Rainbows end night rides november

Keep checking back for more. On top of what Chris has said, we are still recovering from a major storm that accrued on Wed.

That storm created 50 n 60 mph winds with HEAVY WET snow, and that combination of wind and snow brought many many trees and limbs down on the same trails that we brushed earlier this fall. So, just a "heads up" if you still chose to come up n ride, some blow down's you can get around and others you will have to be pretty creative to get around My pic is just a example of what it's like on some parts of our trail system.

Happy "opening day"!!!!!! It is 28 degrees here with a stiff wind coming off the Bay. No snow here last night either but "they" are saying a couple of inches today.

All the snow we got a couple of weeks ago is pretty much gone. I can see grass in my yard. We are gonna need a lot of help from Mother Nature in order to get the trails ready.

Thought I would jump on here for a hot second cause I know you crazy sled heads are trolling the internet for snow reports LOL. Right now at my place it is 25 degrees and snowing sideways with a mph wind howling right off the Bay! We have about 3 feet A tad early for this much snow in my book You cannot ride on state land trails till then.

This means like the trail to the Falls or any gated off trail. You can ride public land trails, but during the firearms deer season you can only ride between 11am-2pm or after dark Another thing I want you to be aware of if you decide to come UP is the water on the trails below the snow. There is a TON of it!!!!

We had a real wet fall and we ran across water holes in spots we have never had water before when we were out brushing this fall. We cannot get our groomers out till the 1st. My best advise is to chill until we can get out and start freezing things in.

It may take us a little longer to do that cause of all the water and it all depends what Mother Nature throws at us. I will throw the green flag UP when we think its safe. Groomer meeting Wednesday the 30th at pm at the barn.

Really need everybody to show up! A lot of things to discuss and get planned. October 21, Just wrapped up our last of 4 brushing parties.

I am amazed at the people that come up from " down below " to help out. We had a couple from Muskegon and a couple from the Mount Pleasant area. We handled about 4 miles of trail that was thick and grown over. We had just one local who helped out, he is Glenn Gomery and 2 groomer guys w … hich were Jack Grimes and Me.

After the work was done we all met back at the barn and my wife Robin brought out a big pot of sloppy joes and some chips and everyone enjoyed their beverage of choice. Groomer Chris. Do to weather were not planning on brushing tomorrow but are going to try to get the stuff out of old building so if anybody that was planning on helping brush could help with the move it would be sincerely appreciated, if you could post this so people know i would appreciate it, thanks.

Just had our 2nd of 4 brushing parties yesterday. Me and Mike did a little 2-tracking the other day and scouted out the worst places. We did a section of trail 8 across from the old groomer barn to Farm Truck road.

It was only about a mile and a half but was quite thick and canopied over. A HUGE thank you goes out again to the out-of-towners who stepped up to help!! They are Had a … new local in town help out, his name is Crit Holland.

Hope to see more of him!! We will be doing it again next Saturday so if any of you have time I only have 3 people on my list as of right now. You can call my home phone at to sign up. We are looking at the section from the old groomer barn on trail 45 to M Its pretty thick and canopied in there too. I hope you realize how much we appreciate it!!!!! We had our first brushing party yesterday and it went well.

We had a total of 11 people show up. We picked the hardest section to do because of the size of our group. For all of you that ride UP here you know how tight that section is. Ya know, it never ceases to amaze me the help we get from out of town fellow … snowmobiliers.

So here we go A HUGE thank you goes out to everybody. The out of towners are After we got done we exercice pour maigrir du bas du dos droit went back to the barn and grilled out with burgers and brats and a beverage of choice.

We did get better organized this summer. We now have an official board for our club. We have wrapped up a few things at the new barn but have a couple more to go. There is alot to do after last winters ice storms. We have one party going out this weekend and are planning to have 3 more for the first 3 weekends of Oct. I am in charge of organizing everything so give me a call on my home phone at if you can come UP and help.

Free t-shirt for everyone who shows up!! Come on UP folks for some fun and socializing!!! August 30, Alrighty folks,here we go.

A solid tempo kept the group tight until a decent dig at the Col Du Darwin separated the group leading into The heat kept attacks in check until the turn back to Old A strong effort by Sharon, CRob, Stoner and Art split the pack and the four carried on to the finish. As the miles passed, the tactits emerged as Stoner, CRob and Art attempted to shake each other leading to the line.

In the end, CRob nips Art at the line with Stoner in tow for the final podium step. It was the turn from to old 33 that shattered the group. Daniel nailed the return climb with CRob, Art, and Sharon clawing back to his wheel. Soon the trio of Daniel, CRob, and Art went head to head Eventually in the end, Art nails the first step on the podium followed by Daniel and CRob.

Sixteen strong rolled out on the Old Pomeroy Road 40 mile course. From the line the first 4 miles were filled with uncertainty as riders were digging for position and chasing down every surge.

The dynamic start led caused a few riders to redline leading into the first roller. An early attack by Sam leading into the base of Selection Hill put more than a few on the limit, and with a surge from the back midway up the climb the group was down to 9 over the top.

At the turn forDan pushed on solo for several miles until the group pulled back together. Keeping the pace hot as a group, Sam turned the screws on the return hill to Old 33 fracturing the group. With a 10 mile solo effort, Sam takes the top podium step followed by Dan and Jason. Crazy fast night. This year's championship races were incredibly competitive and dynamic through out the day.

Each and every podium spot was well deserved and we hope everyone enjoyed another edition of the challenging course at Lake Hope State Park.

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Thirteen at the start to rock the newly paved Old Route The 40 mile long course kept the group in check on the early climbs. As expected, Selection Hill was the final nail for several riders as Dan and Sven pushed the climb. Down to 7 the group held tight until where the rolling climbs started to take a toll. By the turn the group was cooking the pace. The group carried on waiting for the screw to turn. Back on Old 33 the climbs began to add up.

The group was down to 6 out of Burlingham and down to 5 by Shade with Sven and Stoner pushing a two man break. Dan, David, and Joe we're closing in the last few miles. Registration at USAcycling. First night of the long course out on The first 10 miles were calm and controlled, but it was a quick attack by CRob, Lee, Vince, and eventually Sven that opened up a 30 second gap 15 miles out on The pack kept the gap in check, but it was ultimately a heavy push by Vince that split the lead 4 apart with Vince and Sven pulling away.

At the turn of the long course riders now have to contest t … he Fierce Ridge Climb. Tonight was no exception. The fastest player to do so wins the game!

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Rainbows end night rides november

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Rainbows end night rides november

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