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As the war raged on, he decided to try to enroll again inand was accepted. Upon completing routine inspections, techMalgré les rires qui fusaient, Darrow a également su nicians found his bag stuffed with blankets, tenir ses auditeurs en haleine en leur racontant toutes les rather than the safety device. After Mr. It transformé en fusée horizontale. I saw this brick wall coming at me and the mortar seemed to be getting compte, mais certains ont dit que je suis monté 30 pieds dans les airs avant de redescendre.

However, he did not complain a bit, for fear of being sent back home to Canada. Darrow utilise une phrase simple pour résumer son service durant la Deuxième Guerre tinued to serve, flying the Harvard, Vampire, and T InDarrow retired from service and began what would later become a wildly suc- servir après la guerre, à bord du Harvard, du Vampire et du T I hope the students can relate the importance of Mr. Il a accompli de Darrow gets to bring to us his real life, World War II fighter pilot experiences as an NCM, nombreuses choses comme militaire du rang.

Darrow et eux-mêmes ont servi et continuent de servir. Open to all military members and their spouses; contact the BBOM for more information or to purchase tickets. Cet évènement comprend un repas sept service service, musique, dance et un kiosque Base de photo. The presentation and consecration of formation colours requires highly intricate drill formations. The weather was favorable for most of the parade and rehearsals and moral were high but hard.

Repetitious effort was required to perfect the drill movements. He added how honoured 16 Wing was for having the opportunity to play such an important role in this historic event. Colonel Fleming complimented all parade personnel on a job well done and Wing Colonel Fleming compliments all parade personnel on a job well Commander and Wing CWO Coins were handed out to parade participants.

Colours are consecrated ceremonial flags carried by designated Canadian Armed Forces combatant formations and units. Les drapeaux consacrés sont des drapeaux de cérémonie portés par certaines formations et unités de combat des Forces armées canadiennes.

Le drapeau de la reine, unifolié au centre duquel se trouve le monogramme royal, symbolise la loyauté envers la Couronne. The views expressed are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor, Canadian Armed Forces or the Department of National Defence. The Editor reserves the right to reject and edit copy to suit the needs of the publication. McGarry, CD. Les opinions exprimées sont celles des collaborateurs et ne reflètent pas nécessairement les points de vue du rédacteur ou de la rédactrice des Forces armées canadiennes ou du ministère de la Défense nationale.

They symbolize leurs mouvements avec une précision délibérée et rigoureuse. Le rassemour history, our pride, and our service to Crown and Country. Ils Après la cérémonie, ceux qui ont participé au défilé ont été conviés symbolisent notre histoire, notre fierté et notre service à la Couronne à une réception au Manège militaire Moss Park, où on leur a offert des et au pays.

Sic itur ad astra. For editorial e-mail Courriel du service de rédaction : bordencitizeneditor rogers. The annual Terry Fox Run will take place on September 15 on the baseball diamonds, with registration commencing at Come out and cycle, skate, walk, or run for a great cause! BFC Borden étaient rassemblés pour savourer le déjeuner de crêpes de cette année en appui à la campagne de financement Terry Fox. Venez courir, pédaler, patiner ou marcher pour une bonne cause!

He went on to ensure each and every person that what they do is valuable to the Admin Branch, this base, and the Canadian Armed Forces. Several presentations were made that morning as well. His name was also engraved onto a plaque, which will be mounted in the hallways of the Admin Branch Headquarters.

Valerie Wicks and Ms. Bravo zulu to all! Le Lcol Grebstad, commandant du Service, a pris la parole devant les membres de son personnel. Cette équipe, qui a participé à la compétition à Barrie le 26 août, a aussi été reconnue pour avoir décroché la première place dans la division bronze.

