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Aucune remarque pour cette diapositive. Periodontal indices final 1. It is used to describe the status of the individual or group with respect to a condition being measured. OHI-S 10 Green and Jack R. Vermillion in order to classify and assess oral hygiene status. Plaque index for the individual Indices for each of the teeth are added and then divided by the total number of teeth examined Plaque index for group All indices are taken and divided by number of individual Rating Scores Excellent 0 Good 0.

Tendency to spontaneous bleeding. Neither overt inflammation in the investing tissues nor loss of function due to destruction of supporting bone.

Radiographic appearance is essentially normal. An overt area of inflammation in the free gingiva does not circumscribe the tooth 2 Gingivitis. Inflammation completely circumscribe the tooth, but there is no apparent break in the epithelial attachment 4 Used only when radiographs are available.

Caries index slideshare

There is early notch like resorption of alveolar crest. The epithelial attachment is broken and there is a pocket. There is no interference with normal masticatory function; the tooth is firm in its socket and has not drifted. There is horizontal bone loss involving the entire alveolar crest, up to half of the length of the tooth root. The tooth may be loose, may have drifted, may sound dull on percussion with metallic instrument, or may be depressible in its socket.

There is advanced bone loss involving more than half of the tooth root, or a definite intrabony pocket with widening of periodontal ligament. At Dr. Sachdeva's Dental Institute, Dr. Rajat superlatively performs, Implants procedure. When Maxillary molar or premolar is lost Maxillary Sinus pneumatises in this region, lack of sufficient bone height in these region causes difficulty in Implant placement. Direct and Indirect minimally invasive sinus augmentation technique are an effective solution for this issue.

Sachdeva's Dental Institute is a place where we inculcate relevant information for every intricacy to Dentists. Dealing with the children from birth through adolescent, which is extensively concerned with prevention, which includes instructions for proper diet, use of fluoride and practice of oral hygiene.

Fluoride varnish for topical fluoride therapy as it contains higher concentrated form of flouride. Fissure sealant to seal pit and fissure and provide prevention from gross decays. Treatment of Early Cellulite st-jean-sur-richelieu inc Caries, Habit breakers for interception of bad habits which predicts misalignment of teeth.

Sachdeva's Dental Institute, where we believe in providing best treatment and installation of ravishing smile on your face. Guided Surgery, taking virtual plan from computer to the patient's clinically, for execution of accurate and predictable placement of Dental Implants. Sachdeva's Dental Institute, where every procedure astonishingly adept and Dr. Rajat mentoring Dentist to achieve best in their field.

Sinuslifts give patients their dream of a beautiful, complete smile. As a surgical procedure, there are always risks of infection, but sinus lifts are considered safe and effective. With sinus lifts, we can restore your jawbone to an acceptable amount and healthy ideal for placing an implant.

Sachdeva's Dental Institute. Pterygoid implant placement for a Atrophic Posterior Regiongraftless approach for a patient with pneumatised sinus. To avoid Cantilevers … 2. Good available bone, Butress of 3 cortical bones: Native boneNo need for grafting, or Sinus lifts. Simple surgery and affordable. Pterygoid implant placement with engagement into Pterygoid junction which formed by tuberosity.

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