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He became known for his role in the rock opera Starmania. He was famous for his powerful voice and lyrics and his wide range. He died in a helicopter accent at 33 in Sold more than 30 million albums and wrote for other artists as well, such as Celine Dion. Renaud: he has a very characteristic broken voice. For me his best songs are the ones about his daughter.

Celine Dion: French Canadian. Keep reading. Gavin James ft. Philipppine - Always. A French and English duo, those are too rare, the two languages fit each other well. Clara Luciani - La Grenade : I feel like everyone already knows her but she is truly amazing. I am so glad French pop is making a comeback this year.

Here is there clip Deux frères substitles are availables. Madame, Monsieur ft. The collab with Kalash is unexpected but it works. Nefkeu ft.

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Another collaboration between a rapper and a pop singer. Is it worth watching if I am not a huge Nekfeu fan? Shay ft. The song is a bop, it reminds me of Work by Rihanna. Also Thibaut Courtois. Ninho ft Niska - Maman ne le sait pas : Ninho is everywhere this year between his new album and his many featuring he is really killing it. Vegedream ft. Soleil Noir is also great.

Hamza ft Aya Nakamura - Dale. I almost forgot about this song these songs?

French Playlist

I added all these songs to the spotify playlist I made a while ago. I hope you enjoy them :. I get to go to a French bakery today with a friend who also loves the French culture as much as me.

Hope this will help you. You can find some very good playlists on Spotify by Indie French. External image. Maybe you want to learn french through its music? Like really! Jean-Jacques Goldman — Not a great singer, but a great writer! Indochine — Surely the most known band from France.

Maybe you already have heard of them! Renaud — Kinda like Goldman, he has not that a great voice, but good texts. Axelle Red. Noir Désir — What a good punk rock band!

Kyo — One of my fav bands. I think they deserve a place with the Greatests, yeah. Her voice is sweet, she plays piano, her songs are beautiful. I love each album from her. She also did songs for a video game and a TV show. Coeur de Pirate. Her world his quite weird too, but her songs are really awesome.

Mr Yéyé — My sweet discovery. Not France-wild known but gosh, his fanbase is really awesome, and his songs are beautiful.

He puts meanings and morality in each of his songs, and he also did a song for the Paris attack last year, which is powerful. Check him out. Niagara — Well… I should put her in the Greatests!! Obviously, they are more good french artists than that, but these are the one I know the most.

Maybe some other french guys could put more GOOD music below? Anyway here are a bunch of really catchy mainly pop french songs that are pretty achievable to sing along to:. Carla Bruni has got such a soothing voice. Makes me wish I were in France, sitting at a cafe enjoying a lazy afternoon :. But no one even in my generation of French people knows these little forgotten jewels, or at least not their originals like that one Moulin Rouge song in French.

I also recommend searching the English translations, they can be very poetic or well-written lyrics. A lot of these songs are by the most famous French singers from the 50ss and sometimes 80s and s for the musicals. Her voice is often considered a perfect match to all of his songs. I like the song for its music nevertheless.

Hope you like the original as much as the cover, because I do. Bonjour les amis! Ce binôme là est vraiment très connu et aimé.

If you want to add anything, go right ahead! Mais prenez garde à ma beauté A mon exquise ambiguïté Je suis le roi du désirable. Some suggestions:. Je l'aime à mourir by Francis Cabrel Hitting the charts inthis single by Cabrel went straight to number one coach minceur facebook xperia became famous in other French-speaking regions as well.

Later recorded in Spanish as well, the song has transcended France and the French language and become one of the greatest love songs of the 20th Century. Moi je forum regime minceur efficace yeux rien, Mais voilà qu'aujourd'hui Je suis le gardien Du sommeil de ses nuits, Je l'aime à mourir. Vous pouvez détruire Tout ce qu'il vous plaira, Elle n'aura qu'à ouvrir L'espace de ses bras Pour tout reconstruire, Pour tout reconstruire.

Je l'aime à mourir. Elle a gommé les chiffres Des horloges du quartier, Elle a fait de ma vie Des cocottes en papier, Des éclats de rires. Elle a bâti des ponts Entre nous et le ciel, Et nous les traversons A chaque fois qu'elle Ne veut pas dormir, Ne veut pas dormir.

Elle a dû faire toutes les guerres, Pour être si forte aujourd'hui, Elle a dû faire toutes les guerres, De la vie, et l'amour aussi. Elle vit de son mieux Son rêve d'opaline, Elle danse au milieu des forêts qu'elle dessine, Je l'aime à mourir. Elle porte des rubans qu'elle laisse s'envoler, Elle me chante souvent que j'ai tort d'essayer De les retenir, De les retenir, Je l'aime à mourir.

Pour monter dans sa grotte Cachée sous les toits, Je dois clouer des notes A ses sabots de bois, Je l'aime à mourir. Je dois juste m'asseoir, Je ne dois pas parler, Je ne dois rien vouloir, Je dois juste essayer De lui appartenir, De lui appartenir, Je l'aime à mourir. T'es entré dans ma vie, ô ma liberté chérie. Here is the link to the song for those interested. Also, should I make a playlist of all of my favorite French songs?

Let me know! Listening to songs in your target language is another great way to immerse yourself! You can read and translate the lyrics to widen your vocabulary, sing along to improve your pronunciation or simply listen to it in the background while doing something else! Laissez-moi Danser - Dalida. Vivamus sagittis augue et ante volutpat, quis maximus mi commodo. Etiam et efficitur sapien. Nullam eget velit condimentum, cursus est a, mollis ante.

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Rides down at disney world kodaline

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Bon Entendeur Music

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