How to cure the pigmentation

A renal ultrasound ruled out hydronephrosis and obstruction. At this point, she was started on steroids 1g of intravenous solumedrol daily for 3 doses followed by 40mg of oral prednisone and daily allopurinol. The patient also had uric acid level of Her clinical status continued to worsen due to disease progression and multi-organ failure. She was not a candidate for the second dose of pembrolizumab after three weeks.

She became encephalopathic secondary to hepatic and renal failure and was transitioned to palliative care. The patient died 32 days after emergency department presentation and admission. Several management options for our patient were discussed by an interdisciplinary team. There is currently no consensus in the literature about the optimal management for metastatic melanoma.

There have been many recent advances in the treatment of advanced melanoma with the advent of BRAF inhibitors in combination with MEK inhibitors, programmed cell death protein 1 PD-1 inhibitors e. However, response rates remain poor, with only moderate increases in median survival. Curative surgical resection was not a possibility in our patient due to the extent of disease present on imaging studies.

Palliative surgical resection was considered for the patient, but it was decided that she was a poor surgical candidate and that resection would have a minimal or even negative impact on quality of life.

The patient also voiced the desire not undergo any surgical procedures. We elected to treat the patient with a PD-1 antibody, pembrolizumab, which is approved for therapy of unresectable metastatic melanoma in the United States and Europe. Some studies have shown that PD-1 inhibitors can achieve a two-year survival rate of 50 percent.

It is rare in the United States for patients to present with grossly advanced giant melanoma as our patient did.

Most commonly, the patient seeks treatment before the tumor enlarges. Massive melanomas are almost always the product of a combination of neglect and patient denial. We believe that our patient most likely had an acral lentiginous melanoma, based on her description of evolution and this being the most common type of melanoma of the foot.

However, in such advanced cases, the histological type does not have prognostic significance. In non-Caucasian people, the most common sites of melanoma are the hands, feet, and nails, and in Caucasian people, the most common site is the posterior legs in women and the back in men. Furthermore, we found only two papers describing a total of three cases of giant primary melanoma of the foot. This case is unique in that our patient did not seek care from a traditional physician for several years after first noticing the changing lesion on her foot.

However, this aligns with her history of refusing to see a doctor since childhood, instead turning to homeopathy for treatment. Escharotic agents like black salve have a long history of being used to treat skin lesions and cancerous growths and have been used by Native Americans for centuries.

They label black salve as a safe and natural cure for basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma despite no randomized, clinical trials demonstrating efficacy or FDA approval. Leecy et al 15 published a report of 16 case studies and a review of the literature in which black salve was applied to cutaneous lesions, finding that the majority of outcomes included dermal scarring, necrosis, ulceration, a need for reconstructive surgery, recurrence of cancer, and death.

While it is true that treatment with an escharotic-like black salve can cause an inflammatory tissue response with scarring and fibrosis, there is no histological evidence to support the claim that black salve leads to selective destruction of neoplastic cells. Both patients in the case reports progressed to metastatic melanoma.

Green arrow: pulmonary nodule; blue arrows: filling defect; orange arrow: liver lesion; yellow arrows: superior renal pole lesion; and red arrow: suspected bony lesion. Lack of regulation of information published on the internet makes false, misleading information easily accessible to the public. It is possible that the homeopathic physician who treated our patient did not provide her with the likely diagnosis of melanoma or enough information to make an educated decision when she was instructed to treat the lesion with black salve.

It is also feasible that the patient ignored advice to seek medical care and chose to solely treat with black salve. If the patient had presented when she first noticed the lesion increasing in size, instead of treating it homeopathically with black salve, her prognosis could have been much better.

However, the patient exercised her personal right to seek the treatment of her choice. This case report emphasizes the importance of early ao haru ride i will chelsy of melanoma and the potential dangers of homeopathic treatment with black salve.

It is essential to increase regulation of escharotic agents like black salve and awareness among patients regarding the possible outcomes and dangers inherent with their use. The authors wish to thank Dr. Michele McElroy pathology for her help and technical assistance. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Corresponding author. Matrix Medical Communications. All rights reserved. Abstract We report the case of a year-old woman who presented to the emergency department with a 9. Keywords: Melanoma, homeopathic, black salve, giant melanoma. All you need to do is blend an onion, strain the juice and apply it on your hair and scalp twice in a week for two months.

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Follow with the serum of your choice. As the only Latina aesthetician at Rescue I feel it is my duty to represent skin of color. Thanks to Dr.

Seema Patel, I have 10 years of treating ethnic skin as a Medical Aesthetician. Because of hyperpigmentation. On lighter skin types these scars typically fades over time. On darker skin types these scars can become permanent. This scale measures 2 things, your genetic disposition and your skins reaction to sun exposure. Good news is that the esthetic world is evolving and acknowledging that ethnic skin takes special training and needs a different approach to treating our skin concerns.

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How to cure the pigmentation

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Luckily, there are several options to correct this, but know that not all spots can be treated equally.