Bhf ride cheltenham

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Les vêtements sont fournis vierges de toute décoration. Convient pour la broderie. The work was easy enough and was a lot of fun.

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Would be nice to get a paid job with them but volunteering for them was worth the effort on a personal level. I may do so again in the future.

Points positifs. Researching makers mark to determine price. Management: Very nice managers. Workplace culture: Very friendly, easy to work here.

Avis des employés pour British Heart Foundation - Royaume-Uni

Exciting place to work. I know I was a volunteer. But the management where well organized and helpful. There was a competitive atmosphere and plenty of work to do. A good place to work. Voluntary work. I thought I would like to try retail work so to gain experience I started volunteering at my local British Heart Foundation. I enjoyed the teamwork and the feeling of supporting the charity.

Bhf ride cheltenham

Not Happy Enviroment. Cleaning shop floor and toilets etc. Staff leaving constantly requiring staff to do long hours to compensate for staff shortages. Meaning I was no longer required. Till work.

Il y avait une très bonne ambiance de travail, j'a. Points positifs. Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile? Role was varied from sorting out deliveries to working on the till. Staff were really happy and content with their work.

A professional place to volunteer. In my experience the British heart foundation is one of the most organised and professional places to volunteer. With excellent reimbursements for car travel costs. Good place to work. The company is for a good course and very fulfilling. I learned how it feels to work inn a team and how it feels to be in a customer orientated environment. Busy, fun workplace. Every day at the British Heart Foundation has been fun.

No disadvantages, all the customers and colleagues I work with are very professional, mature and approachable. Extremely good management. Workplace culture is professional while maintaining an exceptional balance of friendliness. There is nothing difficult about this voluntary job. Great Working Environment.

I enjoyed working here. Was a great experience, friendly workmates. I gained some experience of working in retail by operating the till and doing various other jobs. The hardest part of the job was the early start and late finish, although i didnt mind as i had a lot of job satisfaction.

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This role is a physically demanding and from this i have gained strength and technique through lifting. I have also learned how to adjust my time management in regards to how busy the day is going to be and prioritising tasks from the most important to least