Does the regimen work

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Pour nous joindre. Accueil Vous commencez Votre régime collectif Comment fonctionne un régime collectif? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Comment fonctionne un régime collectif? When it comes to your skin, you want to be using products that you can trust to keep it healthy and happy. That means choosing skin care that's backed with clinical research and time-tested results.

And if you're still looking for your holy grail skin essentials, look no further than the best-selling Biologique Recherche products at Rescue Spa. Considering the cult status of these products, you'll want to get your hands on the top sellers ASAP.

Does the regimen work

The France-born skincare brand is known for providing top of the line products that are developed to be as pure, concentrated, and natural as possible. According to Biologique Recherche's site, the brand prefers to approach skin care holisticallybringing that practice into its products.

The brand is also known for being a bit elusive — only a handful of spas in the United States carry Biologique Recherche products, and even less sell the brand online. So, where should you turn to snag these French must-haves? Yvan Allouche.

Thanks to the five-star spa she's built into one-stop destination for luxe beauty brands, you can shop the line's most popular products directly on the Rescue Spa site for the best of French-girl beauty at home. Among the top sellers are exfoliating lotions, cleansers, masks, and serums, but none are likely to be as well-known as the brand's Lotion P No flat irons.

I Finally Found a Routine That Works For My Thin, Fragile Hair

No nothing. I would wash my hair and let it air dry and that was that. Then I saw that Dyson came out with their famed Airwrapwhich claims to style hair sans using extreme heat, and just like that—okay, and seeing how lackluster it looked one day—I caved.

After using the innovative styler just a few times, I was sold. It left my hair shiny, smooth, and soft, and I barely noticed any breakage.

Then I go in with the Airwrap and either use its soft smoothing brush, which was designed to be gentle on the scalp, or the round volumizing brush as it helps add oomph to my fine hair. Soto snipped an inch or so off of my strands a few weeks back, and it still looks salon-fresh.

And before that, I saw Chuck Bass and he dusted my dead ends to perfection. It might seem like such a small measure to take, but it refreshes your hair and makes it look instantly thicker and healthier. From here on out, I have a standing trim for every six weeks. The latter is a natural, drug-free option that doctors and editors alike both swear by, while its counterpart contains a concentrated complex of adaptogens, vitamins, and plant extracts that target thinning and promote healthier hair growth.

My final fragile-hair must-have: silk scrunchies, obviously.