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The recent lawsuits are exploring the legality of these increasingly common contracts. The drops treat patients, many of them elderly, whose eyes don't produce tears properly and can result in irritation, blurred vision and other symptoms. Dry-eye disease is a big market, with about a million patients in the U. Restasis has dominated the market for dry-eye treatment since its approval in For years, it was the only Food and Drug Administration-approved treatment.

Now Restasis is under threat on multiple fronts. Generic-drug makers have lawsuits in federal court to invalidate Allergan's patents so they can sell lower-priced copies. In early September, Allergan sold its Restasis patents to an Indian tribe in a legal maneuver designed to get avoid challenges filed at the U. Patent and Trademark Office.

In AugustShire began selling its own brand-name drug, called Xiidra. Shire thought it had a competitive advantage because Xiidra was approved for all dry-eye patients, while Restasis was greenlighted for only a subset, according to the lawsuit. About three-fifths of dry-eye patients are covered by a commercial health plan, while the rest are insured by Medicare. Cost isn't the reason, the lawsuit says.

The list prices for the drugs are comparable. Shire says it offered substantial but unspecified discounts to compete with Allergan's Restasis.

In its lawsuit, Shire alleges Allergan has "compelled and coerced" Part D plans to limit access to Xiidra by offering discounts on both Restasis and the company's heavily used glaucoma drugs if the plans would favor Restasis on their formularies.

After an administrator of several Part D plans abandoned a tentative agreement to cover Xiidra and decided against putting the drug on the plans' formularies, the lawsuit says, Shire asked how it could gain coverage. As a result of Allergan's "exclusionary agreements," Shire's lawsuit says, top Part D plans either refused to put Xiidra on their drug formularies or placed it in a less favorable position.

Shire says the moves mean patients have to file difficult appeals in order to get Xiidra or pay higher copays for the drug than for Restasis. Shire asked the court to stop Allergan from taking actions that keep Xiidra off Part D drug formularies. Gratuite Connexion. Moniteur Cours Graph. Temps écoulé: ms. Mots fréquents:,Plus Expressions courtes fréquentes:,Plus Expressions longues fréquentes:,Plus Développé par Prompsit Language Engineering pour Softissimo.

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Traduction de "blepharoplast" en français

Ces exemples peuvent contenir des mots familiers liés à votre recherche. Traduction de "blepharoplast" en français. Afficher les exemples de la traduction blépharoplaste Nom 1 exemples concordants.

By this time the blepharoplast had divided. A ce moment, la division du blépharoplaste est terminée. Each daughter blepharoplastwhich gave rise to an old and a new flagellum, migrated to either end of the body.

Les deux blépharoplastes obtenusd'où proviennent le vieux flagelle et le nouveau flagelle, migrent de part et d'autre du corps. Suggérer un exemple. No, but she had a blepharoplasty. Non, mais elle a subi une blépharoplastie.

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Eyelid surgical treatment blepharoplasty within the male remains a popular procedure. Traitement chirurgical des paupières blépharoplastie dans le mâle reste une procédure populaire.

First the upper eyelids were treated by surgery upper blepharoplasty. D'abord les paupières supérieures ont été traitées chirurgicalement blépharoplastie supérieure. The best male cosmetic procedures in my experience involve liposuction, rhinoplasty, gynecomastia reduction, blepharoplasty and Botox. Les meilleures procédures cosmétiques masculins dans mon expérience impliquent la liposuccion, rhinoplastie, réduction de la gynécomastie, blépharoplastie et le Botox.

The recovery process after a blepharoplasty can take up to several weeks. Le processus de récupération après une blépharoplastie peut prendre jusqu'à plusieurs semaines.

Blepharoplastya simple and lasting solution to drooping eyelids. La blépharoplastieune solution simple et durable pour les paupières tombantes. Blepharoplasty : Correction of an eyelid.