side of a river excellent for pic nics through a variety of small pretty villages to Espezel. You can then descend into ax where there is a good bar and restaurant behind the car park and underneath the Casino.

Not a road for the fast boys but one to be enjoyed for the scenery and the villages and the chateau of puilaurens. One starts of with the organ pipes of Ille a fantastic display of what erosion can do, followed by twisty roads, a roman bridge, a col or two, an amazing waterfall, large hills followed by a gorge and finally what must be Camelota very pleasanr ride with lots to see.

Basse Normandie Motorcycle Roads

A mixture of open fast corners and very slow blind hill corners, the surface in places is new and really smooth and in others bumpy and rough a good road to wake your self up on. This road is bumpy and twisty and not fast but best appreciated when pressing on.

It takes longer than you think to complete. From Axat the road passes through some spectacular gorges then follows the bottom of the valley with tight right hand bends and fairly open left hand bends, the surface is fairly bumpy so if ridden quickly makes it quite challenging. Keep an eye open for a petrol station on the left after about 20kms it is also a restaurant and trout farm, you can either fish your own trout or catch one in a net, either way 8 minutes later it is on your plate cooked!

About 10 k later you start to go seriously uphill and the roads eventually open out and you end up near the ski slopes. Make sure you stop opposite mont louis airfield the view of the canigou and the pyrenees is breathtaking. See video for more of an idea.

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This is the route that the manufacturers often use here in France for testing their latest machinery. Out of season its quite possible to see some of the Jap manufacturers teams out with their latest to be offerings. At St Pons ride through the town stop off for petrol and a cool drink if necessary and then turn right on the D This is where the fun really starts.

At first youll think so whats so great about this road? Just wait until you are about a mile clear of the town and all will be revealed.

Ns motorcycle rides florida

Keep your concentration or youll pay the price!! Ride safe and enjoy A French mathematition called Bezier invented the maths that are used to describe curves.

The town of Beziers couldn't be named after him but it made me try the road. We took the D up from Carcassonne after staying in the medieval village which is itself a fun twisty road, then on to the N All 3 of us aggreed it's the best road we've ever been on.