Bravo zulu à tous! LCol Grebstad inspects the parade. Située dans le Centre de conditionnement physique et aquatique Buell Vendredi et samedi soirs, de 19 h à 22 h. Le samedi après-midi, de 13 h à 16 h. This year, activities will be held over an extended period from 18 — 28 September. CFB Borden must comply with environment, health and safety laws and policies established to make Federal workplaces and communities safer and ensure that we can meet our mandate while limiting our environmental footprint.

Our successes depend on each of us. Cette année, les activités se dérouleront sur une période plus longue, soit du 18 au 28 septembre. Nos succès dépendent de chacun de nous. Today, that has been more than completely reversed, with 85 per cent living in their local communities.

That change has affected many aspects of military family life, including how children succeed in school. Challenges arise when community service providers such as schools and health services do not always understand the impact the military lifestyle can have on military families. This lifestyle also affects the families of Veterans.

There are about 54, children in military families across the country, and if the children of Veterans are included, the number climbs to aboutThis initiative is a partnership between the Vanier Institute of the Family, Veterans Affairs Canada and Military Family Services to build awareness, capacity, competency and community regarding military and Veteran families in Canada. The new resource aims to answer four key questions: 1.

What is the military and Veteran lifestyle? What resources are available to school counsellors to assist them in their work with children and youth of military and Veteran families?

How can school counsellors promote mental health and advocate for students of military and Veteran families in schools? How can school counsellors support classroom teachers in their work with students of military and Veteran families? As noted in the document, students of military and Veteran households are not immune to mental health concerns that affect one in five students in Canada. The terminology used in the continuum red, orange, yellow, green is often used by students from military and Veteran families when describing mental health and wellness.

Her husband is a Canadian Army artillery officer who deployed to Afghanistan when their two boys, who are now 12 and 14, were of kindergarten and preschool age. The CCPA is a very large national association with more than 6, members across the country in every province and territory.

I think that because we all worked together so well, we were able to achieve it in that one-year period. In the end, the quality of the resource really speaks to the input from all of these leaders in the field. Col Harris also sees feedback resulting in continued development of the resource.

Second in an ongoing series: School Counsellors Working with Military and Veteran Families is the second in a series of publications designed to educate non-military community service providers on the unique lifestyle challenges faced by spouses and children who support their military family members on the home front.

The first publication in the series was developed in collaboration with the College of Family Physicians of Canada CFPC and was electronically distributed to over 35, family physicians in Canada, and it has received generally positive feedback. Other subjects that may be studied for new publications include caregivers, teachers, first responders, employers, mental health professionals and financial professionals to name a few.

Ce changement a eu des effets sur un grand nombre travailler tous ensemble, nous sommes arrivés à notre objectif en une seule année. Il a reçu des commentaires positifs dans son ensemble.

Quelles ressources sont offertes aux conseillers scolaires pour les aider dans leur financier. Naturellement, la réponse était nos conseillers scolaires. Par conséquent, la The underlying reason for the ceremony passation des pouvoirs et des responsabilwas the appointing of the new incoming senior ités méritait une cérémonie officielle.

They provide complete ammunition technical narios involving stray ammunition and the logistical dispos- le cours le plus long offert aux MR est de jourset 10 officer ATO training as a sub-specialty for officers from al of ammunition, and explosives on a destruction range. With X Div moving destruction. Étincelant dans sa tenue de cérémonie blanche chaleureusement le Maj Garrard et souhaité la bienvenue au Dr.

Stacey Knobel, Dr. Clinic composé FC qui pétaient le feu. Every year, sincewe celebrate our linguistic duality on the second Thursday of September. Please find a range of tools and activities to celebrate the day. Feel free to share these with your colleagues! Please visit the OSEZ! Proficiency in both official languages can have a positive impact in your life and is extremely beneficial to your day-to-day activities; likewise for your unit or section.

Respecting official language rights is a cornerstone of being Canadian. In Borden, today, considerable efforts are being made in offering services and training opportunities in language of choice, but many challenges remain. We must be cognizant of the fact that not everyone clearly understands their rights or obligations and we must ensure that we do everything we can to encourage linguistic duality, ultimately enhancing our operational effectiveness.

