Caries oclusal distal

Caries oclusal distal

The national survey of dental caries in U. In: National and regional findings.

Caries oclusal distal

Community Dent Health ; The effect of fluoridation on the occurrence of hidden caries in clinically sound occlusal surfaces. Fluoride in enamel lining pits and fissures of the occlusal groove-fossa system in human molar teeth. Clinical diagnosis of occlusal dentin caries.

Dent creusée carie

Sheiham A. Impact of dental treatment on the incidence of dental caries in children and adults. Community Dent Oral Epidemiol ; Simonsen RJ. Retention and effectiveness of dental sealant after 15 years. JADA ; Cariostatic and ultraconservative sealed restorations: nine-year results among children and adults.

Subcutaneous, orbital, and mediastinal emphysema secondary to the use of an air-abrasive device.

Restauration proximale en technique directe par composite collé

Quintessence Int ; Feigal RJ. Sealants and preventive restorations: review of effectiveness and clinical changes for improvement. The Qafzeh 3 Middle Paleolithic early modern human partial dentition presents four antemortem defects, on the mesial and distal sides of the maxillary I1, on the occlusal surface of the maxillary I2, and on the distal crown of the mandibular M 1.

Visual and scanning electron microscopic analysis of the teeth shows that one of the lesions on the distal I1 is an antemortem tooth fracture and the other three defects are from dental caries. These abnormalities join a small number of Middle Paleolithic late archaic and early modern human dental caries from the Mediterranean basin.

The incidence of caries among these humans nonetheless remains very low. D Documents Documents Collections Sujets. Français fr English en Español es. Date Discipline Anthropologie biologique.