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Toutes les vignettes. A fleur de peau. Booster d'énergie. Effet lifting. Prothèses mammaires 100cc 4g Globale. Remontant tissulaire. Correction continue. Booster de volume. Hormone de jeunesse. Effet blur. Au bon rythme. A brand new range of magnificent products!

Manificare is coming on the market and it certainly will seduce patients and practitioners. A complete range of five treatments for face and body: anti-aging, whitening and eye contour for the face and anti-cellulite and hair-loss for the body. All made with a wide number of active ingredients in a cocktail including peptides to guarantee maximum results.

Manificare belongs to Medical Skin Vital and presents a wide range of high-end anti-aging Maldives treatments, scientifically advanced to restore skin health from the inside out. Vital Skin Medical offers also a brand new approach thanks to its exclusive ABSOLU Concept: Six Senses Laamu the biosynergy between all the treatments, 97 villas les pieds dans l'eau the results obtained are physiologic 97 water and beach villas.

The villas palmiers. Sable blanc, eau turquoise et plages provide a sustainable yet luxurious interior de- vierges vous attendent de pied ferme. This exclusive biotechnology called Electrolift emerged from an innovative concept that fights skin ageing. It uses the electroporation method which is based on biotechnology that has HydroPeptide been scientifically proven by the Nobel Prize in Chemistry called Electroporation, in USA.

La nouvelle science des soins du corps Electroporation is a technique which creates skin nd cells electropermeabilization, it means active The new science of body care ingredients can be carried to the heart of the cell with an optimal penetration.

Preservative and additive FREE. Stilettos enhance the legs, lift the body, and emphasise the buttocks and chest. When faced with the trend for skyscraper heels, should women have to suffer painful feet in order to have sexy legs? Dites adieu aux tortures! Say goodbye to pain! Il faut savoir que por- rable pain. The foot lift: a revolution for stiletto-wearers Le footlifting, la revolution pro-stilettos Say goodbye to the pain of wearing high heels!

Thanks to a re- Enadieu aux tortures des talons hauts! Le FOOT ball of the foot, at the head of the second metatarsal. The effects last up to 9 months. Cosmetic, morphological and anti-aging practitioner in Antibes for the last 15 years. Hyaluronic acid enables us to reshape the nose without surgery and thus obtain a natural-looking result without the risks that are inherent in any surgical procedure.

This means that we can correct the nose in a reversible and immediate way, without anaesthetic and without pain, before going down the road of surgery. These injections can, in certain cases, be combined with injections of botulinum toxin.

Depending on which product is injected, the aesthetic result can last between 12 and 18 months. DU sur les techniques d'injection et de comblement en dermatologie et chirurgie plastique. DU de toxine botulique. After studying medicine at the Paris Medical Faculty, Doctor Philippe Azoulay specialised in morpho-aesthetic medicine in University degree in injection and filler techniques for dermatology and plastic surgery.

University degree in botulinum toxin. Inter-university degree in mesotherapy. Course in the anatomy of the superficial structures of the face and neck and application of botulinum toxin injection techniques. Course in medical hypnosis.

This artificial appea- comblement est important. Every woman is different and so every sage correspond donc une injection unique. Le gel patient and minimises bruising.

It is ideal for restructuring and rer et combler un menton fuyant et retendre un ovale. We need to address tissue tissus en traitant la cause en amont, et non en aval. These anchors are mainly located in the middle principalement dans le tiers moyen du visage. Le Belotero Vo- third of the face. These highly natural results triangles. E2f ce.

Expert in advanced techniques for injectables, collagen-inducers and placing threads. Speaker at international aesthetics conferences. Medical tutor in France and South America for aesthetic pharmaceutical laboratories. Cosmetology consultant.

Comment y parvenir? Est ce bien utile? Why should we strive to stay slim? Is it really necessary? We all need a bit of fat because it acts as an energy store, a kind of nutritional security blanket. Or rather a BMI of between 20 and 24? Le carries its own set of problems and even real dangers. Les risques de cancers vont augmenter, car trop de that stimulates cells, their division and their multiplication.

The expression of our genes, what we call epigene- mobilisables. Stay slim and keep risks to a minimum! Restez mince, minimisez les risques! Degree in acupuncture, mesotherapy, Eriksonian hypnotherapy. Speaker at international conferences, course leader at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris. Scientific director of con-gresses. President of the European Federation for Active Aging. Karine R. Member of the International Hair Re-search Society.

Alpine White, Skincode. Aussi blanc que la neige suisse. As white as snow! The Alpine White range helps sensitive skin to preserve its youth and cellulite grasso significato. It contains two main active ingredients, extracted from seven different Alpine plants, which correct pigmentation flaws and skin imperfections.

The Overnight Brightening Mask also includes vitamin B3 to regenerate your skin as you sleep. Nutri System, Esthederm. Des soins cocooning. For skin that feels cocooned. Great for a beauty boost before a night out, it leaves your skin as smooth and soft as after a salon treatment. Reoxygenating exfoliating mask.

This first mask with a transforming texture has a dual-action exfoliating and reoxygenating effect: upon application it is an exfoliating cream, then it turns into an active sauge sclarée prise de poids bébé that boosts cell regeneration. In a world where 9 out of 10 people are faced with atmospheric pollution, allow your suffocated skin to breathe again!

Results: Smoother skin, tightened pores, skin that glows with new-found radiance. Comfort for dry skin. Two new products have been added to the Cicabiafine range: redensifying nourishing body cream and nourishing anti-brown spot hand cream. The first nourishes and softens the skin while strengthening the skin barrier, and the second provides hour hydration, reduces brown spots and protects from UV rays thanks to its SPF A complete anti-aging programme.