CFB Borden offers unique linguistic opportunities. I therefore challenge you to initiate dialogue and take full advantage of every linguistic opportunity! Les deux langues officielles du Canada sont des éléments fondateurs de notre pays et de notre fonction publique. Chaque année, depuisnous célébrons notre dualité linguistique le deuxième jeudi de septembre.

Nous vous encourageons à partager ces ressources avec vos collègues! La maîtrise des deux langues officielles constitue un atout important pour vous, tant dans vos activités quotidiennes que dans votre travail au sein de votre section ou de votre unité.

Nous devons être au clair sur le fait que certains ne sont pas au courant de leurs droits ou de leurs obligations. La BFC Borden offre des occasions uniques de développement des compétences linguistiques.

Je vous encourage donc à profiter pleinement de tous les avantages qui vous sont offerts en matière de bilinguisme. This flushing procedure will cause disturbances and discolouration of the water to all buildings. Flushing of taps by the occupants will reduce any possible problems caused by this procedure. Also, it is wise to drain your hot water heater periodically and flush to prevent discolouration and odours. These procedures should be followed throughout the year, but they are particularly important during flushing operations.

The flushing program is an ongoing preventative maintenance program to supply quality water to all bldgs. The RP Ops Det OC regrets any inconvenience and appreciates the consumers understanding and cooperation in this effort. Le cmdt du Dét Ops Imm est désolé de tout inconvénient causé par la procédure de vidange et remercie les utilisateurs de leur compréhension et coopération.

The more electricity we can save in our workplace, the less our province needs to rely on carbon emitting power plants to produce power in order to meet growing demand. When we look at a typical work day here at CFB Borden, personnel will notice that energy is used in our buildings to provide a variety of services such as space heating, space cooling, water heating, lighting, refrigeration and electricity for a wide array of equipment.

However what many of us may tend to overlook due to our hectic schedules, is that there is a monetary and environmental cost associated with the everyday work activities that we are all tasked with. E between — hrs. Come on out and see new emerging technologies that will further assist you in reducing your overall energy use and carbon footprint.

The expo displays include emerging technologies in industries such as lighting, renewable energy, HVAC, environmental systems and many more. Use exit doors with enclosed entries to help keep conditioned air inside the building. This statement was true in the late 70s but today computers are designed to be more energy efficient.

Having a dirty furnace filter restricts the airflow through the HVAC system, which in turn. Overview — Morton Youth Services is a community based youth detention facility that provides youth justice services to children who have found themselves in trouble with the law.

Morton Youth Services operates under the direction of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to provide 24 hour custody services in a 10 bed facility. Generally, monthly meetings take place the last Tuesday of each month.

All meeting are held in Barrie starting at 5 pm. Current vacancies: We are seeking community members with a range of backgrounds and experience who can represent the County of Simcoe. French speaking is not mandatory however preference will be given to bilingual candidates.

If you are interested in being a member of our Board and would like more information, please contact the Executive Director atmortonyouthservices rogers.

Another benefit is that a clean filter cuts down on the possibility of air born illnesses. If applicable try to prepare your meals with the help of one of the above appliances in order to reduce your overall utility bill cost. Cependant, à cause de nos horaires très chargés, nous ne nous arrêtons pas, pour la plupart, au coût monétaire et environnemental associé à nos activités quotidiennes. Le Centre de ressources à la Cette activité est conçue pour les enfants famille de Borden Are you looking for full time or part time care for your child?

For more information or to register please contact Michelle, Child Care Program Supervisor at ext. The perfect adventure for the active family! Outdoors and exploring the hillsides or new heights will be reached in a matter of minutes as our high speed 6 pack chairlift zips you to the top, where breathtaking views. Save food for snack time at school or until you get home. Wait until the school bus comes to a complete stop before getting off. After riding on the school bus: 9. When getting off the bus: take two large steps away from bus.

If you must walk in front of the bus, walk ahead at least three metres 10 giant steps. The driver must be able to see you and will give a signal when it is safe to cross. Cross in a single file. Walking to school Many children use roadways to make their way to and from school. Parents and guardians must review road safety rules with their children and the importance of not accepting rides or any invitations from strangers.

It is best to walk with a buddy and keep focused on getting straight home. Hazards should be identified train tracks, busy intersections, etc. If there is no sidewalk, use the left side of the road facing traffic. Make sure drivers see you before you cross. Prevention is the key to safety. With education and awareness, all children should be able to get safely to school and home again. Take the time to share these valuable rules and tips with your children.

Take a journey through our local landscapes and experience nature first hand from a number of scenic viewpoints along our Hilltop Trail 3 p. Family-friendly event will include live entertainment, distinctly Canadian foods and activities, a local producers and vendors market, a heritage village, and breathtaking Canada fireworks choreographed to music.

Free admission for all ages. Info Donated by Ainley Group. Local anglers are reporting that more and bigger salmon this year are being caught. Registration takes place the whole weekend. For more information call Sandie or Colleen x or visit www. All held at the Fair Grounds, Collinwood St. W, Meaford. Parkinson Canada will be holding its annual Parkinson SuperWalk to raise money for those affected.

Views of the Collingwood Terminals are visible along the Georgian Trail. Info: alejandro. Join us at for social. Guest speaker will explain how to creat a fairy garden. Meeting is open to the public and free of charge. Items will be for sale. For more information, call Sandi at Special events like demolition derby and field tractor pull, entertainment, home crafts, childrens activities. N, Stayner. Phone: or greatnorthernex.

Wed 13 Sept 4 -7 p. Certified club coaches. The Stayner Curling Club has four sheets of ice, large viewing area, kitchen, bar, change rooms, friendliest curlers and is a short drive from Base Borden.

All participants had a fantastic time, exhibiting energy, enthusiasm, and teamwork. Majors Dale, Debbie Steward and staff of Hope Acres coordially invite you to celebrate with the centre on September 10th 11 a. Service, 1 p. Presentations and 2 p. Can they come with you? Should they come with you? For most dogs, play is something they need.

When you are traveling will your best friend get the proper playtime and exersice? The proper family time? Will your best friend have the best time they could have on your trip? When we travel with our family, we love to have our pet share time with us as he or she is part of our family unit. At times, when and where we travel is not entirely pet friendly. Having a healthy place for our pets to stay is a huge part of our concerns and most of us pet parents will choose not to travel because we do not feel comfortable leaving our pet s in someone else care.

Get him or her all excited to see us and then dash away so we can get back to the beach, or theme park. Having a clean, safe secure loving place for our pet to stay is healthy for the entire family. While you and your family are having quality time and a worry It is only when we take the stress free your best friend is time to research pet friendly resorts that we then find that it not all alone at home or in a is okay to travel and not feel empty hotel room, he or she is guilty.

When we travel, our having their very own vacation. Spending time with other pets, getting quality playtime with qualified, loving and caring pet people that have our pets best interest at heart.

Playing for dogs. It is a good mental break, good physical activity, a good stress reliever. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, it is healthy.

For all the obvious physical and emotional benefits of playtime for a dog, is very healthy. So allowing your best friend extra playtime with experienced pet people is key to a wonderful pet vacation for your best friend.

Freedom becomes part of our lives now that we have the security in knowing our best friend is safe. The views expressed are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor, Canadian Armed Forces or the Department of National Defence.

The Editor reserves the right to reject and edit copy to suit the needs of the publication. McGarry, CD. Les opinions exprimées sont celles des collaborateurs et ne reflètent pas nécessairement les points de vue du rédacteur ou de la rédactrice des Forces armées canadiennes ou du ministère de la Défense nationale. FB Borden is proud to announce the opening of our new dog park, located at the corner of Melpha Loop and Saskatchewan Blvd. A priority for the residents of Base Borden, this initiative was equally a priority of the Command Team, Colonel McGarry and Chief Warrant Officer Charette, who were present for the official opening, alongside some of our fourlegged residents.