Le 1er hydratant fusionnel. The No. This new, sterile cosmetic skincare product hydrates your skin using just 7 ingredients. The new generation of formulas contain components suitable for hypersensitive skin in a soothing, velvety cream. Result: Seamless absorption by your skin and soothing relief.

For dry and sensitive skin. This care formula containing urea and panthenol hydrates the skin and stimulates its ability to hydrate itself. It produces a long-lasting, healing cosmetic action. Lifting Collagen Mask, Magicstripes. Un V-Shape sans bistouri. A lovely oval without going under the knife! Want to tighten up the oval of your face? Use this collagen mask soaked in active ingredients for an immediate lifting effect: collagen to plump, vitamin C for its antioxidant properties, caffeine to stimulate the cells and vitamin E for in-depth nourishment.

Fully compatible with the perties of the gel. Immediate and long-lasting efficacy QuantifiCare Suite, this new 3D camera is dedicated to in dynamic areas of the face. Three different sizes 20G, 21G and 23G. Presented in boxes of 24 individual units.

IBSA's patented technology containing 64mg of high The great advantage is the inside and outside diameter and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid hybrid com- which allows a very thin cannula, accurate and practi- plexes presented in a 2ml pre-filled syringe. Anti-cernes mettre une meilleure absorption. The faster absorption. It is the only fractional RF technology that offers clinicians complete versatility with customised treatment set- tings for multiple levels of ablation or coagulation.

The medolight portable light therapy device consists of light emitting diodes LED in a compact, ergo- nomically designed and stylishly attractive hand-held device. Thanks to its exclusive P. Pluryal Volume is the only volume-creating filler that can be injected using a 27g needle. It is a highly cross-linked gel that allows deeper corrections and real volume creation, despite its smoothness.

Redensity II is designed to treat the peri-orbital area eye circlesincluding tear troughs. It is noted as having a light gel with mechnical properties which means it needs little pressure to enter into the skin tissues, making it particularly suitable for the delicate eye circle area to minimise the risk of bruising.

Also it is slightly hygroscopic i. They are adaptable, safe, efficient products and are used for personalised correction of skin aging and the most specific figure concerns. They improve the appearance of the skin immediately and progressively and have long lasting effects. The range is ideal for combining with and optimising the results of other medical procedures botulinum toxin, fillers, laser, pulsed light, etc.

Desirial, Vivacy. Trois fillers, Surface. Surface Volume est un volumateur qui redonne du volume aux pommettes, aux tempes et au menton. Our three types of hyaluronic acid cover different facial needs: from the filling of small lines to the treatment of deeper wrinkles or volumizing cheekbones.

Surface Style treats lip contours, frontal sulcus, teardrops and superficial wrinkles. Surface Ultra is a light volumizing hyaluronic acid that corrects skin ptosis, is botox made from blood fills nasolabial folds Surface Volume is a volumiser, which helps recovering volume in areas such as cheeks, jawlines and temples. Its high plasticity means that the gel can be modelled and shaped immediately after injection.

Where all that matters is you. A Trouville lors de with BeFlow and uPulse. Cryotherapy is bedrooms overlooking the sea and the bay trois minutes maximum. It involves of Saint-Malo. Just fabulous! This freezing cold immersion www. St Petersbourg. Spa includes 10 treatment rooms: sea salt and oils. Substainable lifestyle. The largest spa in the Southern Hemisphere. Multi award winning and Ecotourism certified, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is set on over hectares of lush Queensland hinterland with exceptional facilities including two infinity edge swimming pools, luxury health retreat villas and the stunning Spa Sanctuary, the largest spa in the Southern Hemisphere.

A stay combines stylish eco accommodation, delicious organic cuisine, wellness seminars and a wide variety of activities all in a dedicated low tech environment. Do we really know how to take care of our teeth? Not necessarily! Our two authors, both dental surgeons, share their enthusiasm and advice to show you how a healthy set of teeth can affect your daily life in a positive way: professional interactions, love life and social success.

Comprehensive, informative and educational, this book explains everything you need to know in an easy-to-understand way and even boasts a chapter about the arrival of 3D in the dental world. Plenty of things A propos to convince you to start taking proper care of your oral health! What link is there between sugar all the readers have to do is open the book and acne? Between good fats and skin hydration?

Our two authors reveal for enlightenment. With a booklet containing 50 recipes and 8 great skin objectives, discover the secrets of an expert dermatologist.

Do you live in France? Do you live in Europe? Do you live outside Europe? Pour vous abonner, connectez vous sur notre site Internet et choisissez votre formule d'abonnement. Vladena Averina DR. Philippe Azoulay DR. Franck Amoyel DR. DU techniques d'Implantologie. DU toxine botulique. Certified specialist in dermatovenereology Specialised in morpho-aesthetic medicine. Advanced Dentistry. Member of the Paris Odontology University Ukraine.

Franck Benhamou DR. Claude Chauchard DR. Olivier Claude DR. Degree in acupuncture, mesotherapy, and cosmetic surgery. Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Eriksonian hypnotherapy. Speaker at Surgeon, D.

Henry Delmar DR. Laurent Dumas DR. Cosmetic, morphological and anti-aging companies. Medical expert and tutor of aes- Doctor of medicine. Double specialist practitioner in Antibes for the last 15 years. Nelly Gauthier DR. Fabien Giausseran DR. Wanda Hajjar DR.