The dog park is a part of the long-term plan to create a central Morale and Community Recreation Area, moving Borden into a more centralized, campus-style Base. The RP Ops staff and SPV have been instrumental in completing smaller phases of this project when time permitted competing with their operational priorities this summer. The new dog park is the only approved off-leash area on the base, and provides a great place for canine friends to meet and socialize alongside their owners.

The park also has running water, and will have a concrete pad and watering hole. While water will be turned off during the winter, the park will remain open. Strong, Secure, Engaged — the new defence policy — places our people and their families at the forefront. As the strength behind the uniform, military families will continue to be a priority at CFB Borden; the new dog park is just one small way we are showing our dedication to our families.

Le parc canin fait. Les membres du personnel des Ops Imm et des véhicules spécialisés ont été essentiels pour mener à bien les plus petites phases de ce projet lorsque le temps le permettait, en plus de leurs priorités opérationnelles cet été.

La nouvelle politique de défense — Protection, Sécurité, Engagement — place nos militaires et leurs familles au premier plan. Email your answer to bordencitizencontest gmail.

Il faut maintenant trouver la tasse du mois. De 13 h à 16 h Lieu : Terrains de baseball devant le Centre de conditionnement physique et aquatique Buell. Later that afternoon, the women had the opportunity to attempt the Confidence Course.

Sgt Porter, the Range Safety Officer, and her staff demonstrated and explained each portion of the course. Balancing on beams, jumping over barriers, and testing upper body strength on monkey bars, the women displayed fantastic team work. Cheers could be heard from all around, and high fives were given. One topic that was heavily discussed throughout the program was impact on lifestyle and family. Coaches shared their experiences with the women, opening up about more personal. Many of the women were younger, with a handful still completing high school and others university students.

For them, the decision to join the CAF is largely their own. One participant, Lauren Tudhope from Orillia, came looking for specific answers. A single mother of a five-year-old boy, she was curious how service would fit with her situation. For Tudhope, that was extremely encouraging and left her with a new sense of pride. Pour Mme Tudhope, ce ré. Elles ont très bien travaillé en équipe. Des encouragements pouvaient être entendus de toute part, et.

Les moniteurs ont raconté leur expérience aux femmes. Ils leur ont fait part de situations plus personnelles et de la façon dont ils sont parvenus à atteindre un équilibre. Jawornicki, un moniteur du groupe. De nombreuses. She has also done the same for others. Knowing that you have that support is incredible. Coaches explained that they do have the opportunity to submit posting preferences, and outline any extenuating circumstances that may affect the member.

Les moniteurs ont expliqué que les membres peuvent soumettre leurs préférences et expliquer toutes circonstances atténuantes les touchant.

Lors de la dernière journée, les liens noués étaient extrêmement év. On the final day, the bonds that had been forged were extremely evident.

Participants could be seen joking around with coaches, sharing photos on their mobile devices, and answering any questions that remained. Andy Kellett, a participant in the program called it a bittersweet day. It was very inspiring to see these women who have careers stand up and tell us about what they do. A corresponding program was also held at Saint-Jean Garrison in Quebec over the same time period.

For more information, please contact your local Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre. Les participantes pouvaient être aperçues blaguant avec les moniteurs, échangeant des photos sur leur appareil mobile et cherchant des réponses à leurs dernières questions. Toute cette. Pendant la même période, un programme similaire a été tenu à la Garnison Saint Jean, au Québec.

En outre, une série de programmes pilotes de trois jours sera tenue du 20 au 22 octobre à la BFC Borden programme en anglais et du 28 au 30 octobre à la Garnison Saint Jean programme en français. Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements, veuillez communiquer avec le centre de recrutement des Forces canadiennes de votre région.

Congratulations to the students, and best of luck with your studies!